(upbeat music) – We certainly wanted
to go to the Nationals. We wanted to win the
conference tournament. It was a little disappointing
that we couldn’t go through and have a
nice Cinderella story and get to the Nationals on our first try. But, aside from that, I’m really happy and proud of the players for
what they did and how they improved from last season. What’s different now with
our women moving forward is we’re going to have the same exact team for the next two years. We’re not graduating anybody this year. It’s going to be fantastic
to keep that chemistry for two seasons and see how
far we can go with them. The guys, we only graduated
one starter from last year and we have two new guys joining. It’s built by each individual on the team. Everybody who is out
there playing, competing, experiencing it for themselves,
that’s how it’s built. So, all of those individuals’
experiences turn into a collective experience for the team. And they know how close they
were, so at the same time they built confidence in knowing how close they were, it also will
inspire them and motivate them to push harder and they’ll
definitely build on that. (loud chanting) – It’s real unique with
team tennis, college tennis, it’s not like a soccer
team or basketball team where we’re working on the
team tactics and strategy as a whole, but we’re working
on each individual player. We’re trying to build
their individual games and match the style up to
the right personality, so there’s a nice mix
of the individual things we’re working on with
each player in the Fall to get them ready for the season. Of course, we’ll continue
that in the season. But then there’s also the
general core things that we work on as a team,
such as our team culture being number one on the list. Being good role models on campus and doing great in the classroom. Having a good attitude and effort and trying to built their
mental skills as a group to help their individual performance.

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Dennis Veasley

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