World Record baby! what is up everybody welcome to
another episode of world record Wednesdays where we break or set a world
record every single Wednesday make sure you subscribe to don’t miss out today is
going to be all basketball world records it’s Cassie and I and Cassie’s gonna try
to find one that she can break I’ve got a few on my list let’s get into it the
first record is one we’ve actually broken on this series a long time ago I
think was like Episode two or three over a year ago and it’s longest behind the
back shot it was held by dude perfect my friend Austin Mills broke it last time
and now it is held by a guy named Taylor I’m gonna try to beat it the record is
now 36 feet in something half court on this court is exactly 37 feet so if I
make this will be a new world record that was a perfect swish that felt
really good new world record maybe 37 feet
second attempt like we just set up the camera second attempt but we’re start
not easy these records are just gonna get more difficult on to the next those
of you who know me might be surprised that I don’t already have this record
there’s a record for the longest trickshot made from a juggling pattern
my friend Bob Evans currently holds this record at 52 feet so I’m going for 53 I think that was that like 54 feet right
on the three-point line now I think those behind the three-point line behind
the three-point line behind the three so like 54 yeah like they’re 54 and a half
feet Bob Evans or any other trouble out there let’s see you beat it
my turn hold on hold on you’ve never done any basketball trick shots really
so let’s just start with a basic trick shot then we’ll get to the world records
let’s just see you do a no-look free throw whoa hit on the side of the line
all right let’s see it man that’s that’s not a world record what
that was just a warm-up for a world record a lot of people have made that
will find your world record cast but comment how many attempts you think that
tick I have not tried this yet the next record is really the most basketballs
juggled while balancing on another basketball please do not break any bones
promise that I don’t want to have to take your hospital today should practice
which is standing on the basketball yeah there you go suck in that core or are
you going five maybe what you fancy just need to qualify at first account as an
old record until I mean eight catches a four or ten catches of five no not that
I’ve never liked spit on a basketball and tried developing I know I’m kind of
impressed with your balancing skills I’ve done the Rolla Bolla
like I have the Guinness world record for five torches on a roll of bolo it’s
like a balance board but I’ve never just just did on a basketball right there as
far as I know I’ve looked through Guinness World Records I’ve looked
through have not seen a world record for juggling basketballs on
another basketball so that meant it’s the new world records I’m gonna go ahead
and try five all I ask alright here it is ladies and gentlemen
he’s got five basketballs no my turn come I take a break you
balance you don’t hurt yourself okay not bad now juggle I know that a balance I
don’t have these soft I was juggling poor basketballs while I balanced okay
back to me yeah you go ten pitches I think so I
wasn’t counting maybe not today but let me know in the comments you want to see
me practice that trick do you think it’s worth it is it beastly we still set a
new world record with four but that five on a balance would be pretty sweet let
me know if you think of the comments Cassie we gotta find your record you
found one yet I think so most baskets made using a stuffed animal in a minute
stuffed animal what seems seems up your alley
you know let’s track 25 in a minute though are you five in a minute that’s
pretty good alright got your little little hedgy yeah yep three two one
go one do Oh no go in the hoop yeah don’t worry won’t
put any of that in the real video okay why do I feel like that’s not true two
one go hey Cassie we will find you a world record little hedgy I’ll get him
whoa incredible trick shot the all hedgehog basketball Satoru all right cat
it wasn’t with the stuffed animal but I promise we’re gonna find you a
basketball world record that you could break well that made me think of a new
record attempt I haven’t seen this record anywhere so we’re gonna go for 37
feet which is half-court here 37 and first try that’s all intake right okay see all
right so I found another record this time it is the fastest time to peel and
eat a banana while dribbling a basketball oh okay
I’ve seen you do one of the things before which was never seen you triple
basketball this should be interesting usually yeah I guess I haven’t seen you
in a bit maybe I’ve never seen you do either of those before let’s see it’s 19
seconds I think I’m gonna go on my knees because that way you don’t have to
bounce so hard two one go quick 15 16 17 Cassie doesn’t actually like
bananas there’s a garbage can over there maybe Cassie was not not quite mint for
a basketball world records but I am on to the next one
I know record for today is the fast time to hit a no-look free throw
three-pointer in half-court shot let’s do it go yeah there it is 17 seconds 17 seconds I missed mr. half-court shot so there is
room for improvement want to see if some of you guys can
break it this is an off-the-record series but if you think you can break
that record send them to me world record Wednesdays
at there you have it for today everybody thank you so much for watching
make sure you subscribe for weekly world records every single Wednesday we break
or set some sort of world record make sure you leave a comment about what
records you think I could maybe break we want some world records for Cassie
she’sshe’s a talented lovely person we just kind of find find her thing that
doesn’t involve school supplies yeah it’s probably not basketball we do the
Instagram shoutouts every single video Cassie hold up for Instagram shoutouts good follow
heartofhorton and jugglinJosh to win an Instagram shout-out is that all let’s go
to the beach go oh I stopped your time – it didn’t go in

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