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Dennis Veasley

13 thoughts on “2015-06-04 – Alex practice with Spinfire Pro 2”

  1. Good God! I felt out of breath just watching. great form. keep up the hard work!

    Also, keep working on your slice, it will get there eventually with good technique.

  2. Great machine, Can I ask you in which city are you playing and do you have to pay to play in the court, I am moving to toronto and the court rental is like 30 dollars an hour in average which is quite an investment

  3. If you want any, i can advice you changing your grip for your backhand. You should give up using one-handed backhand grip because it will prevent you from hitting your backhand with your left hand. Try using continental grip for your right hand and eastern forehand grip for your left hand and allways try to hit a backhand with your left hand. Your right hand should only help with the power, not the control. When you are comfortable with that setting, try something between continental and eastern forehand (closer to continental) with your right hand. That will help you.

    Hitting a backhand with right hand It is a common mistake for 10-12 year old professionally training players, because of the lack of power, the common sollution/drill to overcome it to hit left handed forehands and straightening the right arm while hitting a backhand.

  4. Alex I just got this machine. Can you explain how to set up short ball vs long . I see you had matching at service line in the beginning. What was the setting for that. Speed and elevation ? Thanks.

  5. I'm pretty impressed with this ball machine! I used a tennis tutor for the last 5 years and it skips balls much more often than this one. Moreover, the spinfire seems to be a lot more accurate too. Did you have any problems with the range of the remote control? also, can you do drills like baseline drive, approach shot, volley, overhead in one sequence as if you were constructing a point? thank you! I live in Astoria, Queens and teach for the USTA

  6. Thanks a lot for sharing the video. I am considering buying a ball machine and now I think I will go for spinfire pro 2. By the way, you are very good in tennis.

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