wanna do rally? actually want to teach you new things ok we do rally first (warm up & check the progress) do the shuffle can you see the ball? (Ami can see the ball..just..can’t hit properly) Prepare early the back swing racket back before the ball bounce back swing, put down, swing put back, down, swing use your left hand more (for backhand) See the ball, not looking in front Forehand, back swing with body Backhand, same use your body don’t hold your wrist too tight back swing early Can you see the ball actually pretty close to you? You shouldn’t just stand. Need to move. Shuffles Relax the wrist and hold tight when you hit the ball Relax the wrist and hold tight Relax & hold tight Relax & hold tight back swing early When ball is low, lower your knee. Knee goes down Low the knee and up Use your body when you swing Back swing is still too late back swing is still late. use your body and do the shuffle Back swing is late cannot be same time as the ball bounce When the ball is crossing the net, back swing should finished and ready to hit racket keep low as much as you can. twist your body need use your body don’t just use your arm the ball is not easy to handle if the ball comes as difficult to hit back do the easy way to get that ball if you find that you cannot hit back same way means you didn’t move your body so need to side way and hit in control for the tough ball, use the most simplest way to handle See, you can’t hit hard because you did not move the body why do you swing while moving don’t move. stand and hit the ball don’t try to jump etc standing and swing. that’s it try again! ready do it in simple way don’t put your back too behind don’t put your position to be back, it rather straight. sit straight (when you lower the knee) I show you how I played in two hands I sit straight, not to the side and put your racket lower as much as you can and remember don’t put your racket too behind too late when the ball is slow need to bend your knee not your back one way to lower the position, is to bend the knee brush from the under don’t brush from back brush up ok water break. now I teach you new technique (I always ended up with stroke T_T.. coz after editing the stroke part is like time to go for next lesson.. not easy with Youtube while working.. that is the reality!)

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Dennis Veasley

One thought on “2nd Tennis lesson by Evan! Warm up rally & feedback for forehand & backhand”

  1. 시험삼아서 유튜브 자막을 사용했는데.. 어떻게 뜨는지?! 전 자막없음을 해서 그런가.. 왜 안보이죠..?!

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