I was more of a sensei player. I feel the ball I feel the way I play. I was very observant and I was very in tune with what’s going on around me and what’s going on with the opponent so I was more of a sensei player versus an abstract player and looking at my feet. Oh I’ve got to stand two centimeters this way I’m not that type of a player I’m a complete feel player. When a serve is being hit hard at me if I’m standing in my athletic stance and I go to hit a return I step out with my left foot and I try to envision that I’m placing my hand in my left pocket so my racket it’s already Down and ready so that all I need to do is just lift my hand up and meet the ball. When you’re being hit a first serve there’s really not that much time to take a big giant you know beautiful loop. You have to minimize everything make everything compact and just meet the ball and send it back too many times we work backward from contact rather than starting where it really matters you’ve got to find the course, you’ve got to fix the cause, and then we can work our way to contact it comes back to efficiency, it comes back to technique and mechanics. Just like a golf swing, a lot of things correct themselves. When you fix one thing it can fix four five other things. If your technique is great, your footwork is great, your balance is great but you miss hit the shot, then it all goes out the window. One of the things that I would recommend is to try to use video to help guide your discovery. Okay I’m going to do one and then you see two and then I’m back. There. Perfect. If in doubt, crush it! That’s it.

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Dennis Veasley

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