♪♪ HOST: We’ve grown up loving
this place… This program… This team… For more than half a century, we
stood to cheer our champions, our All-Americans,
our Terrapins. We now rise again to inspire
this team, and we rise to help them become our newest
champions. We cheered Lucas, Elmore,
and McMillen. Buck, Albert, and Manning
gave Maryland all they had. We soared with Bias,
the Wizard, and Joe. And Juan, Baxter, and Blake
brought us the joy that only comes with that special trophy
and that special night. Lefty and Gary started the
passion that brought us a dynamic new leader, who rode the
wave of their success to his new home on our sidelines. Our new heroes have come to us
in no small measure because of those who thrilled us
in the past. They stand proudly on the
shoulders of our legends. We rise to be loud and proud
in our house. This is who we’ve always been. This is who we are now. This is Maryland basketball.

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Dennis Veasley

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