this is Marco with TennisPAL and this is
the tennis minute u.s. tennis is not what it used to be that being said
there’s still some good talent in the top 50 both men and women let’s break
down the American seeds and speculate on how they will fare at that open number
14 John Isner fortunately for him he’s gonna run into 2014 US Open champion
Marin Cilic in the third round if he gets through he
sees Rafa in the fourth unless he can put together two amazing matches he’s
going home number 26 Taylor Fritz has an incredibly tough draw first round
against crafty veteran Feliciano Lopez in the second round he’s got
up-and-coming Japanese player at Nishioka if he gets through their
federal waits in the third round the American women have a little bit more
talent to make a run Serena is the number eight seats got a great truck is
Sharapova in the first round and she hasn’t lost a Sherpa since 2004 she’s
got a 19 and two record against her and then she’s got Kerber in the fourth
round and Kerber had an atrocious hardcourt season and there’s a potential
matchup with Vardy in the quarters all in all things look good for Serena in
the second week number 10 Madison key the most informed player going in the US
Open is in plush kvass quarter which given plush kavas results on hard court
it shouldn’t be a bad draw unfortunately for Madison she’s gonna have to go
through Sofia Canada number 20 who’s the second-most informed player on tour
I see Madison in the semis nice matchup with Serena weights they’re number 11
Sloane Stephens terrible year however she just got back with her old coach
Kemal Murray and that should give the 2017 US Open champion a boost
that being said she’s in hallux quarter tough potential matchup with a bit of
a– in round four then she’s got Andres Caron and rescue is the most dangerous
player out there it’s gonna be tough for Sloane to make it through into the
second week

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