Hey Tennis Fans, it’s Gear Guide time again
at Tennis Now, and today we’re giving you a first look at the four new BLX Blade racquets
from Wilson. Used by 75% of Wilson’s tour Next Gen players,
the updated Blade frames are truly designed for the modern game. And in the spirit of creating a true tennis
weapon, all of the new models have an eye-catching and intimidating stealth paint job. Plus, each new frame is upgraded with Amplifeel,
which works in tandem with BLX technology to provide improved feel minus harsh vibrations. First up is the Blade 93 which, as you might
imagine, has a 93 square inch head size. At a solid, 12-ounces strung, this is definitely
a players’ frame with exceptional control. A dense string pattern will allow you to hit
through the ball, but a 7-point head light balance keeps this frame nice and maneuverable. Next we have the Blade 98. Used on tour by Milos Raonic, Wilson has provided
two string patterns for you to choose from. With strung weights of 11.3 and 11.2 ounces
respectively, the 18×20 and the 16×19 give you the option of going for a little more
control or a little extra spin. Both frames have a solid balance at just two
points head-light, with the 16×19 model sporting a crisp white grip so you can tell the two
apart. Last but not least we have the Blade 104,
which just happens to be the racquet of choice for both Venus and Serena Williams. The slightly larger 104 square inch head size
makes it a more forgiving frame, and it affords an additional half inch in length to increase
your reach and to give you some extra pop on that serve. At just 10.8 inches strung, it’s the lightest
and most powerful of the new Blades, but given that Serena uses it, you can bet that it also
has a sufficient dose of control. That’s all for today’s Tennis Now Gear
Guide. What do you think about the new Wilson BLX
Blade racquets? Let us know in the comment section below or
on Facebook and Twitter. We’ll see you next time, here on Tennis

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Dennis Veasley

16 thoughts on “2013 Wilson Blade Racquets — Tennis Now Gear Guide”

  1. This is misleading.The tour players don't actually play with these racquets. If players really want to make the most out of their stick, just demo racquets.

  2. @kesel5588 all racquet adds saying a player uses what racquet are misleading, I thought everyone knew that pro's use paint job racquets. Serena would never trade in her racquet she's used for years for this one, same with roger and the PS BLX90. It's just part of the (advertising)game now.

  3. @le2001 actually he doesn't, if you saw his racquet right next to a stock PS BLX90 you would notice a difference. Physically and he way it plays.

  4. HI Nikita – Yes! We will be making a video for the new Djokovic racquet once we can get our hands on it;) Thanks for watching!

  5. @Bakbukkem Ha! Good point! 🙂 Somehow that slipped through the cracks as I was editing. Thanks for watching…even if it was only for a few seconds.

  6. The racquets have a Eye Catching and Intimidating Stealth pain job. Get it right. LOL. Sorry couldn't resist. The paint job is cool, but wish the review had more substance.

  7. wilson offered me the blade 98 18 x 20. i love this racket compared to the 16 x 19. surprisingly i got a lot of power plus a mixed with control. this racket made my serves more consistent, great at volleys, u can place the ball anywhere on the court easily at both base line and volleys. knowing that this is an 18×20 string pattern, i dnt get a lot of spin. just a different string set up will help. i use tour bite on the mains and wilson extreme octane (gut). i highly recomend this racket for mid to advance level players who want to step up there game on the court.

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