Improving serve flexibility. Here are three
drills designed to develop feel and control on the server. In all thrills the
player is forced to continually adjust his target while serving in order to help him develop the ability
to fine-tune his serve when needed Adjusting for length sometimes when we play we keep making
the same mistake when we serve, either we hit everything in the
net or we hit everything out. It’s very important to be
flexible and be able to adjust the next exercise will help you do this. You’re going to try to hit one serve from their regular position and then
keep going forward and make the serves into the square Adjusting for height You get on the court get ready to serve
and the first serve you gonna hit into the net second serve you gonna hit it out and
third serve you are going to hit it in the square net out and square Adjusting for direction a good way to practice the server is
making sure you never commit the same mistake twice. So, if I’m trying to hit a target that I
go too far to the right the next 1 I’m gonna go left of the
target. Then I’m gonna try to go to the center again let’s try to see how this might work. If
I’m trying to hit my serve to the middle of the court, first serve, too far right I wanna make sure the next one goes left. Now the third one has to go to in the middle of those two. That is the idea. That way you’re always
learning how to adjust and that’s gonna come in handy during a

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Dennis Veasley

12 thoughts on “3 Tennis Drills – Tennis Serve – Developing Feel and Control on the Serve”

  1. Maybe you should also practice on power a little. If you serve like that you'll be crushed and the position won't make any difference.

  2. really good tutorials, but an improvement could be make it more simpler and step by step for beginners

  3. This is a great and fun way to be able to play tennis well. I once was a Taekwondo and a swimming instructor. I know difficulties beginners have to struggle before being abke to perform such skills (e.g: swimming butterfly style). I know you guide people the right way. Thanks for sharing. It's been a long time I haven't played tennis.

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