what what does that very welcome back to
my channel name is Josh Horton today we have Caleb Nash Feemster, Jenna bandy
and Tor’i Brooks we’ve got a three-part challenge all three
basketball challenges involved tips aka catching the ball in the air and putting
it back in before you touch the ground it’s one of my favorite things doing
basketball is kind of learning I’m really good at the teams are me and
Caleb right and Jenna – Kim – yeah first team Alex
sure first round is kind of around the world challenge but if you miss your
teammate can put the ball in for one point if you make the three-pointer it’s
worth two points here we go two points serious four
points Wow there’s an easy one Wow well nice
now you guys switch roles great job tip was worse than her eyes okay where were
you on that one wowza that was impressive the real goal
Kobe not not LeBron sir I love the Bravo you guys gonna be dead yeah that’s tough
you guys not make one tip though no there was not one tip yeah make sure you’re in the air seven
nine even with the little kick out with the fadeaway
well dirt I’m confident in both Caleb’s three-point shooting and my foot back so
we’re gonna be good points twelve years at twelve fourteen sixteen nineteen just
five short of me and time so you guys take round one here’s round two game
around to each person’s going to get ten half-court shots if they make the shot
is worth five points if their teammate is able to put it back without a bounce
it is worth three points and if they’re able to put it back after one bounce
still in the air it’s worth one point nope last time you two were shooting
half-court shots are you both went crazy so there it is okay one one point there
you go six points two in a row one bounce is easy one oh wow would have been worth zero Vanessa who
shooting a jump shot oh it’s good Oh all mine all back ramp Oh try Oh get there Jinnah there you go okay
nineteen Rani style are you gonna go granny Alton
oh you had the three point two points three points total because Chris has
been Chris has been busy I need his granny energy around here Chris a long
time for point one bounce Wow all right so
they got six points right now hey eleven points to let the Josh fans down but I’m
gonna get some tips for you guys so thanks for maybe drop a thumbs up wish
me luck so right literally just that kids not gonna make one and he made on
this first one all right so that’s plus five which is up sixteen that’s game that’s it no need to keep
going alright so team cash takes round two
okay so it’s one two one there’s one more Challenge left here we
go guys the third and final round is a traditional game of tips meaning the
teams will alternate you got some people shooting three-pointers some people
trying to tip we’re all on the court at the same times we’re gonna set up the
tripod it is first team to 21 points and we do it like ping pong where every time
five points are scored you rotate you’ll catch on here we go first of all about time to Ryan came
over this idea because you were in this video thinking you betoken every tip and
there’s your first we are like 80% through this video all missus jump higher than Caleb on that one run
the tape hit like your knee and your chin and your chest what trick shot pass and trick shot oh
my goodness thank you guys for watching hope you enjoyed it drop a thumbs up if
you did drop a comment and reply in the comments subscribe to my friends right
here and click on his vid up top your mind serum shoutouts we will see you
guys later bye how many shots Wigan 10 you guys they
don’t listen when I say the I say them on camera and then it they go okay so
what’s the rules

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Dennis Veasley

14 thoughts on “2v2 BASKETBALL TIPS CHALLENGE!”

  1. I’m back from vacation! Hope you guys had a nice holiday break! Like/comment to win juggling balls from www.jugglingwarehouse.com like beast hayes Little did last video!
    Caleb: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9N_6QIniNssFFZMva2GdTQ
    Jenna: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHwSpDbtOUrx9hXIljaN9xg
    Tor'i: https://www.youtube.com/user/MrToribrooks

  2. You , Caleb, and Jenna are officially my favorite YouTubers.. you guys deserve so many more Subscribers ! 🎊🙃

  3. Yours and Caleb's ending shot was cool! I thinks you guys should do a game of horse but with a hole bunch of people!

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