The goals are going to be a little bit different
I think on the men’s side and on the women’s side. The men’s side we’re looking to just get better
everyday. Guys are showing a lot of heart, a lot of effort
so far on the court which we’re really excited about but it’s just gonna be a progression
through out the whole year, like I said we’re going to try to get better every match we
play, every day we’re out here we’re going to try to get better. On the women’s side we’re gonna look to try
to make a run this year in the Landmark Conference playoffs I really think that we can be one
of the elite teams in the conference this year but again it’s gonna have to be a matter
of staying healthy, working hard, making sure that everyday counts for us on the tennis court and
look to hopefully win a championship at some point in the very near future with the women. I’ve been preparing by just working out a
lot, going to the gym, coming down here to the courts hitting with everyone and just
trying to stay in shape and get my shots down and keep with it. Our teams biggest accomplishment so far this
year I think we’ve work really well together with our communication skills and really getting
to know each other as a team in total. On the men’s side we have some new young players
that we’re really excited about, a couple freshmen that came in that we think are really
going to contribute well to this team and hopefully make us better this year and in
the years to come. Really exciting group, a group that works
hard, a group that’s enthusiastic about training every single day and getting better. Similar on the women’s side, women really
right now the core of our team are kind of juniors and sophomores so we feel like we
have a great group to work with and we feel they are going to get better every day. It’s just going to be sticking to the game
plan, running the system that we have in place, keeping a strong positive mental attitude and just
be really really hungry every single day that we’re on the court to try to get better. Biggest accomplishment on the court would
probably be winning athlete of the week freshmen year in the first week I played that was pretty
nice. Off the court just being able to play tennis
and just be good at school and working together and all that social skills. This year we work really hard together and we’ve been running a lot so that’s really picked up.

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Dennis Veasley

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