no matter what situation your place then
no matter what’s in front of you there’s a way around there’s a way first
or you can break right through them whatever is there there’s a solution I’m proud of this team I’m happy for the
CM I’m so excited that they got to experience this they set so many goals
in the beginning and now they’ve achieved two out of three
you know when regular season win championships and do some damage at NC
SS after the second set I was basically think to myself I’m not losing this
match I need to make as many balls as possible and hit with lots of fighters
within that so I was just thinking I was taking at each point point by point and
basically just leaving it all on the pool that was my goal
we’re gonna be back on court this week again to keep practicing get ready for
and she is and then doesn’t matter where we go we’re gonna try our best to win
around and then take it from there this year it was really special because two
of my best friends holiday in Ariana have never worn Mac before obviously I
love the support my teammates have been there for me for the whole year just
having a support and that positivity hurt me pushed through especially when I
was being so Stephanie really appreciates it you
know they’re good they have the doubts they can really give any team that’s
gonna make this tournament a hard time and that’s what that’s what they want to
do and they can do that so I hope we get a good dry I hope they get to go
someplace fun that they’re happy with and we can have a little fun and
celebrate while we’re there

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Dennis Veasley

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