Well I thought first of all that was
just an unbelievable college basketball game. Two teams that played incredibly
hard. Ithought both teams played the right way. It was a physical game, and we
were fortunate to come out with the plus one at the end, and really happy for our
guys with the way they played. This is a really, really good team in a tough
environment, and our guys showed a lot of character by sticking together down the stretch. Yeah so at that time out there, they had one free throw left and it was a tie game. So we said you know if he misses it, we’re gonna come down we’re
gonna make sure we take the last shot. If he makes it we can go right away. We were trying to get to a side ball screen. Actually we’re trying to get there with Nate and Thornton, and they kind of took Thornton away, so Bryce had it, and we got to the side ball screen. He just made a great play, refusing the ball screen got
all the way the rim, and we were able to get back and you know, they threw up a
long one and it went our way at the end there. Yea, the guys did a really nice job of not getting too high and not too low. You know, when we were making a run they were obviously excited about it but when Wofford came back at us, they just, you
know, kind of stayed the course. They stayed very calm. You know, when you play a really good team like this, you know, we’re not gonna walk in here and just, you know, roll this team by 20. I mean they’re gonna put up a fight, and I
thought our guys did a nice job of just, you know, staying grounded as we went
through it and you have to do that in a tough road environment. Miguel was huge tonight. He’s been practicing really well for about the last two and a half to three weeks. He’s worked a lot on the defensive end of the floor getting more comfortable there. He can really, really shoot, which we obviously saw tonight but he earned the playing time by the way
he’s worked on his preparation and through his practice and in film and,
you know, tonight was a great performance by him, and he definitely
gave us a huge lift. Yeah, we’ve seen Andy shoot the ball really well really ever since we got on campus here this spring and summer and, you know, it hadn’t really fallen for him in the first couple of games but he’s a really confident shooter, and I tell him you know he’s got the green light anytime he wants out to three and for him to knocks him down tonight and obviously he made some in a big spot in the second half was great, and I think that’s really gonna help his confidence moving forward. Yeah, I thought we gave them a couple of threes in the first half that we wanted to try to take away. They
hurt us a little bit in a pick-and-pop situation that we weren’t really
concerned with or as prepared for and we adjusted to that a little bit by getting our guys a little bit option to switch, which I think helped us a little bit and they were 6-of-9 in the first half and they went for 4-for-14 in the second and we just talked about in the in the second half we really just got to continue to make them contested, continue to make them be really tough ones and I think they got a couple open ones, but they were counting in broken situations and, you know, sometimes that happens. Yeah we’ve really enjoyed practicing in Kaplan, so I think we’ll probably look forward to a game there. You know, this was a really tough start to our season to go on the road for three games, and I’ve been most impressed with our guys in terms of how they’ve prepared and how they’ve gone out and performed. In the fact that we have, you know three results that were wins for us is terrific, but we’re just going to need to continue to do what we do, which is just focus on our core values, our
preparation and we’re certainly really excited to play in front of the home
fans on Friday, and to all the home fans out there come watch this team I think you’re going to like the way we play.

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