please subscribe it Exercising every day is not the most exciting thing to do but this show helps me a lot!! It helps to eliminate fat deposits on the knees and hips that can appear even in slim people !! We work on the front back and inner part of your thighs. That’s right kiss those thunder thighs goodbye 😉 You can do this workout from the comfort of your own bed or couch and did we mention it takes only three minutes 😁 Number one “Toning the front of the thighs” Let’s start with the front part of your thighs. For this exercise you’ll need to lie on your back with your arms at your sides Raise your legs so that they make a 90 degree angle with your body and point your toes Don’t bend your knees in this position. They should be as straight as possible Now bend and straighten your knees one at a time Your hips shouldn’t move at all so don’t bend your knees towards you. Keep the 90 degree angle at the hips repeat this exercise ten times on each leg So are you ready to try it, let’s do it This exercise works in toes not only your quads But also your knees and abs don’t forget to keep your knees together and your thigh muscles tensed Are you feeling the burn, that’s a good sign it means you’re doing it, right Three two one nice job Now let’s see what the next exercise is all about Number two toning the back part of the thighs. The exercise we’re going to do now has two parts the first part is sort of like the previous exercise Only your toes won’t be pointed so start by lying on your back legs raised and toes pulled towards your body Hold your knees together and bend them one by one Your toes should always be pulled toward your body and your heels should touch your buttocks each time you bend your leg Don’t forget about this. It’s very important repeat this ten times for each leg The clocks ready, it’s time to start This complex exercise works in tones the front and back part of the thighs knees and abs keep going One last time wonderful ! Now let’s try the second part. The initial position is again lying on your back legs raised, but this time leave your knees slightly bent Swing your legs towards you by raising your buttocks off the floor and keeping the leg muscles flexed repeat 20 times And go Get those butts off the floor no cheating If you’re feeling the tension in your hamstrings and a slight burning as well You’re doing everything just fine this shows that the exercise is working the way it should no pain no gain a couple more seconds Done ! and now the final exercise awaits you Number three toning the inner part of the thighs Last but not least is the inner portion of your thighs because let’s be real who loves inner thigh chafing yeah nobody So just lie on your back keeping your legs raised But this time cross your right ankle over your left one both legs should be tense and pressed against each other Bend your knees out to the sides to do a “plié” and then return to the initial position Repeat 10 times with your right leg over the left and 10 times with your left leg over the right So get to it This exercise is incredible for working and toning your upper legs buttocks and abs make sure that your legs are always flexed and pressed against each other during the exercise You should feel the pressure in your legs to know that you’re giving the muscles of do it workout We’re almost done and That’s it ! you did it ! It wasn’t so bad was it ? Hit that like button so you can come back to this video every day and do these exercises with us You won’t be disappointed with the results you can also check out this video that gives a unique and easy 1 month program That will help you get perfect looking legs. It’ll leave you with some seriously impressive results that even Taylor Swift will envy And now it’s bonus time Apart from all the obvious pros one of the biggest advantages of this set of exercises Is that it can be very useful for those who suffer from swollen legs and varicose veins But what is swelling pain and weakness in the legs are caused by disease ? But by an unhealthy lifestyle like sedentary work the wrong shoes or a lack of physical exercise If you fall into this category expert suggests three simple rules Rule number one walking As surprising and strange as it might sound the more you walk the less swelling and pain you’ll have in your legs but you’ll absolutely have to have comfortable Footwear An optimal amount of walking is 30 to 60 minutes three times a week In order to speed up blood flow walk for 10 minutes every two hours You’ll feel much better especially if you have somewhere nice like a park or trail to do your walking Rule number two exercise for the ankles What’s great about this one is that you can do it anywhere at any time so no excuses Simply bend your ankles 20 to 30 times pulling your toes toward and away from your body This exercise improves blood circulation and helps remove excess liquid Doing this regularly will definitely make a difference in your life Rule number three swimming If you’re into fitness over swimming or water aerobics Struggling against the water pressure whoops improves blood circulation in the limbs It’s good not only for your legs, but for your whole body as well, plus, it’s really fun ! Do you know any other exercises that work like magic for the legs tell us in the comment section below Don’t forget to give us a like and share this video with your friends subscribe to our Channel and Always stay on the bright side of life You

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “3-Minute Workout Before Sleep to Slim Down Your Legs”

  1. Hey guys! Have you tried this workout? How did it work for you?

    Also, try this workout to make your butt rounder

  2. im wanting to do this but not sure if it will work. can someone tell me does the workout only work also work on the calves or only the thighs

  3. Well, just wanted to say that I tried this out and I can see a gap coming in between my thighs which I thoughtt would be impossible… like wow… Its been 3 weeks almost but I was not regular with it but I do see the results and I will try to do it everyday! Thanks for reading UWU

  4. i keep seeing people experiences with this workout so here’s mine ! (day 1) it kinda hurt but i’m going to keep on trying 🙂

  5. My legs look like noodles I thought my thighs were really big so I did double the work out… now I need to gain weight

  6. Hi guys I am also going to try this if it's really working or not so I will keep updating please give me a👍so that I will not forgot 😄
    I hope it's really work………

    Started on 8 OCTOBER 2019
    Day1: No change but my legs were burning as it says in the video

  7. Started this exercise today will keep updating

    Day 1: not much pain or difficulty

    Day 2: felt some pain doing these but carried on hope for some changes soon.. fingers crossed

  8. Hey guys! I’m gonna do this everyday, and I’ll update if I see any changes 🙂

    Day 1: I did it once today, the burn was nice.

  9. Ill start this exercise from the day after tomorrow
    Rules: drink much water
    No junk food
    Also walking and lets see

  10. But don’t y’all won’t thick thighs? Why slim them down 😂 I want thick thighs I already have slim thighs and sadly it makes me look skinny though so why get slim thighs?

  11. Ok doing this for a week and seeing how I go

    Day 1 : it’s ok I felt it in the front part of my thighs but not my stomach

    Day 2 : getting easier no change tho

    Day 3 : it easier and I am starting to see a LITTLE difference but I am starting to get into a routine

    Day 4 : I am starting to see a difference 😮

  12. Day1:Done
    Day3:Done but no changes….. I'm gonna be patient…. I mean imma try…
    Day4:Done, no changes
    Day5:Done, no changes

  13. Anyone want me to do daily updates? Would really motivate me to do this x

    Day one: burnt a little but no change yet!

  14. Am I the only one who can’t get my legs to a 90 degree angle mine is more like 60-70 I should probably do like pre stretches or something

  15. I've been doing this exercise in my bed along with eating healthy and light cardio aka walk (30-1hr) I've seen results in the last 6w my legs are very tone And everyone keeps commenting on my physique. I do sometimes add 5lb weights too.

  16. Im planning to do this for a month starting from tomorrow…and i'll keep you guys updated if anyone is interested in knowing if it actually works😊

  17. I’m gonna do this challenge y’all

    Here it is:

    Day 1:
    I don’t feel any thing different but I feel the burn in my legs.

  18. I will update everyone everyday on how well this is working for me!
    Day 1: I did this 2 times to somewhat memorize it , and I kinda see a difference. I also packed a very healthy lunch!
    Day 2: I ate a lot of sweets today, but ate almost all my lunch. I am gonna do this and go in the treadmill to burn the calories off

  19. I started trying this a few days ago and people in the comments say it worked well for the most part. I'm 117 pounds and my legs don't match my body portions so I hope this makes me feel confident!

    Day 1: I cannot do a perfect 90% angle so I do try to exaggerate the movements more & I can feel the pressure and soreness in my thighs the next day (I do some in the morning and redo it in the afternoon)

    Day 2: Redid it again it was exhausting especially after exercise but I really hope this works!

  20. So many ads but this was actually a cool workout with a few moves I've never done before which is rare for me but always nice to come across.

  21. If we feel pain it shows that exercise is not going well??? 😳
    Because i did it and it’s my first time so i feel a lot of pain..

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