what is…my channel, caleb. what is up
welcome back to the channel and today we’re doing a 2v2 horse game
team cash what’s up against how do you want to do
people we originally had two guys that we wanted to play against but then they
kind of make it so these two guys we found on the street… guys this is my high school basketball
coach we want to say champ we sure the other we did I Love You Man I love you
too but this is actually my dad everybody so this is my dad and with us
today we’ve got coach Phil Van Cleave feel this is a offensive coordinator
here at Trinity Christian plus he’s also one of my assistant coaches in
basketball we’re gonna do two on two horse you can use both people you can
just use one person and if you just use one person here if a roll of dice the
side who does it but let’s get into it do it you guys first okay starting off
with some basics okay don’t know if it the trickshot but hey
we’re scan warmed up so now now we roll the dice
I’m evens Josh’s odds hold on you should be odd…because you’re odd do you want me to do this video I’m even
Josh’s odds whatever it lands on is who is shooting even wait was I even yep you confuse me
with the whole are you serious right now it just worked out we’re gonna lose my
first shot do the old people! okay guys this channel for trick shot
horse you get three attempts but if they get it on their first or second try then
we have to get our first or second try so here’s your second attempt alright
that’s close you got anything here we go okay okay okay okay respect all right not bad guys are you
ready for this okay Josh on you pretty simple pretty pretty
simple like like we said we’re still getting warmed up 3210 three tries all
right so roll the dice coach I mean coach Feemster even even here we go man
all right so I’ve got I do actually have all three right yeah yeah before is our
number four for for some reason oh is the first letter coming up for the
coaches no we’re not gonna but if you are curious where I get like my
confidence in trash oh you guys nervous oh I’m coming back
down though cuz that one felt really good woah Wow okay tough with those bars second attempt yep I should have been evens because we know
this is gonna be for every time we roll I may actually give it him and a baby
cob that’s not on this channel if we do it in fewer attempts it flips over to
the other team so it’s our turn now go alright Josh let me give them a letter
here man we need to get them a letter it is H to nothing right now
hit him with the basics second antenna can roll that dice fellas that’s 1/4
foot we’ve only rolled this guys four times that’s the fourth four yeah we’re
not doing that math conversation target man you got to get this right here a
second intent huh yep this is home court advantage here we go
oh wow that’s it oh I thought it looks straight on from where I’m standing oh my god okay hey I got three attempts
here man hey y’all so who is gonna try crazy
shadow one don’t let the gray hair fool you I’m not one as far as like people
who have never tried that before that wasn’t us aw sorry another Wow
I can’t do this one either I mean all right back down okay kid what we got and
I think I’ll just pass it to you over the backboard for a layout like in the
air layup yeah okay really you guys through the exact same little
too far past I’m gonna do a half for those okay can you show me up
well I’m like I can’t run into it I got right there right there right at that
spot oh my gosh Wow does amazing just roll that dice
okay I can’t wait to get a four again hey big it before we have to get a new
dice that’s me well at least have my half-court warm up
I was like I was 50/50 here like kind of open our girl gets my dad for the same
time I’m glad I’m not because if I miss then you know yeah my dad did I missed
it i man Josh you got two attempts here bro you don’t let us down on target hey
hey get out the weight room yeah the third one would have been just right
Goldilocks Goldilocks reference okay Cho to H oh just a couple I’m sorry I know
you I know you would have gotten half-court shots no I’m glad you shot it
cuz if I miss them just like he would have held that against me for the next
three years what’s that happy you guys doing now I
wanna do you wanna throw did you want to oop it first try all right I think it’s all in the u k–
Josh you gotta be ready just go in I just made the shot he definitely contact
but I think if he had touched it back to you guys okay well we just you get you
get an a-plus originality hey what do you guys doing we’re gonna go off the
wall I’m pulling my basketball to coach me you never three points I see I think
it seems really complicated but I’m excited to see it okay okay okay one
shot okay okay I know what Kant is about to
do and you guys should be nervous that stuff there it is who’s gonna do it the big spin on just a little short third time’s a charm all right back to Josh okay we’re doing
something I want it I wanna get something like first or second try for
they’re good we gotta you gotta get them early this
is gotta be you please please okay I’m gonna try to end it but like wow you
guys do your easier learning are they too old to say it make a nail in the
coffin joke third and final attempt okay you guys are creative oh wow
it made some adjustments little hard oh okay and maybe that may be a saving shot
for us I don’t know these guys these guys are used to doing this though I don’t even know that I got that
focusing on John Caleb here and yes and I hear swish I don’t know if he caught
it or not but just I was kind of joking I didn’t think that kind of attempt but
yeah yeah what we’ll do if real all right so now it’s hor s with the
coaches to hor for team cash back to them three tries with the walk away make
it in one so we get the shot man cool come all right come on now wait now we just
needed so we can stay alive I know but uh you know so it’s tie ballgame as the
s okay TR coach we got to come up with something really really innovative what
are you guys doing no way
first try we’re gonna lose if we… I don’t know
I’m nervous I was really nervous I was nervous too
people are gonna see that and think that was an easy shot back to them yeah it’s
back to y’all behind the back midcourt shot okay okay that’s one Oh baby yeah let er man if it’s my dad he just is
their best shot at this Oh that wasn’t bad that’s good good job
guys all right people concede the law well
yeah I was definitely good see gloss on that bow that was one of the toughest
two or two horses we’ve ever comes up if you haven’t yet for some creative
amazing shots good work to everyone involved and shout out to everyone at
TCA for letting us use the gym I’ve come heals every Monday every Wednesday every
Saturdays make sure you subscribe you haven’t yet there are Instagram chat up
there right there follow us on Instagram and Caleb did another video a rematch
you guys this was two on two but you guys had a grudge match so go ahead over
to Caleb’s panel to do that video that’s all for now we’ll see you guys later
fight watch way i-55 mmm let me sound cool luckily I thrive under pressure

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  1. Caleb’s dad is a SAVAGE! Be sure you watch til the end! Subscribe to Caleb: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9N_6QIniNssFFZMva2GdTQ We’ve got a HUGE giveaway coming soon once he hits 50,000 and I hit 500,000! Like/Comment early for your chance to win juggling balls EVERY SINGLE VIDEO like HillsideStorm did last video! I love you guys and we’ll see you Wednesday!

  2. Truly wasn't expecting much, but the only way the old guys got a letter initially was by Caleb's nearly impossible speciality shot. So, this was a special gem!

  3. Why are you playing aggest old mans wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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