Practices have been going well so far. We’re all trying to get into the niche of it right now, we’re all trying to
find our rhythm, get back into it so I think that season goes on and we progress we’ll definitely find our groove. So far, so good. One week down, we’ve had one weekend off and we seem to bringing the same effort in week two. I want to make
sure that we’re bringing the same form perhaps they’re used to in the past with
their strokes, with their gameplay and all that. Practice’s been really good.
We missed playing tennis. We have a new coach, new new guys coming in. They bring some new energy, a lot of fitness. I’m excited. Robert is a great addition to this team. I
mean, I don’t think it could have been anyone better than him to do it. Robert has
shown that he cares about this program and every week we have an individual with him. So for an hour we do stuff we want to go over
with him so we make sure we all have the preparation we need to compete for
matches. Oh, the new lights, it’s actually really, really nice. You can see the ball. I think it’s maybe the best court in the Empire 8. I wish we can play home every game. That’d be nice. The freshmen are coming along. It’s definitely a process for them, you know. Two out of three of them didn’t play in high school so it’s definitely an adjustment, but I think once we get into the groove of it,
once they find their rhythm, you know, working with the upperclassmen, I think
they’ll be fine. The upperclassmen are definitely they’re gonna have to step up, though. Myself, Yaniv, JJ and Steve are definitely going to have to step up this season, the
four of us. But I think they can learn a lot. So far I’ve been seeing our
freshman players grow in the sense of they’re learning. I mean a lot of them
don’t come from necessarily a very deep or very rich tennis background. Perhaps they’ve played some in high school, they perhaps played a couple
tournaments, but competition is not something that they are as well-versed
in, but I’m perfectly happy with that because of the effort they’re showing in
practice. Expectation for the season, I feel like we we have to compete every game. We battle and we never know, in tennis everything can
happen. I think everyone needs to compete to their level, you know, and not try stuff that they’re not comfortable with. I think as the season goes on and
everyone finds their rhythm they will know what they can and can’t do. So I
think just play it one match at a time, you know, just because a team is definitely
better than us we can’t go into it thinking where gonna get our butts kicked. You
definitely go into every match thinking we’re the better team, we can win.

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Dennis Veasley

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