Hey what’s up y’all? Coach Rock here. The official trainer
for Ilovebasketballtv. Today we’re back with another challenge. This week, it’s a shooting challenge. Let’s take a look. (bang noise) Similar to the last challenge we did, which was the ball handling challenge, today we have three
shooting challenges for you that’s going to take your
shooting to the next level and also push your shooting
ability to the limit. So, in the first drill we have; we call it five minute shooting. This is something that a lot
of good college do, NBA teams do this as well, and NBA
executives actually go to colleges or go to combines and
watch players do this drill to see how well they perform. Kentucky is one of the
Universities that does this drill, and it’s basically five minutes,
you can shoot from anywhere you want. It has to be a three point line It has to be a three pointer,
so you can be on the wing, you can be on the top, you can move from the top, the wing, wherever. Obviously, you probably
want to stay stationary so you don’t waste too much energy and you’re only focused on shooting, but pick a spot anywhere
around the top of the key and in five minutes, I want you to see how many you can make. Now, if you have a rebounder, it’ll probably be a lot easier. You’ll probably be able
to score a lot more points because all you focus on is shooting. You’ll be able to get
up twice as many shots, but if you don’t have a rebounder. If you’re in the gym
by yourself or at home, you can still get to
work with this challenge, and you can still improve your shooting you just have to get your rebounds. Alright, now, the great
thing with these challenges is that they’re gonna
push your conditioning, as well as your shooting and
your focus to the next level. It’s gonna force you to make
shots when you’re tired. It’s gonna force you to dig
in, really focus on your form, your technique, and focus
on making every single shot. Every shot counts. So on the second drill,
we have star shooting. Now, what we’re gonna do here
is we’re gonna start from a corner, any corner. You’re gonna hit this shot, but
before I get into the shots, we’re gonna put like three
minutes on the clock. And I want you to just
go through each rotation. Just keep going through and
count how many shots you make. You can do two minutes,
three minutes, five minutes, as many minutes as you want,
but just know how many minutes you do and do that amount of
minutes each day, or each week so you can continue to test yourself. Because if you do two minutes this week and you make 10 shots, keep
doing those two minutes and see if you can
start making more shots. But anyway, back to the
challenge, so we’re gonna go here. We’re at the corner. If you make that, if you have a rebounder, you run straight to
the wing, if you don’t, you’ve got to get your rebound
and then we’re gonna go here to this wing, hit that shot. If you have a passer, that’s better. If not, go get your rebound. You’re gonna be sprinting to this wing. You’re gonna hit this shot. Make or miss, you’re still
going to the next spot, alright? Now, next, we’re running to this corner. After that spot, get your rebound. Or if you have a passer again,
you sprint to this corner. Hitting this shot, alright? So, that’s one time through, so that’s five shots you’ll be taking. So, the best thing about this drill, it’s easy to track your
shots because you know, like, “alright I went ten times through,” then you know you took 50 shots. It’s basic math, five shots each time. So, remember, it’s corner..
and we’ll go through it again. It’s corner, wing, wing, corner,
top, and it makes a star. That’s why we call it the star drill. So, once I get to this
spot, I will shoot here, and then obviously, your
fifth spot would be here, then when we’re going back around, you’ve got to start here again. So your fifth and sixth shot
are gonna be here, alright. So fifth shot, boom, sixth
shot, stay here, shoot again, or you have to get your
rebound, come back, and then everything starts over. So, I’m here, wing, wing,
corner, top of the key. (dramatic music) ALright, now this last challenge, this is the drill that Stephen
Curry and Klay Thompson do when they’re training with the Warriors. They’ll go five spots,
but they stay at that spot until they miss two in a row. So, you’re just gonna count
how many shots you make. I think Klay Thompson’s record
was like 150 or something, something crazy like that. You stay at this spot, say I
make it one, two, three, four. Say I miss, but then I make
my next one, you keep going; five, six, seven, then
I miss, I make again, I keep going; 8, 9, 10,
until I miss two in a row. Once I miss two in a row,
I’m done with whatever number I have here. Let’s say it’s 10, I take
that 10 and I’m going here. Same exact thing: 11,
12, 13, 14, 15, miss, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22,
23, miss, miss, I’m done. 23 is where I’m at right here. So now I go to the top. You keep going around the five
spots that we’ve been doing: the corner, the wing, top, wing, corner, and then you just see how
many points you can get. There’s no time limit on this one. It’s just how many points can you make, and now you know guys like
Klay Thompson and Steph Curry, they’re somewhere like
150-170 range, I think. So, you know that’s the best. So, if you can get over
a hundred, I would say, then you’re really doing something good. So, again, focus. I love all of these drills
because every single shot counts. That’s why I love doing the challenges. Every shot counts. If you’re at the top of
the key, you miss one shot, well, now all the pressure in the world is on that second shot. It’s what happens in games. You miss a shot, you’ve
got to forget about it, you’ve got to get into the next shot, you got to make the next shot, you got to make the next two shots, make the next three shots. You miss two in a row, you
stop, you move to the next spot. Now, again, these challenges,
all of them, you can do with a partner or without a partner. If you don’t have a
partner, it’s a lot tougher because you got to get your rebound. It’s hard to get in rhythm, but
you can still get the drills and the challenges done. I hope you enjoyed today’s video. I hope it helped you out, and if you want to take your
scoring to the next level and become the scoring
machine in real games, then click the first
link in the description. That’s gonna take you to my game specific scoring accelerator. That page, once you click the link, it’s gonna tell you all about it. Then you just enter your email
and I’ll instantly send you over that game specific scoring
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it works on any device: mobile, laptop, iPad, iPod, anything. Just go to that first
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page, enter your email, and again, I’ll send you over that free game specific accelerator. If you enjoyed the video,
please, please hit that thumbs up for me. Comment below, let me know
what else you want to see. Basketball moves,
basketball drills, shooting, vertical jump, anything. You know we got you. As always, do not forget to
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  1. Hey guys, I hope you enjoyed today’s video. I wanted to apologize for the initial explanation on the Star Shooting Drill we accidentally edited out the 5th and final spot which is the top of the key, but we show it on the LIVE demonstration.

    Again the 5 spots should be done in this order Corner->Opposite Wing->Other Wing->Other Corner->Top Of the Key — REPEAT

    If you haven’t watched our last video yet, be sure to check it out because it will really help you with your 1 on 1 moves: https://youtu.be/JZEVLrA2UMg?list=PLk56wWUTmS9zAQhvh0H89Jr1WCeSy3lYH

    Don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t yet!

    Coach Rocky


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