Going into the season having
new schemes, new coaches getting used to the players and vice versa you put a
plan together that you want to see improvement. Early on we started out
with two really good wins, and then we came to had a period there we struggled
a bit, but you always want your teams to improve in terms of schematically in
terms of what their understanding of having a football IQ. What you see
offensively is the ability to run the ball significantly has improved and
that’s what you want our offensive line, a older group of guys have done a great
job but also complemented by a younger group of running backs that have also
now adopted a style of kind of being downhill runners and attacking the edge.
So we’re a running team where the quarterback also provides an
opportunity to stretch the field and make the defense have to defend him, as
well kind of a triple option threat. So, I’ve seen improvement through the
numbers and also seeing the development of the players in terms of how they’ve
gotten better, so that’s important. Defensively we started out
getting after it with with turnovers and we kind of got in a lull there a little
bit, but then this past game we got back to that form of being able to be ball
alert and ball aware, getting our hands on balls being thrown but also having
the ability to put our hat on the ball. The caused turnovers, caused fumbles. so that
was significant. Then the last thing is obviously the special teams. What goes quietly is a guy like Sam Katz that’s a true freshman that
snaps he snaps for field goals and he snaps for punts. Recently George Eberle, he’s a true freshman who has taken over a punting game. He’s done an
outstanding job of kicking 40-plus yard punts. A couple couple were 50 yarders, so he’s
done a great job. Bronson Yoder, obviously, is playing
offense as a running back but he’s also a return guy. He’s I believe he’s
either fifth or six in the CAA right now in all-purpose yards.
So there are some younger players that have improved as we’ve gone along.
It’s the backbone of our scoring and opportunities for guys to come back and
be the future of our program. But, again, I can’t say
about the older guys that have been here. That said you know we
want to be good, we want to embrace the young guys, that are here but as seniors
we want to finish up as well and that’s what’s going on now. So Towson is going
to be a tough game for us because they’re top twenty-five team. They’re
out there in the FCS playoffs. That’s what we want to do, what we want to be. So
we have to put a three phases of football together, but I believe that the
way we’ve been trajectory with this team and how we’ve been playing and the
positive things that have occurred, this could be a game when you put all
phases together. Definitely Flacco was is a preseason
Offensive Player of the Year. He can do it with his legs, he can do with his arm.
His football IQ was outstanding. He makes plays against any team that he plays
against. He’s smart and I know he’s one of their leaders, so again when your
quarterback is a guy that can can do all things and make it happen,
then you give yourself a chance to win games and he’s been significant in their
wins. And then being competitive, the players look up to him
and I know he’s one of their leaders. I don’t know as much about, like you
said, stopping him but being alert and aware where he is at all times. Our rush
lanes are gonna be critical. We just can’t let him step up in the pocket and
take off. We have to contest throws because he will throw the ball
in tight windows. But also if you have a hand in his face then we have a chance
to make plays on those on those opportunities.
Offensively continue to be able to run the football. They play a
unique style of defense that going to be important for us to create
those opportunities to have those third and short and makeable yards. And then
special teams, it’s always important in terms of
how we flip the field in terms of possession. If George Eberle can continue
to keep punting the ball like he does. If Bronson Yoder on the punt returns or
kickoff returns can continue to do what he’s done, he’s demonstrated the
performance of giving us some advantage there.
And Bill Murray who’s done a great job all year of blocking field
goals and extra point attempts. If he can continue to do that then we should
be ok. Being competitive in all three phases but understanding what they are
and who they are but also taking care of us and it’s knowing that we’re good
enough and this is an opportunity for us to play our last home game in front of
our our home crowd and send our seniors out on a positive note.
These seniors have embraced a new coach and new staff, a new philosophy. What we’ve
been through from the beginning of the year, losing a teammate to
last Saturday in one of our players reuniting with a perfect match in terms
of a bone marrow transplant, so this year has been it’s been special. Is has been
highs and lows but they’ve always stayed together they talked about leaving a
legacy of change in the program and they’re doing that. They’ve done that
and so hopefully Saturday against Towson will be a
culmination of that continued effort. A couple weeks ago a five-overtime
win. This past week a great job with putting points on the board and a defensive
outing. Now we want to put three phases of our game together and send
them out on a positive note.

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Dennis Veasley

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