– Oh, what is this? Evan, are you serious? BMW, bro? You fancy, bro? – Why are you filming me, man? – Hold up. (engine revving) That’s what you need
to drive, Evan, there. (laughs) How much was this car? – It costs don’t worry about it. – It cost mind your own business? – Yes. – Was it worth it? – For sure it’s worth it. – This show is worth it. But your car? – Worth it. – [Steven] Welcome to worth it lifestyle, a new show based on worth it, where we’re trying different experiences at different price points. Each episode I’ll have
a different co-host, and today we have my
good friend Evan Gang. – Yo. – So, welcome to my car. – Thanks Steven, is that
why you washed your car? – Just for you. We are on our way to
try three different cars at three drastically
different price points, to find out which one is the
most worth it at its price. – Worth it. – You drive a fancy car, but what is the point of a car? – It’s an appreciation, but also a way to express yourself. It’s like fashion. – No, it’s to get you
from point A to point B. – I disagree. Clothes, is it a thing
that’s just to keep you warm? Or is it a way to express– – It’s a way to cover your body, yeah. – You care a lot about your fashion. – I care about jackets. – You want pretty jackets. – No I want jackets to keep me warm. – You’re a big liar. So where are we going for the first place? – Wait, should we go here? – What fell? – Oh my gosh! I just got this freaking car washed. Are you serious? You! – My name’s Orlando Gonzalez,
I’m a sales manager here. And today, we’re gonna be
talking about the 2017, very unique Toyota Prius. – You’re already throwing out
adjectives at me right now. – What I meant by that is
it’s the 20th anniversary of the Prius right now. You can have the opportunity to see the first Prius right there. It’s the one that started
the Hybrid evolution. – Give us a run through of the specs. – I mean let’s just start with the MPG, which you get an average about
52 miles per gallon this car. And the tank capacity
is around 12 gallons. Close to 600 miles on a full tank. – How far can you go with that? – You could go to Las Vegas and come back. – You would think Vegas. – It has around 130 horsepower, it’s equipped with front and back, side or back, curtain air bags, so it’s a very, very safe car. – What’s the selling price? – The selling price,
starts at around $24,000. – My issue with the Prius, I’m not gonna lie. – I know where you’re going
but I like your sentence. (laughs) – I would own a Prius right now
if it wasn’t for the design. – We get that a lot. From day one when the
Prius came on the market, that was the biggest
question that everybody, “I’m not to sure about the design.” The design obviously has to be a design that gotta go with the concept. And the electric system
combined with gasoline. In my opinion, it’s kind of
like the car of the future. – So you’re saying– – You gotta know what’s
inside, my friends. And once you get through (laughs) You and I, we’re gonna sit
down after this, you know. We’re gonna talk about business or … – [Steven] Alright, let’s drive the car. – Well, the way you start this car is you, first you step on the brake, and then you hit the
power button right there. – Is it on right now? – Is it on right now, yeah. – [Evan] it’s very confusing almost. – It’s just all about getting used to it. – [Steven] it’s the future,
that’s what we’re doing. – [Orlando] It’s the future. – Look at that, it looks like a game. (laughs) – [Steven] So when it brakes,
it’s charging the car. – [Evan] is it the more you
stop the more battery charges. – [Orlando] That’s one of the nice things about this car, guys, like
when the traffic is like this, you’re not using any gas. – Yeah, how’s your leg
room back there, Alex? – [Alex] It’s pretty good. – I’m gonna pull out a
little bit for you, sorry. It looks like it’s good. – You know, even a giant will
have no leg room in the back. – I want to see how fast it can go. – Just don’t be afraid,
just step on the gas, you should be okay my friend, let me know. – Oh you can hear the engine. – Just be honest, that’s
part of the power. – It’s pretty fast. – See? 70 like nothing, right? – [Both] Yeah. – If you want to turn on the AC, you know, getting a little hot right here. There you go. – I got you. – I think one thing about newer cars… – Yes sir. – Especially the Prius, is like, they give you so much information. Knowing all your trip,
how much gas you’re using, how much battery left you have, it allows you to really take
care of your car better. – Okay. – Which I’m all for. – You know what this car reminds me of? A very caring mom. (laughs) You know what I mean? – Really? I like that. – It’s trying to, like, take care of me in the best way possible. – You have a caring mom? – I do have a caring mom. – You guys wanna say hi for
me, to my wife, to my kids. – Hi. – Hi OG’s wife. (laughs) – You’re gonna ask me why I didn’t make any money today, well here. (laughs) – Overall, $24,000 for a new Prius. – It definitely felt like a toy car, but in a good way. There were so many buttons
and a lot of technology. – Before we go to car
number two, Car fact! – Sorry. I totally missed it. – [Both] Car fact! The Honda Accord has been the most stolen car in America since 2008. – What? No. – I’m sorry, man. – My baby. You know, I will say I
have never named this car. Should we name it? Or should we leave that up to the viewers? – Do people actually name their cars? Did you name your car, Alex? – What should we name this car? – Comment below. – Now we’re on our way to car number dos. Where we’re gonna try a luxury vehicle. – How luxury? – I think we’ll show a BMW. – Really? – Maybe I’ll turn into
a fancy boy, we’ll see. That’s why you’re here,
Evan, here to change my life. (modern music) – Evan, Chris. – Nice to meet you. – Steven. – Steve, it’s a pleasure. I’m the general sales
manager of Century West BMW. – What vehicle are we looking at here? – Right behind us we have a Daytona Violet 2017
M4 competition package. – How much is the starting
price for this car? – [Chris] M4 is gonna be in
the mid to high 70s to start. This particular one has
$5,000 worth of factory paint, and then it’s got a carbon
fiber exhaust system that makes this car sound
absolutely fantastic. – What’s the difference between M4 and just like, a regular four series? – I don’t want to say it’s
a four series on crack, but that’s kind of what it is. The four series in it’s own
right is an amazing car. The M car takes that to another level. BMW’s probably more renowned as a brand, but the M is a subset originally
intended to be a track car. But because of European racing rules, they had to produce a certain
amount for the street. – How much horsepower is it? – 444 in the competition package grade. 435 foot pounds of torque. The suspension, brake, the software, the programming, fuel components, have all been upgraded to higher capacity. – How many seconds does
that, from zero to 60? – Safely say somewhere
between 3.8 and 4.3. – That is really fast. – You’re tingling here. You’re, like, excited. – I’m so excited. – [Chris] This car has been engineered to be driven at triple digit speeds every day of its life on the Autobahn, and as a result when you give
them their care and feeding, they last forever. It’s an everyday road going vehicle, that you could take to
the track on the weekend and annihilate everything
that’s on the track. It’s really something
special, it really really is. (engine revving) – Woo! – I am so excited to drive this car, man. This is crazy. I have never driven a
hundred thousand dollar car. – Can you do sports mode on this? – No, the car is kind of
naturally in sports mode. You just need to mash your foot down and know exactly what
you’re getting yourself into when that happens. – Bro you want to? – Mash that foot down? – Mash the foot down. (Car engine revs) – Oh shoot! I felt guilty doing that. – The car is capable of so much more, that was just, that was a sample. – Do you hear this noise? – This car is mad. This guy really want to fight right here? Just raise this up. Oh it’s like, you want to fight me? – He wants to race. – Yeah you could take that guy here. – The car could, but I
don’t know if Steven could. (laughs) When it’s running, it
sounds like a mad beast. But when it stops, it’s like a library. – So we were in the hybrid, right? And I was like, impressed
with all the features here, but now I’m like, I’m using
the car for what it is. Alright, I’m gonna gun it here. – Woo! – It’s just so difficult to
articulate what it feels like, if you’re in the driver’s
seat and you’re doing that. I don’t want to say religious,
but it’s right there. – Evan. You want to try it? – Get out. – Can I trust you? – That’s fast! Did you see that? I thought I was on a
rollercoaster for a second. – That was fun. I was trying not to drink
the beemer Kool-Aid, but. – If you look at the footage, I’m just smiling the whole time. (choir music) – Car fact, in 2015,
Mercedes-Benz announced that they would be providing self-driving, luxury cars. You know how amazing
self-driving cars are gonna be? – If all the cars on the
road are self-driving cars, then there will be no accidents. But if there’s that one
person, that’s messing up. – That’s gonna be you, Evan. We’re about to finish off this video with almost a half a million dollar car. – Half a million dollar car? – Whoa! – Is this where we’re going? – Yeah, baby. – It’s very intimidating. – Should I park my Honda
Accord next to that Lambo? – You should. (modern music) – I’m Thomas Hodges, I’m sales here at Lambourghini North LA. Today we’re checking out
the all new Aventador S, it’s the coup version, 740 horsepower, seven speed transmission, naturally aspirated V12, all wheel drive, it’s a beast. – [Evan] How many seconds in zero to 60? – This one should be 2.6. – 2.6? That’s like… – That’s the Usain Bolt of cars. – Yeah. – How much is the car? – [Chris] $503,000. – See, that’s a house, right here. Like, right in this here thing. I could live in a house. – Someone told me once,
you can live in a car but you can’t drive a house. – Alright alright.
– That’s true. – I’ll take that. – [Chris] I think a lot of
it is the emotion of it, I mean the doors, you know
people come in, they say, “Hey we want the one with
the doors that go up.” ‘Cause a lot of the
guys that buy these cars are guys that started their own business, and so this was kind of
always something that they had that they were like shooting for. It’s pretty cool to see someone get one, who’s been working for
it for twenty years. – It’s a reminder to
yourself that you made it. – Well, if I crashed this
car while test driving it, that’s not okay right? – Yeah, I would call that not okay. – Can you drive for us? – I can drive it for you. I think you’ll get a good feeling for the power sitting shotgun. – Oh yeah. (engine revs) – Whoa! – What is that noise? – Engine. Sounds cool, huh? – It’s very clean and
very easy on your ears. (engine revving) – Woo! Oh my gosh! (engine revving) – That’s insane! Where did they go? Where did they go? – I’m lightheaded right now, to be honest. – I know, I’m a little worried about you. – I bet everyone just stares at you. – Yeah, it’s too much. – And it’s also very
motivational to be in this car. – Right? – Like hey, I want this
experience every day. – Cool, right? – Dude, it’s awesome. I will say like, it’s
not a waste of money. (laughs) – This whole thing was great. The only thing I’m upset about it is, we didn’t get to drive this. – Dude, I got you. (rock music) – I’m gonna smoke this fool. – In his dream. – I’m Chris, welcome to
exotics racing Fontana. This is a 610 horsepower Lambourghini, so this is gonna turn much quicker than anything you’ve driven before. It’s gonna accelerate more quickly, and it’s gonna brake a lot harder too, so. Biggest benefit you’ll get is
to be as smooth as possible. Nice and easy, just
step on the accelerate, and you want to use all the
track to get you momentum. Now, accelerate. – [Steven] Full throttle? – [Chris] Full throttle, go for it. – Here we go. – Keep going, keep going, keep going. Brakes now, brake harder once. Harder, harder, much harder, much harder. – Sorry about that. – Yeah, that’s okay. – I got carried away with the speed. – Yo! That was awesome. – I almost fell asleep. – Now start accelerating, all the way the outside of the track, unwind the wheel, full throttle. Let it rev, let it rev. We’re catching up to the RDRA, let’s get it. Let’s go ahead and pass. Look where you want to go, good, good, good. Now you can start giving me the throttle. Full throttle, up shift. Well done, well done. – [Evan] Thank you. – Let’s see who was quickest
between you and Steven. – Who do you think won? – We were both beginners, so you know, the result’s kind of bad, I think it was a little bit the same. – [Man] 1.10.75, that was your best lap. Your best lap was 1.07.54. That’s quick. – As I was being driven in the Avantador, I was like I want this
for the rest of my life. And that motivated me so much
to do better things in life. – End of the day, I’m a nice driver, I try to keep it chill, but a little part of
me was awakened today. A little part. This freaking Subaru just passed me, here hold up, hold up. – See? – Woo! Zero to 100. – This video turned you into a beast. – What, my friend, is the most
worth it car in your opinion? – Which one did I have the most fun in? Of course Lambourghini. But, since we’re talking about
which car is most worth it at it’s price, Toyota Prius. – Whoa! This is the only competition in which a Prius will beat a
Lambourghini in Evan’s mind. You know how close I am to
choosing the BMW right now? I have priorities right now in terms of, I want to buy a house and for me, a car is not as valuable as a house. My worth it winner is the Toyota Prius. Alex, do you have a winner? There’s our true fancy boy in the back. Lambourghini. How do you say it in Italian? – Lambourghini. (laughs) – Oh my gosh. There’s nothing that compares
to the smell of a new car. Other than a gas station. – [Evan] What? – [Steven] I don’t know. You don’t like the smell of gasoline? – [Evan] No. What? – [Steven] Is that just me? – Do you like it? You like, what? So I’m the weird one here.

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