Hello everybody it’s Felix here from the
tennis Brothers – just before we start this video I want to give any big shout out
to our friends over at Tennis Point the racket that I switched to is the Wilson Ultra
you can buy it – there is a link in the description where can go check this racket
out. I’ve seen a lot of you have been asking me why I changed
just to clarify to you guys I changed because it’s an 18 by 20 string pattern that
gives me a lot more control and that’s something I really like. If you guys can
tell it’s really windy here at the moment so you’re gonna have to bear with us
I’m gonna try and speak as loud as possible so let’s get the video started. This is
going to be three tips to improve your tennis… So guys tip number one is the
grip of the racquet very essential in hot or cold weather when you’re sweaty
or your hands are very dry – the grip… something I’ve been told… my stringer
told me about three years ago was always to put your grip the end of the grip – slightly higher up – on the racket – so when you gripping it..especially on the backhand..I have quite a high grip, so all of my fingers need to get on the grip. I will quickly re-grip this video – this is also a bit of a grip tutorial..lets ungrip the racket … Take this little bit off and you want to
line up see I’ve got a lot of I’ve got so many re-grips. Now I can see exactly
where I put it on before and then just stick it on… hold it down and then you want
it reasonably tight and then around once you get your first rotation there
make sure that’s tucked under and then you can just stretch out and just grip
it around… wrap it around. I’ve done this many times so I’ve got the speed to do
it but if you guys aren’t as quick then don’t worry Right.. now we get into this main
important bit the racket finishes here but I’m going to go slightly further
than that so I’m going to make sure all the way out up to around here – maybe this
this much further and I’m going to put my sticker on top of it. my stick on top of it…so when I play it
never slips out my hands. There we go guys – look..I can fit my whole backhand on the racket..without it slipping off. If it would be here..it would be a bit more of a problem. That is tip number one. You can do this before any
match – any time – and it will help you to play better in key situations. So guys as many of you already know …tennis players shoes is one of the most
important part of kit that they have so… I recently got these shoes from Tennis Point – Link in the description – the key tip I wanted to show you guys – is what I do every time time I buy a new pair of tennis shoes so
if you see here a lot of these tennis shoes have two holes at the front like
the last lace where you can put it in and now this is something I’ve got
taught by a strength conditioning coach a long time ago when I was maybe under 9
and and it incorporates a lot more stability into your heel and you can
have a much more snug fit and it feels a lot more comfortable preferably for me
and it means that I know I feel a lot more stable in the shoe and I can move a
lot faster from side to side. So what you want to do is you want to take the lace
coming from this last one into going into here. So normally you’d slot it into
the top one what I’m going to do is I’m going to slot it into the bottom one…
take it out and then I’m going to need to put it back into the top one here to
create almost… like a loop which we’re going to put the lace in after so I’m
going to put that like that I’m going to leave that one and do this exactly the
same for the other side this will make sense in a minute we’re going to put
this through here and then take it out this side again
ok so now we’ve got these two loops what you want to do these two loops is feed
the lace coming from this loop through this one here and do exactly the same
for the other side… and now you’ve got this.. this pattern here and then you can
just slip the shoe on… tie it up like a normal lace and basically what this will
do is pull this whole side of the shoe and this whole side of the shoe
together which basically causes tension around here and incorporates the heel
into your foot which basically allows you to move a lot better. This has helped
me for years – the only problem is that you might break laces a bit quicker so
I’d recommend if we’re going to use this then maybe order an extra pair of laces
when you order the shoe but I definitely think it’s worth it and that’s why I’ve
been using for years now. So guys the third tip is a mental strength so it’s
really important when you’re down in situations to keep strong mentally to
come through them. In the last two weeks of tournaments I was 7:9 down in
a final and to go when it went 8:9 I just thought to myself – let the
last points go the nothing matters anymore just focus on the next
point – than it went 9:9, 10:9 to me. I felt very confident than that I was coming back – and at 11:9 I finally won it. That shows you guys – if you stay mentally positive and you just think to yourself – every point is just the next one – and this is what really counts then you guys can really
improve and become better in those tight situations… and come through them like I
did….. So you guys thank you for watching this video. I really hope you enjoyed – if
you want to see more content make sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE and turn on the bell
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