– Hi, I’m Kelsey Bohlen and
welcome to Total Body Release. Today I’m going to walk
you through what’s called self-myofascial release,
which is basically like a self massage. It is going to leave you
feeling amazing, I promise. The fascia is a type of
connective tissue, right, that wraps around pretty
much everything in the body, including the muscles. And sometimes it gets tight
for a variety of reasons. It can be low potassium,
dehydration, overuse, inactivity. Whatever the case may be,
we’re going to work all those kinks out today. This is going to increase
your circulation, improve your range of
motion, and leave you feeling amazing. Okay guys, lets get started. We’re going to work out way
up from the bottom to the top. Okay, so we’re going
to start with our feet. I want you to grab the ball
and just place it on your mat. And it’s pretty simple, we’re
just going to work our way from the inside of the arch
to the outside until you find that trigger point, okay? Ope, found mine. Right on the inside of my arch. And after you’re finished
holding for about 15 to 20 seconds, about five to
seven deep long breaths, you can go ahead and release and roll. And you’ll notice that the
bump that used to be there, the fascia that was all
tight is now worked out. So it’s going to increase
your range of motion and leave you feeling great. Okay guys, let’s switch it
on over to the left side. For my runners out there
who do a lot of running, uphill, walking uphill,
just walking in general, anything like that can really
really tighten your feet up. I know I’m always down
for a nice foot massage. Ope, found it, same spot. Now remember, both feet are
not created equally, okay? So, just because it’s on
one spot in your right foot doesn’t mean it’s going to
be on the same spot in your left foot. Okay, this is hard work. Breath and relax, just try to relax. I know it’s tough, but
it’s going to be worth it. Deep breaths. Good job, guys. Roll it out. Now remember, if you’ve got
one foot that’s really really tight, you can stay on that
foot a little bit longer than I am. You can just pause me
and keep finding those pressure points. Okay, now we’re just going
to work our way on up again. Let’s go onto our calves. Okay. If you do a lot of uphill
walking, again, running, these calves can get really really tight. And what I want you to do is sit down, place your fingertips on the
ground and place the roller under both calves. We’re going to start with
the least amount of pressure on both your calves, okay? And work our way up to the most of it. So pick up that pelvis and roll. Until you find that point. And what I want you to do
is pigeon toe your feet out so that you’re getting
all of those muscles. And then turn them in. And let’s concentrate
on the left side first. Found it. You’ll know when you
find it, it is painful. But it’s going to feel great after. So once you find it, if you
want, pick your right leg up and put it over your left
leg to put more weight on that pressure point. And then relax, melt into it. Take a few deep breaths. Only two more to go, guys. Think of how much better you’re
going to feel after this. And the great thing is
that everything in our body is connected, right? So loosening up your calves
is going to affect your back, your shoulders, your glutes, everything. Okay, let’s concentrate
on the right leg now. Rolling it out ’til you find that point. Right there. Okay, let’s pick up that
left leg, place it over, and hold. Myofascial release right here. It’s a lot cheaper than a massage, too. So I definitely prefer it. Breathe. Great job, guys, almost there. If you’re really active
you’re probably going to have a lot of bumps in these
calves so you can keep rolling right after I move on. Alright. Feeling much better, all loosened up. Now we’re just going to
work out way right around the lower legs and come to the shin, also known as the interior tibialis, okay? So I’m going to get up
and move on over here. Now, there are various
ways that you can roll your shin now. One way, which is the least
amount of pressure is to put your foot, we’re going
to concentrate on the right one first. So put your left foot up,
your fingertips on the ground, and roll your shin like that. Now, do not roll on the bone,
you don’t want to do that, okay? You want to get on the muscle,
right outside of the bone. Now, what I prefer to do,
which puts more pressure on that shin is to roll
like this until I find that point. Found it! Okay, when you find
that, it feels amazing, just relax and melt into it, guys. Shin splints are a huge
problem for people. I know I used to get them
all the time before I started rolling. What a shin splint is is just
a microscopic tear when a tendon tears away from the
tibia and it so painful. So doing these kind of stretches
is going to prevent that. Alright. I think I may need a little
bit more work on this right shin. And make sure you’re doing
the full range of motion, right? From your ankle all the way
up to the bottom of your knee. Right there again. And we’re going to melt and
breath and even straighten out that back leg. Alright guys, we’re going to
switch on over to the left shin here. Prop that leg up. Fingertips on the ground. And roll until you find that magic spot. Right there, okay. And melt. See now, on this left side,
my pressure point is more on the outside of my shin
whereas on the right side it was more on the inside. No telling why it’s different,
but each side is different so you have to roll to find it. Just take a few deep breaths. Alright, this is going to
feel great if you lift a lot, if you run a lot. Skiing, biking, anything like
that works your shins and your calves a lot. So you definitely need to roll them out. Okay. Up we go. Now, as we continue to work our way up, we’re just going to move
right along to our hamstrings, okay? Now, hamstrings are neglected a lot, we tend to neglect them. Just because, I don’t
know why we neglect them, but if you do a lot of dead
lifts, things like that, you utilize your hamstrings. And I’ve noticed in my workouts,
especially when I first started really really working
out, my hamstrings just got so sore I just wasn’t
using them very much. So it was really important
for me to stretch them out. So just place the roller right
up under your hamstrings. And then fingertips on the ground again, lift that booty up, and roll it. Alright. This feels really good because
I did some massive dead lifts yesterday and I am tight. Tight, tight, tight. There’s a modification for this, as well. If this is painful for
you, scoot the roller out, pull this leg up, we’ll
concentrate on the right one first, and roll back and forth like that. Rolling from side to side,
pigeon toe your feet out, and turn them in so you get
all of the muscles in the back of that hamstring, okay? But since I am so tight I
am going to go ahead and do both and stack them in a minute. So here we go rolling. Concentrate on the right
one first, alright? ‘Til we find that, ope, found it. Always on the inner part for me. Always, always, always. So stack that left one over and breath. Here we go. We use our hamstrings a lot
and we don’t even realize it. Just picking things up off the ground, it’s a little hamstring
utilization so it’s important to stretch these babies out. I do a lot of horse
riding so my inner thighs, my adductors, which we’re
going to get to in a second, are really tight. Which is kind of what I’m getting here. Okay, now let’s focus on the left side. Roll it ’til you find it. Right there. Ow, alright. Stack up the right leg. And melt into it, relax. Again, if this is too
much weight on it for you, stay with both legs on the
foam roller, that’s okay. It’ll still work to relieve that tension. It’s just that everyone’s
different and everyone has different levels of comforts. So just find yours. You can also put your elbows
on the ground if you want, like that. Just whatever’s most
comfortable for you, okay? Let’s take a couple more deep breaths. Alright. Now we’re moving on up the leg
to one of my trouble spots. I don’t know if it’s because
I’m a horse rider, or why, but my inner thighs, my adductors
are always really really tight so we’re going to work on that now. Okay. So I want you to hug this foam
roller like a body pillow. We’re going to focus on
the right side first. So straighten out your left
leg, bend that right leg, and put your inner thigh on the roller. Then come down on your left
elbow, fingertips here for support, and roll until you
reach that trouble spot. Found it, that’s kind of painful. So, don’t stop. 15 to 20 seconds. So a couple deep breaths,
a few deep breaths here. Melt into it. Awesome. This is going to really
increase your range of motion. When you do exercises
and things of that sort, by stretching these
adductors, inner thighs. Nice. Okay. Move it along to the left one, up you go. I’m going to turn around
so you guys can see me. This time we’re straightening
out the right leg, okay? Right elbow down, left
leg bent on the roller, and fingertips up, here we go. Rolling again. I know it’s kind of awkward
but, oh my goodness. See? It’s the same spot for
me on both of these legs. Very painful, relax. And everyone’s different. I mean, I can feel my
heart beating in my leg, that’s how tight mine is. My artery there. But everyone’s different,
you might have pain in your hamstrings like I have in my inner thighs. Or in your piriformis. Everyone’s different so you
just have to find that spot and really really work it out. Breathe, breathe, breathe. And relax your whole body. Make sure you don’t take the
weight off of that pressure point, though. Because that’s what really
really works it out. Alright, I’m feeling pretty
loosened up there, finally. Let’s move it on up, guys. And now we’re going to
focus on our quads, right? The four muscles in our quads. If you do a lot of squats,
I know we’re all wanting that booty these days,
then your quads are getting a lot of exercise and definitely
need to be stretched out. So I want you to place the
roller about in the middle of your mat. Come on your fingertips. And place both legs on the roller, okay? And roll back and forth,
full range of motion, until you find that spot. Let’s focus on the left
leg first this time, okay? And you can also be on your
elbows, that’s a modification if you would like. I prefer being up on my hands. It’s a little more pressure.

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