In this video review we breakdown best 5 products
based on : Price, quality, performance, warranty, brand
trust, after sales & service, reusability, familiarity and easy to operate. Number 5 : adidas Performance Barricade
Adidas has long been well-known for their quality sporting shoes. The Performance Barricade
2019 men’s tennis shoes are another one of their outstanding offerings. Performance,
style and comfort come together to give you the edge on the court. The TPU mesh upper
skin of the shoe not only offers breathability to allow your foot to remain cool during the
game, but it is also lightweight and extremely durable. The rubber sole gives superb grip
on the court and the ADITUFF feature that wraps around your forefoot and toes offers
protection to the areas that take the most punishment when running around the court.
Kindly See the Description for This Product Link. Number 4 : Asics Gel Resolution 6 WIDE Women’s
Women play differently from men, they rally a lot more. They need to be able to get around
the court quickly, and their feet tend to take a lot of punishment during a long three
setter. Specifically designed to cater for women tennis players the Asics offers a host
of features that include a rubber sole for exceptional traction on the court. FlexionFit
with external heel counter, this feature enhances both comfort and support for the midfoot and
helps you maintain stability. The shaft of the shoe measures about 2.75 inches from arch
to provide extra support to your foot. All tennis players, men and women are prone to
injuring their toes when playing. Kindly See the Description for This Product
Link. Number 3 : adidas Performance Barricade Club
Tennis is a fasts, competitive sport that demands a lot from your feet. You need to
be able to move effortlessly and quickly across the court and your feet need protection from
the pressures you place on them during the game. The Adidas Barricade Club gives you
all of that and more. A rubber sole provides the traction you need to stop and turn instantly
and the textile upper is lightweight and supportive of your foot. The shaft of the shoe is low-top
inches from the arch. The Torison system provides support and comfort in the midfoot for when
lunging for balls and Adiprene cushions your heels and toes as you move around the court.
Kindly See the Description for This Product Link. Number 2 : adidas Performance Men’s Adizero
Ubersonic Lift your game and be ultra-competitive on
the court when wearing the Adidas Performance Men’s Adizero Ubersonic tennis shoes. These
shoes are designed for the fast game, allowing you to get around the court easily and will
keep you stable on your feet no matter if you are playing at the net or rallying from
the backline. Sporting a rubber sole that will offer you the best grip possible which
allows you to stop and turn in seconds while remaining stable on your feet. The SPRINTFRAME
construction is designed to offer speed and stability on the court. ADIWEAR 6 outsole
make this a very durable and strong shoe. Kindly See the Description for This Product
Link. Number 1 : New Balance Men’s MC806 Stability
Traction, balance, comfort, and weight are all considerations when looking for the perfect
tennis shoe and with New Balance Men’s MC806 Stability you get the best of all worlds.
This lace-up shoe will give you exactly what you need to be able to perform at your best
on the court every game. Tennis shoes need to protect your feet. When playing you put
a lot of pressure on certain parts of your feet. Your toes are one of those areas, and
protecting them is important. New Balance has a reinforced, perforated toe box and side
panel that protects your toes when you are sliding into a shot, or stopping and turning
on a dime to get to the ball. Kindly See the Description for This Product
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