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25 thoughts on “#4 Dementieva v Sharapova, Tennis Point of the Year?”

  1. Hi
    I want to ask you how come that your video is so clear and crispy and the other guys who uploaded them here are not.

  2. You can see how tired Maria is in this match. Look at her movement, she is running slow than her previous matches. The Semifinal match against Kleybanova taken it's toll.

  3. I think because of the wind, Elena's visor was almost blown by the wind at 0:32. Look at her adjusting it.

  4. @Nuxice What i mean is that Elena has the game to beat the best players and has done it in the past, but sometimes her nerves just get the best of her. Also I feel that if she changes coaches she will become a major title holder.

  5. this point was fantastic and dramatic, but far from the best point, it was even not
    a winner. I think maria could stroke harder and faster, she just seemed tired at this

  6. Elena & Maria, you were always rivals, but nevertheless you both boosted tennis so much as no one eve did! Thank you both so much!

  7. elena is such a sweet player. and if not for that last error by masha, i wonder how long this rally would have been going on. haha

  8. @Keeiman except wozniacki is…. and this is the best point of the year… at showing how not to play tennis, cause this shit is messy !

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