(bell ringing) (lion roaring) – [Narrator] It ain’t football, if you don’t get knocked down. But it ain’t winning, if
you don’t get back up. Get up, big dog. Even when I lose, I win. What is it about your game that you didn’t see? If your dog house is a little rocky, check the foundation. I promise you, you’ll find the problem. Man, we going back to fundamentals. Let’s go to work. Coaching point number one. Heel-to-toe ratio. You can’t be a dog, if you don’t know how to get
on your threes and fours. It starts in your stance, big dog. For starters, you want heel-to-toe ratio. That back toe needs to be
aligned with the front heel. Now, if you’re taller or shorter, that’s gonna adjust a little, but that’s your foundation,
heel-to-toe ratio. Right here, you see,
I’m using the white line on the football field to help me determine where my back foot should go. Now, that’s the depth of your stance. Let’s talk about the width. Coaching point number two. Under-stand. You have to stand under yourself. Your feet have to be under your hips, so that you can drive ’em. That’s where your power gonna come from. Once you set your feet, you should be able to point down, directly at your toes, either right on top of your toes, or inside your big toe. That’s how you know you
got pretty good width. Coaching point number
three, hand placement. Where your hands are placed,
and how they’re placed, is really important. You can have your index
and thumb horizontal, which is parallel to the line,
or you can have your index and thumb vertical. I prefer my index and thumb horizontal, so that I can punch off the
line a little bit better, but honestly, big dog, that’s
just personal preference. Now that we talked about
how, let’s talk about where. Where is my hand placed? My hand determines my weight distribution. The further my hand is
away from my front foot, the heavier my stance is. The closer my hand is to my front foot, the lighter my stance is. Both of those stances
have their advantages, and mostly, that all depends on your role and responsibility in the defense. What you talking about, big dog? Well, what I’m saying is, if you are more of a read
and reactive for the tackle, you probably want lighter stance, because light stance make quick hands. But if you’re more of a strike
and attack defensive tackle, then you want heavier
hands, so you can explode out your hips and penetrate the offense. So, what’s it gonna be, big dog? Read and react, or strike and attack? This is really important, and another great coaching point. You have to make sure your down hand is in line with your back foot. I call it vertical alignment. Notice I’m using this
blue line to make sure that my hand placement
is in the right place. Again, this is really important
to weight distribution. If my front hand or my
down hand is too far in or outside of my back
foot, it’s gonna shift me right or left, and I’m not gonna have
a balanced power stance. (hip hop beat) Coaching point number four, hip placement. Big dog, this is important. If you don’t get the hip placement right, you’ll never be able to
maximize your first step. There won’t be any power
in your first step, ’cause you ain’t going nowhere. You want your hips
slightly above your head, so that you can power
out, and into his chest, or his half. ‘Kay, big dog, let’s put it together. So, right here, I’m using the vertical and the horizontal line to check my feet and hand placement. Want to make sure everything’s in place, so I can maximize each step. Now, every dog has his own stance. You gotta find yours. Sometimes, you may have
to adjust your front hand, and your back foot, depending on where you feel most comfortable,
and ready to explode. Everybody’s stance is not the same, but at least, this is where you start, ’cause it starts in your stance, big dog. Big dog, you have to master your stance. It’s important. Your stance determines
the rest of your steps. If your stance is not right, then neither will the
rest of your steps be, and you won’t get to
where you’re trying to go, right, big dog? (dog barking) Now, you know we not through. This was Stance and Start Part One. Big dog, stay tuned, for part two. Let’s go to work.

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Dennis Veasley


  1. Good video man , also when your at Dt weather your lined up right over top of a guard or your in a 3 tech do you suppose to come up working a move such as quick swim or engage contact then use it as a escape technique

  2. Great video man, can you make a video revolving the 4 point stance and start because I've been having trouble with my first step which cause me to step up field. I'm more of a Attack and React D-End

  3. You should do a tutorial on beating double teams and one on run stuff I think that would be amazing seeing as how well edit and put together your videos are

  4. would you look at some game film and give me so coaching points? if you can what's an email or somehow i can send it to you??

  5. Sir I am 14 years old going into high school. I am 5'11 270 lbs. I'm a le and dt. I play defense and I am a shed of block linemen, which stance would be best for me?

  6. Hi coach i play football for lansing burgh ny and i am starting my first year of jv so to train me my coaches put me up against a 6'3 varcity tall kid on my team i used all the strength my 14 year old body can muster just to block him and i got hurt this all happened at football camp and im only half way through it i love the game and my folks paid 60 bucks so i can go and now after that i whiplashed my lower back and im in pain doing the stance any tips?

  7. Greatest tool I've shown my 10 year old. He has gotten so much more fundamentally sound with his technique. Thanks a lot man. Keep them coming.


  9. This is a great video, I watched with my kid and made my job easier to teach him a correct t stance. Greetings from Monterey, MX, big dog.

  10. Man, I wish I could get you up here in Michigan to help teach our linemen these steps. Sometimes, it's better if they hear it from someone other than their normal coaches. Great job, otherwise. Keep it up.

  11. Hey coach i weigh 220 and im 5'10'' i have been working the line on both sides for a while i run a 5.0 in the 40 but i dont think im meant for the line where do you think i should be and btw i bench 270

  12. Thanks big dawg, I coach defensive line middle school (7th grade!) And am ready to implement your technique to my line. Big Dawg eat!!!!

  13. Greetings from Seattle! I used this to fix a stance that had worked against one of my teammates all too well, until I got a wakeup call after I got hammered in a scrimmage. Hopefully, I can still employ my killer spin move, which I've already nailed, with my brand new stance, and employ it all quickly enough for fall ball.

  14. Thanks man this is my first year of high school ball and I play nose tackle I’m looking forward to it also I play center to if you have tips for that can you make a video

  15. I was getting my first taste of playing D end and dislocated my thumb because my weight distribution was off lol. I needed this video, good stuff. O line 3 point is way different from D line 3 point.

  16. Is this good I’m 5,8 182 pounds trying to be defensive tackle I look skinnier than I am a lot of people think I look 170 and I’m 14 freshman it’s my 2nd year playing football

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