In the city where i live, Heritage Weekend
each year, means that i’m able to see buildings that are all around me, but i perhaps don’t
realize what’s behind their facade. One building in particular that i remember
viewing, was a museum, g- devoted to real tennis. It is an active tennis club. They even make the balls there still, the
tennis balls. And they show you how this is done, with the
fabric, and all the needles necessary for strong stitching. When you can sit in the gallery, and watch
the tennis, you might think that the balls are going to fly towards you. But there is a net to stop this. The building is quite an old one indeed, it
would have been in the city from early, early times. The walls are painted dark black, with lines
halfway up them, around the perimeter. And these are used as conventional tennis
court lines might be. The rules, no doubt, are different. Indeed, i haven’t ascertained fully what the
rules are. But i enjoy hearing the sound of the ball
thwack against the wall. And, hoping that i am safe where i’m sat in
the gallery. The building has been used in an episode of
Morse, which is a T-V program, which many of you might have seen round the world. I believe Morse played a match here. Whether or not he won, i’m not quite sure.

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Dennis Veasley

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