– [Narrator] These 25 vegan
athletes are breaking records and busting myths about
eating plant-based. In a two-part series, we will explore the top names in vegan
sport and competition. If you have seen this video already, you can skip ahead to
part two when it’s out. If you’re still with
us, let’s dive right in to the 25 athletes that fuel up on plants. Number 1: Derrick Morgan Tennessee Titans linebacker,
Derrick Morgan, is influencing a vegan movement in the
National Football League. After 7 seasons of wear-and-tear from playing professional football, Morgan sought out ways
to improve his recovery. He adopted a vegan diet in 2017 and told sports media site, The Score, “I was looking for a competitive advantage “when it came to recovery and ways “to lower my overall inflammation.” Derrick’s wife, Charity
Morgan, a vegan chef, has been a huge influence
in his diet change. The Morgans have even
inspired several Titans to try a plant-based lifestyle, including linebacker Brian Orakpo, defensive tackle Jurrell Casey, defensive end DaQuan Jones and linebacker Wesley Woodyard. Number 2: Serena Williams Tennis all-star, Serena Williams, won her 800th career match
during the 2019 French Open. The American athlete is one
championship away from matching Margaret Court’s all-time
record of 24 titles. Serena follows a plant-based diet during the competitive tennis season. She’s also an entrepreneur and has started a vegan clothing line with the
intention to empower women. She starred in the first
all-female Super Bowl ad in 2019. Number 3: Venus Williams Second half of the tennis star sister duo, Venus Williams has a
record of over 500 wins in women’s singles and
doubles and is considered one of the best tennis
players in the world. After being diagnosed with
an autoimmune disease in 2011 that forced her to withdraw
from the U.S. Open, Williams adopted a raw vegan diet to get her health back on track. She told Health, “I had
to make some changes, “I had to change my life.
Thankfully, I was able to find “something that helped me get
back to doing what I love.” Number 4: Kyrie Irving Boston Celtics point guard, Kyrie Irving, has been making headlines, from
rumors of the star becoming a free agent when his contract expires to his support of Beyond
Meat as a brand ambassador. – Going on two years now
having a plant-based food that is mashed together
with a bunch of protein that ultimately will
help my body flourish. – [Narrator] The 27 year old
is a six time NBA all-star and told ESPN in 2017: – Well this season, being
more of a plant-based diet, getting away from just
the animals and all that, man, I had to get away from that. So, my energy is up. My
body feels amazing, so. – [Narrator] The athlete has
noticed improved recovery time and increased energy
during back-to-back games. Number 5: DeAndre Jordan NBA star, DeAndre Jordan, was traded to the New York Knicks in 2019. According to sports
writer, Daniel Lebosky, the NBA veteran has been a mentor in developing a
defensive-minded game strategy. The 6’11”, 265-pound athlete
began to wean off meat in 2016. He defied the doubters
and became vegan in 2018. Jordan is also an investor in plant-based meat company Beyond Meat. Number 6: JaVale McGee The Flint, Michigan native
plays for the LA Lakers. The starting center scored
73.4% of his shots at the net in the latest season,
second-best in the NBA. McGee flirted with veganism to
improve his health pre-season and fully committed to a
vegan lifestyle in 2017. He told GQ, “When I do things,
I just fully commit to it. “It’s been good. I was losing weight “and getting more cut, as you can see, “and I just felt really good.” Number 7: Tia Blanco This pro surfer has ranked in the top 50 female surfers by the World Surf League. She surfed to victory in 2018 and she was crowned the winner of the Rip Curl Pro Tofino Championship. The Puerto Rican native has made waves with her veganism too. She was raised as a vegetarian and adopted a vegan diet at the age of 15 after watching T. Colin
Campbell’s “The China Study” and watching “Glass Walls,” a documentary that reveals the horrors
of slaughterhouses. Blanco spoke to Teen Vogue about her compassionate lifestyle, “From
an environmental standpoint, “animal agriculture is the leading cause “of species extinction, ocean dead zones, “water pollution and habitat destruction. “The most impactful thing you
can do for the environment “is to eat less meat and more veggies.” Number 8: Lionel Messi The FC Barcelona forward is considered one of the greatest football players. In 2012, he made football history with a total of 91 goals in one season. Messi decided to change his diet after his native Argentina
failed to win the 2014 World Cup. Following the loss, he consulted
an Italian nutritionist who steered him in the
direction of a vegan diet. The South American says he feels better when he reduces his meat intake and focuses instead on whole grains, fresh fruits and lots of vegetables. Number 9: Alex Morgan Alex Morgan is the face of women’s soccer. The American athlete has won Olympic, Women’s Professional Soccer and National Women’s Soccer League titles. She was named U.S. soccer female
player of the year in 2018 and made TIME 100 most
influential people of 2019’s list. Her philanthropic work is
focused on kids and animals. She’s an ambassador for
UNICEF and does work with the American Society for the
Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. She went vegan in 2018, telling Reuters, “It didn’t feel fair to
have a dog that I adore “and yet eat meat all the time.” Number 10: Chris Smalling The English football player
plays as a center-back and is one of the most decorated players for Premiere League Manchester United. Off the pitch, Smalling is
a decorated animal advocate. He has been vegan since 2018,
joining his already-vegan wife and former model, Sam Cooke, in order to make meal prep simpler
during her pregnancy. The couple welcomed their first
baby, Leo Asher, on May 14. Smalling has also spoken up for animals by appearing in a campaign for
animal right’s group, PETA. – [Smalling] We all
love animals and I think once your eyes are open
to what is going on behind closed doors,
people can’t ignore it. – [Narrator] Number 11: Heather Mitts Heather Mitts is a three-time
Olympic gold-medalist, playing for the U.S. team
and bringing home gold in the 2004, 2008 and 2012 summer games. The defender is a former
Women’s Soccer League player as well, having played for Tampa Bay, Philadelphia and Central Florida. Mitts is an animal-lover and encourages her social media fans
to adopt a vegan diet. Her account, called
empoweredpregnancy, documents her life as a mother to three vegan children. Number 12: Meagan Duhamel This Canadian figure skater won two medals along with partner Eric Radford at the 2018 Winter
Olympics in PyeongChang, taking home a bronze and a gold. The pair has also won several world titles at Grand Prix events and the
Four Continents Championship. Duhamel adopted a vegan diet in 2008, after a book called “Skinny Bitch” caught her attention at an airport. She told CBC, “I just thought, wow, “that seems so interesting.
I woke up the next morning, “cleaned out my fridge and
said, I’m going to learn “about whole grains and
fruits and vegetables.” The skater also has a vegan
blog called “Lots of Greens,” where she posts favorite recipes, documents her personal journey and writes about the holistic approach
to her skating career. Number 13: Seba Johnson This American skier has
been vegan since birth. Competing in the 1988
Winter Olympics in Calgary, 14 year old Johnson made history as the youngest skier to compete and she was the first black
female in the Olympic sport. According to her website,
Johnson’s mission is to minimize the suffering of others. “In every part of my
life, I have unwaveringly “stood up for lives outside my own. “Veganism produces a change in one’s body, “but the impact on this planet and all “of her inhabitants will be everlasting. “When you become vegan,
I think you’ll agree.” The athlete is also a
writer, artist and actor. She appeared in a
commercial by Switch4Good that aimed to disrupt the dairy industry by dispelling myths about milk products. – You don’t need milk
after infancy, no one does. – [Narrator] Stay tuned for
part two of 25 vegan athletes. We’d love to know, are
you a vegan athlete? Let us know in the comments.
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Dennis Veasley

80 thoughts on “25 RIPPED Vegan Athletes Part 1 | LIVEKINDLY”

  1. Im a huge fan lionel messi I know everything bout him …. he is not vegan … well i hope he becomes one day

  2. It's only a matter of time before every person will have to admit that going vegan is the future !!

  3. Most of the people mentioned in the video are not vegan, they just adopted a plant-based approach towards their diet. I'm vegan myself and this "oh look all these celebrities are vegans and so should you" policy is pissing me off. People should be vegan because they believe it is the right thing to do and not because some random athlete is trying to earn money promoting vegan brands by "adopting a plant based diet". I have no problem with people lowering their consumption of animal products and not being 100% vegan but you should consider changing the title of the video because it is just pure lying.

  4. 2 years ago I went Vegan at 47 years old , 6 months later I started running and haven’t stopped. Now I’m training for an ultra in October a month before I turn 50 i feel amazing !!

  5. I am vegan, but not an athlete, but I do workout, :). I have found though that consuming a smoothie with beets about 30-40 minutes before a workout helps my endurance.

  6. Nice work BUT so many of these sports stars are new vegans. I don't think many will stay vegan. I wish sites would stop popularizing these athletes and actors until they establish themselves. Just listening to the way it was phrased it doesn't even sound like Messi is vegan but WFPB since his quote made it sound like he was reducing his animal intake, not cutting it out entirely.

  7. I’m not a professional athlete, but I am very physically active and play sports, run, hike, etc… 100% Whole Foods vegan. Will never look back. I’m more fit than people I know 20 years younger than me. Health is just a side effect of being vegan – do it for the animals, reap the other benefits it provides as well.

  8. So again.. lies & bullshit.

    I am so much better now, because I eat only plant based.

    What a pathetic bullshit. You know it makes absolutely no sense, but still, you promote it.

  9. But wait….all us vegans are sickly and emaciated. We can't be world class athletes.😄😄😄😄😄😄😝😝😝😝 How can there be anymore doubt that a vegan diet is the only way to go.

  10. Great vidio. More vegans need to watch the vegan basher videos and comment on them people need to hear the truth

  11. I was a vegan athlete long distance runner and matial artist. At the age of 50 i could more than my weight over my head with one hand. And vegan bashers think vegans are weak

  12. After 8 years of veganism I regret it.
    I ate a whole food plant based diet of raw and cooked foods

    The diet is incomplete.

  13. …Except that only a couple of the People in the Video are actually vegan. I sometimes abstain from Eating meat, during lent for example, but does that make me vegan? No.

  14. Hello!!! Really nice video!!! Thank you so much!! I'm a vegan athlete, not so famous. I participated at the Olimpics in Athens 2004, with the mexican synchronized swimming dúo. I became vegetarian since 2004, and had being vegan for 5 Years. I'm not competting anymore, but still training just for fun. Still appearing un exhibitions from time to time, and now that I'm 39 Years old I feel even better than when I was 24. I still have very good endurance, strenght and much better flexibility than when I was younger. I haven't got sick since I went vegan. I really feel my best on a raw vegan diet. 🙂

  15. I'm professional volleyball player and became vegan in 2015. I feel super healthy, super strong.

  16. We can exclude Messi from this list for sure, here he is eating Salt Bae's meat like a little bitch:

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  18. I am a plant powered vegan athlete. I am training for my first marathon in seven years after being riddled with health problems – I fully committed to WFPB & my health got better and I was able to start training again. It wasn’t until I fully committed to veganism that my road to recovery truly began. Being vegan saved my life saves the planet and saves the animals

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  23. I’ve been Vegan for almost 4.5yrs now. I’m a marathoner and run 2,3 marathons a year. It’s made me a much better athlete. As described here recovering is much better. In fact everything is better. Energy level is way up there and sleep is perfect.

  24. Vegan for 5 years now…..

    Losing weight but still got the strength. I lift 2x a week and do BJJ, boxing, and wrestling 3x a week….I'm 46 in 1 week.



  25. Yes I'm vegan athlete, not a pro athlete but I'd say I'm pretty fit. Been vegan for 2 and half years now. I lift weights, do parkour, gymnastics and other acrobatic stuff.

  26. We need to keep up the fight for animal rights!!! Too many people have been brainwashed into accepting suffering….Time to end the selfishness

  27. I'm about to start middle school soccer and Im thinking about going Vegan to help me stay fit. Any tips?

  28. I just turned 60 and went vegan 3 years ago after being vegetarian for 10 years. I can't believe the difference cutting out all animal products has made. My skin looks better, my eyesight has improved, I no longer have migraines, my hair and nails have grown thicker, I have more energy and am able to flow through 2 to 3 hour daily workouts. I really wish more people of my generation would let go of their old fashioned beliefs that we need meat and dairy to be healthy. Nothing could be further from the truth. So glad the younger generation is seeing the reality. I wish I had been informed of the corruption and lies of the meat industry when I was younger. The quality of my life would've been much better.

  29. nice this is so inspiring, being a vegan athlete I can totally say that one of the most amazing personal benefit is the shorter recovery time after brutal races … vegan for life !!!

  30. ☺ I'm a vegan age group triathlete, who has been vegan for more than a decade. I love what plants, fruits and grains do for recovery, strength and endurance.

  31. I don't know about the rest bc i haven't done my research and i'm sure not all of these guys in this list are vegan like you claim. Messi is not vegan, he used to eat a lot of meat and the italian nutritionist told him to REDUCE the amount of meat he was eating. Simple as that, he is not vegan. Stop misinforming people.
    Fun fact last year a reporter asked messi "what's the best argentinian food" he said "ASADO"

  32. Ha ha ha! You all are either delusional morons, or pathological liars. A vegan diet has only disadvantages – in terms of calories, proteins and nutrients consumed per unit of volume or energy. It can be beneficial only for endurance runners – if they want to be as skinny as Auschwitz survivors. All those "vegan athletes" won't tell you about all the supplements and/or drugs that they are taking because it would damage the image of this noble dietary style.

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