– It’s like, “Aw, I have
to have sex all the time. “My life is so hard.”
– [Dimitri] “Meh, poor me. “I’m such a baby.” – [Mallory] When I feel
bad, I can’t cum, and… (groans) – My penis wanted to
retreat inside of my body. (suspenseful orchestral music) – On average, we have sex
about five times a week. – Oh yeah. – Once a month. – No, we have sex… – Twice a month. – Two to three times a week. – Average, during the week we probably have twice, twice or three times. – This sounds so difficult. – I think we’re a couple born
and bred for this challenge. – Oh, I’m just the kind
of person that the minute I have to do something, it’s just like… – Okay, so rules. – So one, it has to be every day. – At least one of us has
to get off every time. – Two, has to go in. – Handies don’t count. – Right, they’re masturbation. – Three, someone has to cum. – So it doesn’t have to be
necessarily penetration. – No. – There just has to be
climaxing on both parties. – Both parties. – Okay. – Do we get a one day tap out, or no? – I don’t think so. It’s 30 days, no tap out.
– [Suki] No one day tap out? Okay, fine. – [Dimitri] I’m afraid
it’s gonna be a matter of be careful what you wish
for, you just might get it. (gentle orchestral music) – Hi, I’m Dr. Ava
Cadell, I’m a sexologist, an author, and I have my own university. So I’ve been teaching sex for
over 20 years and I love it. The benefits of having
regular sex in a relationship is that you have intimate communication. You both feel desired and
loved, very important. – It’s day one and… – So far a success. – How are we feelin’? – I feel great, this is gonna be easy. – First day went off without a hitch. This challenge should be
pretty easy, can’t wait to keep it going, I don’t see
any obstacles in the way. – But I say we started pretty strong, eh? – Yeah and don’t count your chickens before they have sex though. – Sex keeps the chemistry,
the juices flowing mentally, physically,
emotionally, even spiritually. – I went to sleep last
night, then 1:00 AM hits and Kevin is nudging
me while I’m sleeping. He’s like, “Babe, we didn’t have sex.” And so he woke me up
and we had to have sex. (laughs) – Uh… Yeah, I gotta tell ya, I’m
pretty sick of this right now. – Definitely don’t wanna bone anymore. – Yeah, I’m kinda gettin’ sick of bonin’ to be honest with you. I’m not saying I’m not happy. – No. – I’m just saying I’m a little annoyed. I’m a little annoyed. – A little annoyed. – So it’s the morning of day eight and last night Kevin and I failed. It’s pretty upsetting
because we failed so early. This moving into a new place has been a pretty emotional road block. – This is a sad day and last
night we didn’t make it. I think our schedules
just weren’t lining up and it finally caught up with us. (soft instrumental music) – Have you noticed that your
relationship has changed? – I guess I used to cum every time and now I only cum 50 percent of the time. – You can enjoy the journey of making love and having sex even more
than the destination, ’cause orgasm doesn’t equal sex. – I don’t think we have been enjoying it as much as we used to. – So I think for the remainder of the challenge it would be great if you could make it
more fun, more playful. Share your sexual fantasies erotically. (laughs) – And take turns initiating the sex, the kind of sex, so more variety. – Once we get into it, I love it, but it’s just the getting into
it that’s now become harder. – It’s like, let’s take one
of my favorite things to do on this planet and turn it into a chore. – To get started you
just have to get naked. You have to look at each
other, you can hug, right? – Oh yeah. So I guess moving forward one of our goals is to make sure that it doesn’t become burdensome and it doesn’t– – It’s not a chore. – Yeah. – No, it won’t, if you set your intentions and I think what you can do is have an intention to have
romantic sex tonight, sensual sex tomorrow,
kinky sex the next day. – I feel like lately, and
if I can be honest here, I feel like my dick is gonna fall off. (laughs) – So far it’s a scheduling nightmare just because I have shit
to do, he has shit to do. For me, it’s a helpful
experiment for me to be like, you just have to decide to have sex. – So what do you want the
outcome to be after the 30 days? – I think that we wanna have more sex. – But I think you guys are
really having fun with this. – [Dimitri] We’re havin’ a blast. – I’m impressed. – How’s it been going for everybody else? Everyone else okay? (laughs) – We’ve missed four days already. When you have a challenge like this, it’s hard to really get horny about it. Pretty over it. – I’m back on board. I’m sorry I ever said anything negative. – It’s definitely less of a thing. Once it’s in the routine,
it’s in the routine. – We learned to accept it, I think. – I think so. – And it just became fun again. We had a dip there, couple weeks
ago, we had a bit of a dip. – God, it was so not fun then. – Yeah, it wasn’t fun. It’s great, I am so on board for this. – Yeah, everybody should do it. – Everybody should do this at least once.
– [Suki] At least try it. – [Kevin] I think we’re both looking forward to the end of it. Found some new stuff about
what we’re like as a couple. I don’t recommend this at all. It was something I thought I could do and push through it and it got the best of me and Mallory I’d say. (soft jazz music) – [Both] We did it. – I guess. – Almost made it. – We had to stop short. I got a cold and then he got the flu. – Our private parts survived. – That’s a feat. – Yeah. – We looked like a pile of laundry on top of another pile of laundry. (laughs) – People who have sex every
day, I give you guys props. Whoo. – If you had asked me week
one if we would finish, I would of said, “Go fuck yourself.” – We were just really ambitious and the moment we fell behind it was really hard to pick up the pieces. – This was vastly more
challenging than we expected. – Way more challenging. – We’re probably not gonna continue to have sex every day,
but I definitely think we’ll continue to have more sex. No one wants to work out. You do that anyway. – You do it anyway. – It makes you feel good.

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100 thoughts on “30 Days Of Sex • Life Change”

  1. I would be very excited to have sex with my wife at least once a week. It seems like once a month to only on special occasions is the norm. What's the point of being married? I am always initiating intimacy moves but keep being pushed back with comments such as – not right now or maybe tonight or tomorrow I promise etc. Any suggestions?


  3. Sex is more important to a relationship than people think . If people got off their phones and spent more time with each other relationships would be better 💕


  5. It’s sad it has to be forced! Omg anytime my husband and I are in or on a bed the challenge is not to do it! It’s a 3 to 4 times a night, day or morning! It’s great. 👰🏽 🤵🏽 💍💏💃🏽🕺🏿🥰🥰🥰

  6. This is pointless. Not needed. Your brain can benefit from orgasming daily (even that is hard to schedule) but to have a partner have to participate daily is too much. A chore, for sure.

  7. I have sex almost every day. So crazy these people saw it as a chore or something hard to do. Definitely the most fun thing we do everyday. And yes, there have been days when we did it more than once.

  8. "Boo hook poor me. I'm so annoyed and over it. I'm bored of it." What a bunch of beta male pusscakes. I want sex all day every day and get it for the most part from my gf.

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    create my heirs to my throne, only the lovely wife will
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    This ruling is direct from me “ king of my throne” capish?

  10. I'm waiting for marriage because, I had to draw the line …
    the wrong woman will NOT be allowed to have my kids !
    Now she can't collect — 20 years child support from me!
    So, your videos FAILED to fool me, into that mistake … lol.

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  12. I think it can be done, but fewer rules and a wider, more creative, imaginative definition of “sex”.

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  14. I mean…we always want to have sex everyday, and here we have people who have the chance to do it, but they are complaining…it is crazy

  15. Who needs sex lessons when man and woman are made to be one means to have children and that's why why, God's bless us but not man to man or woman to woman (they are allians) make my words cos it's not the way we are created for.share folks share; so to do the only right things.

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