>>>Mid American energy and their energy advantage programs are dedicated to increasing the awareness of energy efficiency of Iowa homes and businesses. Information is at mid American energy.com. Obsessively, relentlessly, at your service.>>It’s time for state championship volleyball. Here from the US cellular center in cedar rapids, Iowa public television is proud to bring you the golden eagles taking on the PELLA lady Dutch. Happy veteran’s day to everyone out there as we bring to the title game and this is going to be a treat. >>It is. We’ve been seeing PELLA do fantastic in girls sports and it should be fun. >>For golden eagles they’ve been here before. 17 state titles, and of course, you mentioned McKenzie may. She is quite a talent. And how about their head coach, Lindsay cane BEAVES. She put up numbers in the career and is now the head coach. >>You think about the lineage. There is quite a group they expect to go 30 years.>>And for PELLA, they’ve been on a roll, only losses and they’ve been a runner up last year, trying to add titles and take them back to PELLA should be fun. >>It’s been a great team with experienced mayers on the team and a very fast offense. They’re going to be fun to watch. It’s going to be a great match up. >>We’re going to see a lot of speed on the court today. >>Definitely. Both teams have a great offense, and it’s going to be a battle.>>It is time now for presentation of the distinguished coaches’ award. We turn it over to today’s public address announcer Tim Fitzpatrick. Dubuque. >>Presenting the award is Lisa brinkmier. The 2016 recipient is Angie spanningenberg from HARLan. She’s been coaching volleyball 24 years, she began guiding the tigers to nine tournaments and just completed her sixth season. Since her arrival she led cyclones to five state tournament trips, winning two state crowns. Angie is a three-time volleyball coach of the year and an eight-time district coach of the year. The coach’s association honored her in 2014. National federation of state high school associations named her as coach of the year in 2015. She served on the advisory committee and a member of the NFHS national volleyball rules committee, she served on the girls athletic union jury. And Angie and her husband are the parents of two sons, Jared and Brock and one daughter, page with five grandchildren, Jacob, Brett, Kate, jack, and jack. Congratulations to 2016 golden eagles from HARLan, Angie. >>I hem her from red oak days and now continuing that success. So very well recognized and this is a honor.>>Couple state championships that Garnered out in western Iowa for HARLan. The title is going to be decided here for PELLA and Dubuque WAHLERT. >>We’ll see a battle of the powers of McKenzie may playing for Dubuque WAHLERT.>>The PELLA lady Dutch. Got to love what they’re doing here in doing this as they come out for a championship match. >>Exactly. Have more dramatic player to that court entrance.>>What a player.>>It’s a new addition here having the players come through this smoke. So people are coughing and trying to get through it here.>>I with a girls state high school volleyball tournament and championship match. Let’s meet the golden eagles. One, Olivia GALL. Anna HERRIG, Marie JESCHKE and Gretchen swift. Your assistant coaches, Chris LENART, Matt DEPAUW, Molly trannel, and Jan THYNE. And now, here is your starting line up for the golden eagles, number through, McKenzie may. Four, Anna Sherman. Five, jenna DREMel. 11 Carolyn conLynn. 12, MYKENNA HORCHAK and number eight, crystal trannel. Head coach, Lindsay BEADES. Now, nonstarters for the pella lady Dutch. One, Natalie MEYER. 9, 11, PAIGHTON BOGAARDS. 14, Rebecca DUX. Your assistant coaches, Donna lowman, SHAREA sharp, Hailey Steinhook and here are the starters for the pella lady Dutch. Three, KIKI pingel. Five, Kristin Rendel. Six, Natalie clayberg, 12, KIARA Bradley and 20, jenna Murphy. Ten, Emily HolterHAUS. And 20, jenna Murphy. Our first referee, Sarah THYNE. Second, Ken REBens. Your judge, Vick workman, and line judge Ted mowser. Who is ready? We’re so glad you’re watching this throughout the state.>>It’s been McKenzie may show the entire year, she’s an unbelievable talent. You want to build your offense around your best players. She’s their best player. Another is serving tough. Pella runs a very fast offense. It’s going to be key. >>Their defense is going to be an for today to make the pass to wallor. It just, composure. There are seniors but top two hitters are both sophomores. It’s going to be a good match today. >>All walkers this year to 5 A. And against the big blast this year, they went through and four and for Dubuque wallor, they’re trying to win the first state championships since 2005. We’re ready to go.>>The fan base, they’re into it, too. And they come back and attack the middle. How about Anna Sherman gets the kill. Seems like she has good composure here at the state tournament. >>They started in the front row. Now, they are up front but Sherman is the number two hitter behind McKenzie may. She’s a good go-to player as well. >>Jackie ganshirt on the dig.>>Very dominant on the court.>>Clayberg serves. May. Walk back to HolterHAUS. It’s run out. And take a look at this. It’s enough. >>You can see this huge approach. She’s become strong and they can’t get over the net far enough. And get a point to WAHLERT. Nice push off the block for her.>>Here is HolterHAUS again. It almost feels like they’re going to gauge one another. >>The quick attack, they run a nice, quick attack. They seem to have a lot of trouble stopping that. They’re signing up.>>And may with the kill. That quick strike from outside. Set up well that time but jenna GREMMEL. >>Her aunt is one of the best players to come out of WAHLERT. >>She started her career in varsity volleyball before transferring.>>And golden eagles getting a run here.>>This is nice, too, sometimes.>>FleckenStein called into the middle. It’s Carolyn CONLON.>>Not able to get in Dubuque’s side. They have a net violation. And WAHLERT will get the point. A four-point run here for WAHLERT. >>A difficult subset. The ball ended up going into the net into the line.>>DREMMEL will serve.>>Tough serve. >>That seems to go back to Bradley. The quick push.>>May will handle it. Finding DREMMEL. >>Back to may.>>This one blocked back. Opening a point. It rolls off Bradley. >>They called a four on that. This is across the net. Just by the touch. There is no touch on the block by WAHLERT.>>And an 8th. And BREMMEL getting it done at 13. Perfect on the year. State tournament here. It’s the six-point WAHLERT lead.>>Let’s listen with their head coach Lindsay BEAVES. >>Serve gets a base. Okay? Someone else has it, keep pushing and rise up. >>Rise up. Lindsay BEAVES won a state title as a player. They move on to play in Charleston, South Carolina. The volleyball hall of famer won a resume. She wanted to be with her family. And it just so happened a position opened up a couple years later she became head coach and never looked back. >>Great. Yes. Done a great job here at the state tournament. And mention what is great about this team.>>Numbers display well. Pella, good time out there to get a side out there. You can see that double play. Make it a pass they’re going to run nice offensive play. >>That is a huge side out. They can rotate around a little bit. Bradley had to take over that. Now, they’re going to try to go to Bradley. The point will go to WAHLERT.>>And the center for PELLA her time, tracking passes now. They’re going to have to give her the ball better so she can run offense. >>As good as she is at the net she’s just as good, serving.>>Yes. Three aces in the semi finals. >>Pella is out of sorts here.>>Man, one of the top servers right arm score.>>A little bit underneath the ball. Six-point lead for WAHLERT. Just a free ball here for WAHLERT. Coming back into the middle. This is going to get in. A touchdown attack.>>One of the junior outside hitters. Digging that ball out of the net and give it to outside attacker.>>There is trammel serve. >>There is a nice pass.>>Pella at the middle with Katie vandermolen. And trying to win the hardware is something that they’ve wanted to do and they’re going to have to battle back here in this opening set down by six.>>>Quick hit handled by pella. >>Nice cover there. >>Flow for the outside. Natalie clayberg getting involved. >>One of the hitters for pella. Pella trying to get on the run here and get back into this set.>>An attack for WAHLERT. >>Trying to get down that line. Good idea.>>Here is Kristin rundell with a second serve. What an opportunity here. >>It was coming down to serving and passing. — nice job by pella to get close to it.>>This one blocked out. Good strength at the net for Anna Sherman.>>Now, another transfer from WAHLERT this year and in the middle, again, that floor check, holding her ground. >>They’ll try to do a back flip there. Get an overpass. There is nothing right to do with that. Nice birthday present for WAHLERT. Tough pass.>>Listen up. Katie vaneder molen.>>Senior on this team a beautiful back slide and blocker was picked up. Didn’t get hands up. Nice job by the center to isolate that. There we go. >>That is may getting it right back. >>Nice dig by defense.>>Back out on the play by RUNDel. And pella will get the point. >>That is a good play. When you’ve got a quick transition up there, middle attacker is there. So nice play with that attack so you can’t go to HolterHAUS. >>Attack handled by PELLA a header towering that one in. >>She’s a number two hitter on the team. Bradley.>>There you go until I get there in time. This is going to be a little bit deflected.>>Let’s take a look at it here.>>No.>>I don’t, I didn’t see it.>>There it is close on the end.>>Pella fought their way back. And WAHLERT take s advantage. >>Now, WAHLERT up the front row. Single to HolterHAUS and handled by WAHLERT, now, wow.>>That is quite a tough shot angle. Not many players can hit that kind of a shot. That is an amazing shot. And 16, 13.>>Serving is going to be critical in this match may is compiling again at the state tournament. >>Another overpass and happy birthday for there she can MECHL it up. >>May, again, she’s got a lot here so far. McKenzie may, 18-13, your score.>>Three point run. Pella. Smart play by that front row.>>And just like that, the 6.1 for WAHLERT. Pella fought back to tie it. Now, WAHLERT with a one of their own. Let’s hear from their head coach, CATIE brand. >>We’re not attacking now. We’re attacking and not letting that happen. You can’t give them free balls. Try to stay aggressive with it. We were down, they stayed patient and came back. Okay? Believe in it. Make sure you know. Here we go. >>Pointing out we’ve got to know where that is and that left side player for pella. >>Coach brand no stranger to state tournament. Davenport north. A runner up in 99. Went on to play at central college and won a national title in 2000. This is her fifth season at pella. To stem the tide here it’s 19-14.>>That is going to be effective. >>They didn’t have room to do the thing with that ball. >>HolterHAUS. She gets up. This is incredible reach. >>And it’s up there and here is clayberg again on the serve.>>There is a side step right away. They pick it up that front line of WAHLERT and HolterHAUS gets the best of them this time. And and be able to put it off for HolterHAUS. To get the kill. >>Attack and selection there by GREMel trying to mix things up. A serve of the state championship. >>And wow. And WAHLERT after serving aggressively. >>That is part of the game. Pella, that is a better pass.>>Back side, here is may. And Murphy with a kill for may, again. >>Nice try there by the defense. A back throw there. Murphy. May has enough of a swing. She’s out of position and able to get that ball down.>>A handle.>>The net there. A double hit there. >>Falling backward trying to get a clean hit. Pella with work to do, down by five. One tie here at 14. CONLON getting the kill exactly.>>Three ties no lead changes. Now, three points from taking an opening set.>>There is a transition there at the net. She thought it was in. And right there there is you can challenge. >>HolterHAUS.>>Looking for may.>>Okay. And may will serve it. Attacks the line. A myth and object by pella. And guess what? WAHLERT25-18 from the opening serve all the way through. Step one of the 4-A championship is in the books. And we’ll be back. In just a moment.>>>Dubuque WAHLOR we had a chance to catch up with their starter with their head coach.>>This team is special. We have amazing headers and we had all of the parts. Just had to get it done. Basically. >>This group is the group that came in my first year so I think we’ve struggled to we’re talking about potential and not finishing and that is frustrating. To work that hard over four years and have players have graduated and pushed them to get here, I think it’s exciting so that is always a goal at the beginning of season. We’re constantly talking about we can’t just talk about it. We have to practice like it and live warm like it so you’re ready to go on the big stage.>>You know what? It’s strange that WAHLERT doesn’t seem right. They’ve had a good group of class of freshman playing through. She told me it’s a close-knit team. That is critical in volleyball. >>They hope to have McKenzie may playing for them. They were stellar. >>They had different attacks. They got on runs, two different runs. And took PELLA out of offense.>>Jackie GANSHIRT. May strong at the net. One of the things we have heard from different coaches. >>To come back the big attack from may.>>Served. Good block that time. Misfire. Thought about it three times before making the attack with the ball. It’s the third shot that cost her. >>Came too early. So she tried to do a roll shot. You think when you change your mind you have a problem. Going to go with the first instinct.>>If that last name sounds familiar for a person who watches you’re right. Natalie, her older brother is playing at university of Iowa. Starting the year from a new position as starter. And now they’re going to have to reach something. They’re down 3-2 and never had a lead yet in this state championship match. >>No. It’s tough that she hit so hard. They’re going have have to figure out a way to get the hand on the ball from a blocking standpoint to have a chance to transition.>>Will be a side out for lady Dutch. Started way way in the fourth. We’ll see how this plays out, here.>>Right back to WAHLERT. And PELLA gets the first lead of the match.>>Great defense to play there by PELLA. They’re going have to keep digging the ball in play. She’ll just have three with a 3-1 offense. >>Back row, attack. And not much on it. We’re tied at four. >>I love the color coordination with fans that came striped blue over there. Nice set. Back row attack for may.>>Nice back with their number two hitter. She had Sherman carried the load. Tough pass together.>>That will be two strong. 6-4 lead here for WAHLERT. >>They’ll point that up. This is rally scoring. >>Three cases in semi finals. 41 aces on the year. >>Gets another one. We saw that in quarter finals and there is a chance with a humble personal. >>Very much a team player. Very humble. And very positive. You’ve got to maximize and still blending it within a process of the team.>>So we play on.>>Night net play. Never gotten to where they can do it. HolterHAUS, defending the back row attack. That time, WAHLERT let it go. So this may be better off in backing and defense. You want to try to get up there and get a hand on it. So strategy might depend on personnel.>>That time, pella able to get back down. That is a smart play by her. Going to mix it up with a nice drop shot. So will come in to serve. They’re able to pick up the ball. Excellent blocker over the net. Now we come back to may and getting up there.>>Great action. Pella with the dig. A quick attack. Each team not able to get offense into this one. And trouble passing. And then, to the middle. The block put out there and sat too well for middle attacker. You can see that. You can get a set you can work with. And as you mentioned pella only lost one starter last year. And only last a 5 A school.>>McKenzie may having quite a championship match here. A great jumper. And something and actually, really wanted to come back and address team. USA and you ought to mention up and coming beach it’s a true competitive team. This is a great opportunity. Going to play both passions so it’s a different team. Outdoor versus indoor game. And defense again, they’re going to have to get quick offense going with clayberg and HolterHAUS. They’re going to get offense in flow for pella.>>That one down, two. You can see what is in her arsenal to put the down. HolterHAUS is a little bit more quiet. Starting cannot get into offense. Largest lead of the set. WAHLERT and passing through, pella just races down and steps past that. A nice pass. >>This one gets out of play. That one out of time for pella. >>Nice play, she was able to get into the system because they picked a nice pass on a server team. Nice offensive attack to the outside. And both teams a block there, means this team along with CONLON and may.>>3, 4 aces for this match. And there is a large break on the side of the court, too. At the net and pella into this battle. Net battles have gone to the play. >>That is another that is clayberg using that tight set to wipe it off the block for a point. Get out of the way. Beautiful back row attack. Not much you can do to stop that. Those are hard to block. A lot of different angles from that position to take the ball.>>Healthy for the first time all SEN, fleckenStein, but pella gets the point. And trying to get free balls to take it on their offense. Fleckenstein will keep it alive. Try to mix it up. They go to their go to player. Just take it off behind. >>You just need to hang up the ball and get it across. Now is the time. We’ve got to go forward. Each one of you has gotten better, can you feel it? Capture it, keep it going point by point but point. >>Just step up to do your job. And they play on a Dutch football team and won state finals last night. And they tried to win a final here for the first time in their volleyball team as well.>>Pella with a tremendous amount of success WAHLERT will get the point. >>They have to keep hands trimmed into the court. Very difficult to do.>>This is a seven point deficit for pella here. She can be an offensive threat. Why on the attack that time for Sherman.>>We’re trying to mix up the offense. Just camp out on may. Good defensive position there for pella.>>May will need a point to get a point.>>Finding her teammate, McKenzie may. These two in a match against. >>Here, the ball, let’s take a look at it again.>>Time out to handle the ball. And a stroke. A set point, already.>>And WAHLERT doing what WAHLERT. They’re just one victory away from winning class 4A state championship. They take the second set here 25-16.>>I want to go out there and explore.>>Cedar rapids for the class 4 A state championship. A lead on pella taking opening sets, 25-18. And he did have an opportunity to catch up with the lady team. And other. >>So etc. Helpful and I can look up to the sceners.>>We made it to state last year. That would help in knowing what that goal is like. Not only do we have great leadership. We have volleyball to back it up.>>They take a game off. Let’s take a look at the highlights in that second set. And again, at the net. It was a tight net play on both teams. You can see McKenzie may, the super staff. Aggressive serving we’re talking about there. A serve there. Well rounded and you can see the service aces for WAHLERT at five. It’s a big shift there in points.>>You can see how pella has had to come up with 32 hits so far. Pella trying to come from behind here in this pass. Vanner molen will get it started again. And guess what? Pella just a second lead of the state championship match.>>WAHLOR side of the match will handle it to put it down.>>Good sign for pella.>>A little bit of a misfire on the pass. Here is a back slide by HolterHAUS, handled by WAHLERT.>>Back there, the kill and we’re tied at one. And out for any player in the back row, they just come in and out and play for any back door player. It adds more of a defensive demention to every team. >>Good job there to keep it alive. Here is PINGEL.>>Sorry about that. This is taking up the ball there in the back row.>>WAHLERT, efforts, another point. They take the lead here at 2-1.>>A RIL bit of up pass. And going to get a good set.>>And an error by this one at the two.>>Going to be hitting the team into the match with a 521 percentage in the state tournament. One out of every two. There is a play so first time I think I’ve seen this here. 17 kills in the back for McKenzie may. >>They’ve got to get into their offensive flow and HolterHAUS attack.>>Here is may. Two strong. And we’re tied at three.>>Trying to get that angle. Good play to get enough traction on the ball. She loves an action shot but a little wide. So pella trying to pull as much pressure to move a block a little bit more inside. She’s able to make that angle. Serving two, strong. >>Serving it out of bounds there. And now, let’s see if she goes middle or outside.>>Looks like a net violation against trannel. She says we were killing you guys so I had to transfer over here. Looks like that paid a price. >>Tough server and really mounting up for pella here.>>Serving again, averaging assists for the state tournament.>>They’re picking a tough spot. I imagine they’re giving a signal of where to serve the ball. They’re taking apart the server for pella. So good to step up here and some are going to give a good pass to work with. And here is HolterHAUS. Great defense. Three ball here.>>It’s really a pass. And that is what they have to do is take that transition to the free ball and nice play third and and they have their mistake and and and and a good passing seven. Coach Steve there, trying to actually coach brandon trying to encourage her pella Dutch. Beautiful.>>Back and pella will get the point for VANDer molen. >>Pella able to get a room there. So focus on a good server for pella trying to make a few points. If you stay close in this third set.>>TRANel walked back.>>Easier to adjust and a good play, nice defensive stuff there in the front row on the block.>>Using a case to play.>>FleckenStein and just could not hold. >>I couldn’t play get her arms underneath it to angle the ball here. She’s got 18 aces on the year.>>This is a position played back in the day. USA national team member. >>How about fleckenStein?>>This isn’t just a one person show. A nice job on the right side. A great set out there for right side kill.>>Doubled up now. WAHLERT have not lost a set.>>Impressive. Nice tough block by the pella side block there. Commission her mom coached at central and played in Nebraska was coach at central. So family connection there. For the lady Dutch.>>A tough serve. And may kept it alive and just put over by Sherman.>>Good hustle by WAHLERT to put that back over.>>FleckenStein. From the back row.>>Swing there. And mid stays up. A play, that defense, right position. And this is going to be blocked out. A serve.>>Started with a great defensive play and pass by McKenzie may and nice play transition there to get that block. Is going to be stronger to reach oaf the net to steal that net. Single here and may will put it back down and maybe something a force that you’re just playing and congratulations to them. Three straight state championships. They put down topped rank down to see WAHLERT down 15. And make a big statement here. Have a block all year and beforehand and funny stories they’re having the first and local bagel shop they’veed been coming to town. A woman here brought the team a bag of bagels. Maybe they carb loaded. They can see all over and the traffic is crazy. Fans are coming in to catch girls state volleyball. It’s just phenomenal.>>The dig. Pella can get into offense and score here. >>Has to corral the ball here. Bradley watches the net. >>A little bit jump on that. Quick of a transition. Wasn’t able to get a good approach and trying to clear the net there. And they’re going to have to get on the road here for pella to make a stand. There is a beautiful pass. Great pass there. Murphy, 342 digs on the season doing a great job on the season. One of the seniors for pella. >>HolterHAUS with now 15 kills now in the match. >>Single rotates to the back row for the Dutch.>>Defense, WAHLERT with that scrappy defense. >>Communication is in the play today.>>Unfortunately for the front row, and left side, three rotations in the front row.>>Trannel serve and nice play. They’re able to pick that up and transition for the kill.>>Nice for her. And going to be deep by pella.>>18-10, our score on the third set. And let’s take a listen inside of the pella huddle here. >>Our core is on top of that ball and puts it in. The likely ball on top about that. Okay? Victory down on contact for balance. You can move forward, left, right, back, whenever you need to go. Okay? Hitters keep calling as loud as you can. Not just you can hear you but blockers pay attention. They think you’re going to get the ball. >>So keeping the ball in front, also on defense, you have to watch where the hitter is going to be there. As soon as they start to swing you’re going to have momentum ready to go forward and able to react to whenever the ball goes. And the big thing about communication, you’ve got to be calling sets. So they don’t foe who is going to get the ball and they’re going to be calling and talking from center.>>TRANel off with it. Now, fleckenStein, blocked back. HolterHAUGS finds an opening. A little more aggressive play there at the net. HolterHAUS has 49 aces on the year. And add another one. So that is what you need to get a serve going. >>Pella was one of the most aggressive teams off a little bit here tonight. May, blocked out with a tough, tough serve and nice pass on that and may came from the right side of the court. Crossed over to hit in the middle. Nice phonesive step there for WAHLERT to side out.>>FleckenStein on the overpass. We need another tough serve trying to keep WAHLERT on their toes. >>WAHLERT on the play. >>Impressive that GREMel is only a junior setter. 741 assists on the year. She’s done a nice job running the offense and mixing things up. Using hitters. And so DREMel is really nice tournament. Nice style of offense.>>Now, four points away from the 4-A championship is Dubuque.>>So Smith getting back into the set. Kudos to WAHLERT. And that is an error for pella. 22-13, your score.>>Aggressive. Such nomination here. >>Pella only had the lead twice. That is two points away from the 4-A title. The final. >>Aggressive move on defense, aggressive block. Okay? Let’s go.>>So no plays. Just get ready for tips or second ball is over. Defensively, they’ve been doing a great job playing defense. Being a hitter and having a base set. So it’s kind of attack you’re ready to go dig that ball.>>WAHLERT with 17 state championships. Each one of the players and we’re talking and overheard them saying we want their name in the legacy of the program. We’re at 24-13. Here is the serve by KRYSTAL TRANEL.>>Still playing for good experience for kids out there. They’re coming for the back row. 18 state battles. They sweep pella.>>It was a team effort and they had great play from trannel, back redefense. And back to glory here. >>Here is that championship point again.>>McKenzie may out of the back row. Pella unable to handle the ball. Kudos to pella for a great season. A disappointing loss for the finals. A great run and team effort.>>McKenzie may, 21 kills here in the state championship match.>>Amazing. This is a match with 54 she had coming in. So it’s a dominant player, will be interesting to see where she goes with her career and see here in the Olympics here in four years.>>4-A tournament team award, our members of the girl’s athletic team and board of directors. Jim beamer and George Tracy. 2016 class 4 A all tournament team. Crystal trannel. From pella, jenna Murphy. Charlotte Richards. Mary. Jenna GREMel. From pella, Emily HolterHAUS. And captain of your 4 A team, from Dubuque WAHLERT, McKenzie may. >>What a player, McKenzie may, captain of the all tournament team, and a tremendous season for her as you can take a look at the rest of the team with TRANel, and Murphy and may, again, the captain of that all-tournament team. One way to cap off your season by putting your team around this. >>So a great show here at the state tournament and throughout the year.>>Had a good run. Other sports they’ll be showing up in. You’ll see the kids on the other sports for the pella team.>>Basketball starts soon. >>Your 2016 class 4 A champions, the golden eagles from Dubuque WAHLERT. >>Tremendous team effort here in this championship and again, their 18th state title we’re held on to this match. >>They served them strong and it showed today.>>Definitely. It’s just strange to think of 2011 since they’re a state tournament. But they came and made a huge statement here going through the semis to get into the finals. Some.com Nating here. At the state tournament.>>And 4 A goes to Dubuque WAHLERT. 3 A team will be coming your way here. You’ve got union. Coming up. We’ll be standing by for the 3 A game coming your way here on Iowa public television.>>Funding for the Iowa girls high school athletic union, Iowa farm bureau girls state volleyball championships is provided by… >>The path to greatness starts early. The Iowa farm bureau believes in Iowa’s youth and their pursuit of greatness. That is why we’re proud to be the title sponsor of the Iowa girls high school athletic union. Each student’s effort is important and when one rises we all rise to a better Iowa. >>Fairway along with NABISCO is a proud sponsor of the Iowa girls high school sports championships. We congratulate schools and athletes in this year’s girls high school state volleyball championships. FAIRway, proud to care for places we work and live. By MUSCO lighting, the sports lighting specialist, providing lighting systems for you, your project, and your community. Mid American energy and their energy advantage programs are dedicated to increasing the awareness of energy efficiency in Iowa’s homes and businesses. Information is admit American energy.com.

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