My name is Tahl Leibovitz and I’m here at
SPiN, New York. I am a professional table tennis player who
has been competing internationally since 1995. I am here today to speak to you about the
intermediate and beginner aspects of the Olympic sport of table tennis. Right now I’m going to demonstrate tips on
how to improve your serve. There’s a few things that are really, really
important. One thing is that when you serve – probably
the most important thing – is when you contact the ball it should be as low as possible. So you’re throwing the ball and once it’s
falling, a lot of players they contact the ball here. Now when you contact the ball here it’s higher
than the net, so because it’s higher than the net, the bounce on your opponent’s side
will be higher than the net. So what you need to do is you need to let
the ball fall as low as you can because when you do serve the ball and it gets to your
opponent’s side you want it to bounce lower than the net. A good quality serve is when you serve the
ball and it’s on your opponent’s side and it’s lower than the net. A player named Kang Liang Hu he was able to
do this with the backhand very effectively. He’s able to serve the ball and it went lower
on the opponent’s side. And the reason this is very effective is because
when the ball is lower than the net on your opponent’s side they can’t make an aggressive
stroke, they can’t move their racket forward, it’s very difficult, they need to move their
racket upwards. And when they move their racket upwards the
ball is slower and it gives you more time. The other thing is when we serve we try to
use our legs, our hips and our arms, so we try to transfer everything, our legs, hips,
arms. Everything together. The other thing that’s important is hitting
different parts of the ball when you serve. Experiment with serves, you know, sometimes
try to hit the bottom of the ball, try to hit the top of the ball, try to hit the side. What else is also very, very important is
to be able to get the racket to go quickly through the ball. And this happens where we do two things: we
start slow but once we get closer to the ball we try to tighten our forearm a little bit
tighter and pass through the ball quicker. So what we’re doing is we’re sort of transferring
everything, we’re sort of really trying to get quick. Now some basic serves you might want to work
on because you might want to try these serves where you’re getting through the ball really
quickly, through the ball. Even these. Once you can get your racket to pass through
the ball you can impart very good spin on the ball and this is going to really help
you to get a good service. So that’s some tips on service.

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100 thoughts on “3 Tips to Improve Table Tennis Serve | Ping Pong”

  1. Hi 😀 can I get some advice…
    As a short pips-out hitter I try to make my serving motion identical… I mixed in short underspin serves with topsin/ side-top spin serves.. The ball will either go down the net or pops out the table… which I think works well..
    My problem is that when I mixed in side spin serves.. My opponents seems comfortable returning it and don't have much trouble.. how do I improve side spin serves? is it ball placement? or is it because I can't generate much spin with short pips?
    p.s I also mixed in long and fast serves ( down the line and cross court which seems to work well). Do you have any advice or tips? I tried to do reverse pendulum serve but it is hard to make the motion identical to my other serves.

  2. This video is good and covers SOME basic service advice but there were some things he did not mention. One of them was the length of the serve. A good serve also has to be short. A good way to show that it is short is that the ball bounces two or more times on the table. If it is 3 bounces then you have good control over the serve. If the ball is long then the opponent will be able to attack the ball easily. The opponent will keep on seeing thst the ball is long and they will be able to get the first attack on you.

    Another thing he forgot to mention is that you must variate the serve. You cannot keep on serving the same spin or the same length. Sometimes you have to make it fast, sometimes half long, and sometimes short. Im not talking about the spin , im talking more on the placements. You must have a serve which you can variate very easily.

    Ok I know a lot of people will hate me for this but im not saying this is a bad video. It is good but im just saying it is lacking a few of the most crucial tips for a serve.

  3. i am a 1400 rated player, but why do i have a feeling that i would beat this guy very easy in a match. he looks like some beginers from my club that try to teach to hit the ball as hard as possible))))

  4. competing internationaly lool)))) the only wag u could compete internationalh is if evrrybody were dead))))$

  5. I am a long-time Table Tennis player. I have beaten more than my share of 2500 players and have lost to more than my share of 1400 players. What I am trying to say is that I have been around the block a few times when it comes to Table Tennis. I am also a longtime Special-Education teacher and have spent my days helping numerous kids overcome their disabilities while building their self-image and self-confidence. With all that said, I would like to say I am ashamed of many of the comments that my fellow table tennis players have made concerning this young man and his perceived abilities. Based upon the demands of our game, I thought Table Tennis players were more highly evolved than the average person. I still believe that, but the derogatory comments on this video have definitely shown me there are exceptions to the rule. I am currently reading this young man's book, "Ping Pong for Fighters" and I am very impressed with him as a teacher, a player, and a person. He has plenty to teach me, and I bet if you read his book, he would have plenty to teach you as well. He definitely has something to teach all of us about living life with courage! I hope I have the opportunity of playing a match or two with him someday.

  6. I'm no pro but I'm really good at ping pong and I figured out that if you hit the ball when it short hops you on your opponents return then you have more speed and the ball stays low.

    Ps. I have only lost 1 game of pong pong ever

  7. just for everyone saying "this guys no pro" he is. dont say something if you cant back it up. hes better than you. he played in the para pan am games. have some respect, stop saying stuff if you dont know what youre saying. some people are so stupid

  8. This guy does not have any basic table tennis skill. He really needs to learn the basics. 7 year old Chinese player can beat him. He is professional…… and his serves……he showed can be easily flicked.

  9. He's not a proffesional. He doesn't know the basics of table tennis. His serves are actually bad cause they are just plain topspin serves. You could easily loop those serves. Short serves are way more effective than long serves. No spin in his serves cause he doesnt use his wrist.

  10. I train karate so we go to citys and compete once there was table tennis and it was my first time at first I sucked I couldnt hit any ball but after 15-20 minuts I started getting them and I was suprised sence I was allways scared of ball thats why I sucked at basketball volleyball and it was pretty awesome like I had some talent in it but talent is nothing without practice 🙂

  11. Hey! I simply would like to give a huge thumbs up for the nice yuotube video you might have right here on this post. I shall be coming back to your videos for extra soon.

  12. He won Gold at the Paralympics 1996. Maybe he could have mentioned that. Thats the INET. A lot of dumb people hiding behind profiles writing shit they would never ever have the balls to say into somebodies face. My advice grow some balls and more important "brains".

  13. This guy isn’t even that good I have been playing for six years and have made it to the comenwealth games and from what I’ve seen this guy bearly puts any spin on the ball

  14. I have been a PE teacher for 15 years and the kids love this video. Its well explained shows clearly how everything is done, and is simple. Good work

  15. I used to play league and was also a coach myself. This guy absolutely knows what he is talking about. Very very good tips. However, I believe it might be too complex for amateurs/beginners to understand without practising those techniques. It will require 1-2 of regular training to understand what he is saying. Oh and I love the question "Is red or black side better?"!!!!

  16. Guys he's literally a 5 time olympic winner stop saying is not pro or whatever look him up he's actually really good

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