– When I first arrived at UCF was in July of 2002, and we had one equipment room, and it was pretty ran down, and it has no equipment on the wall or in the shelving or
anything of that nature. And they wanted me to oversee every sport and so the sports were
spread out all over place. So we condensed that and
built a new facility. We came over, I was able
to hire a full-time person and another part-time person. We would take any person who actually want breathe and walk in and be a part of football program. – We had a lot of staffing
issues when we first got here. Naturally that first season, we were traveling back and forth to the Citrus Bowl or whatnot and there wasn’t a lot of interest in being a student manager. – Then Coach O’Leary came in and it became a whole different world, because the budgets increased, the expectations increased, what he wanted out of
each person increased. – [Voiceover] We had some storage issues, so he made sure that we
got things taken care of, mules just for working on
and off the practice field and even practice equipment. – We were able to give
the athletes a lot more of what they needed to participate and protect them in a way that a Division I athlete should
be protected and given. We added increasing student managers, we added increasing money
for the student managers. So I had people contacting
me throughout the country wanting to come in and check us out, wanting to know who UCF is all about. – We get recommendations
from high school coaches who maybe one of our coaches, recruiting one of their players, “Hey, I have this great kid, “might be even a better
asset to your program “than the athlete that you’re recruiting, “but, you know, he helped me
off the field,” this and that. So, they’ll send resumes in and we bring kids and we interview them, but the interest level is there. – We try to carry up to 12. We still, you know, it’s
difficult sometimes to get to 12, but it’s a lot simpler at the same time. We actually have people
now that will volunteer. And that’s a great plus for us and a great plus for Coach
O’Leary and the program that you have people in today’s world that will actually volunteer just to be part of that program. – Rob and Thad have been
doing this for a while now, so they have a very set order of how we go about our daily tasks. So, to make sure, they get
us early in the morning. – Typical mornings for us start about 7 o’clock in the morning. That’s when breakfast and treatment start and as soon as the player
is in the building, one of either myself or
Robert, or most times both of us will be in the building just to handle their needs. Since we do practice in the morning, we need to have that
handled before practice. Whether something rips or tears or there needs to be a repair
to equipment, we handle that. Players go to meetings and then we get the practice field set up. – A daily routine like
on a Monday after game is like we’re getting ready for practice, or we’re putting things away, we’re also restocking, repacking, getting ready for that week’s game. But if practice starts in the morning, we get to practice, we come back in, and we end up doing the laundry and then from that point
on it comes to packing and getting ready for the next day. – Student managers get
to practice field set up. They actually do a fantastic job every day of getting everything
situated for all the coaches including Coach O’Leary and running the clock in
the tower or what not. I really have to give a lot of credit to the student managers because over the years I’ve given them increased responsibilities
and they’ve handled them without a hitch in the plan. – After practice the laundry group head straight up to start on that to get that laundry turned around and everybody else is
cleaning up the field and then heading up to the corner room to work on anything that needs to be done whether that’s pulling jerseys, getting ready for a game week redoing helmets for the game week. – Wednesdays are generally our days that we stripe and decal helmets and change the hardware
on the game helmets just to make sure everything is situated. – If we’re traveling we’ll pack the bags, get it on the equipment truck to head out, and it’s the same routine
every single week. They’ve established a repetition that we have a job to do, we have a business. It’s always fun, but we also
have a strict guideline. (horn blows)

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