Hey Tennis Fans, I’m Blair Henley, and welcome
to the Tennis Now Top Ten where today we’re counting down some of my tennis highlights
from 2012. Number 10 – Does it make me a terrible person
if I secretly enjoy and maybe even look forward to player meltdowns? David Nalbandian kicking the signage/linesman
at Queen’s Club in June was appalling and totally entertaining all at the same time. Number 9 – Doubles often draws the short straw
in the world of tennis media coverage, but not in 2012! Jonny Marray and Freddie Nielsen’s
breakthrough win as wildcards at Wimbledon got plenty of press, while Bob and Mike Bryan
have now officially broken every doubles record known to man. Venus and Serena had stuning back to back
victories at Wimbledon and the Olympics, and giggly best friends Roberta Vinci and Sara
Errani made us smile on their way to two Grand Slam victories this year. Number 8 – Serena Williams is a controversy
magnet, and her post-match celebration after a nearly flawless gold medal performance in
the Olympic final proves it. After some celebratory power jumps that would
make even Sean T proud, she threw in the gang-related crip walk dance on Wimbledon’s hallowed
center court for good measure. At the U.S. Open she made it clear that she
would NOT be entertaining any more questions on the topic. Number 7 – It seems so, so long ago, but
Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal’s nearly 6-hour Australian final was a match for the
ages. With his win, Djokovic became one of just
four players with at least three Australian open titles in the Open Era. With the defeat, Nadal set a record for most
consecutive Grand Slam Finals lost with three. If nothing else, we’re sure next year’s
Australian Open award ceremony will include chairs for the players. Number 6 – The Olympic tournament at Wimbledon
was by far my favorite week on the tennis calendar this year. Magenta backdrops, non-whites at Wimbledon,
two out of three sets for the men, Murray’s gold and Serena’s masterpiece final made
for great TV. One thing’s for sure, that jam-packed week
of tennis will be hard to top in Rio. Number 5 – There have been some amazing
rallies on tour this year, but you just can’t beat a point that ends with one player cramping
and the other throwing up, in my opinion anyway. Richard Gasquet and Grigor Dimitrov, I’m
sorry for enjoying this so much. Number 4 – Sadly, two of my favorites – Andy
Roddick and Kim Clijsters – called it a career this year. And to both of them I say, thanks for the
memories. Number 3 – As has been well documented in
many of our videos, I’m highly entertained by Novak Djokovic. He’s good for a laugh as well as some absolutely
amazing tennis, and he did not disappoint in 2012. Let’s hope he has a long, long career ahead
of him. (clip of massage by Brazilians, and clip of
an amazing point). Number 2 – I’m ashamed to say it, but
there was a time when I wasn’t a huge fan of Andy Murray. Then Wimbledon rolled around, and his runner
up speech may or may not have made me a little misty. By the Olympics I was rooting for him, and
by the U.S. Open, I was firmly planted in his corner. Murray’s first Grand Slam win was as inspirational
as it gets. Number 1 – The man, the myth, the legend
– Roger Federer. He won his 17th grand slam in 2012 when very
few thought he could. Then he topped Pete Sampras’s record of
286 weeks at number 1, eventually reaching a whopping 302 weeks total at the top. It seems the Greatest of All Time debate,
at least for now, has been put to rest. What were your tennis highlights in 2012? Let us know in the comment section below or
on Facebook and Twitter. We’ll see you next time, here on Tennis

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Dennis Veasley

9 thoughts on “2012 Tennis Highlights – Tennis Now Countdown Show”

  1. Federer getting back to #1 and setting the record for over 300 weeks at #1 in the world = FTW! 17th GS. Nole rocked this year too. Murray, for me just got in the door over a tired Federer and an exhausted Djokovic at the Olympics and the USO. He's a good player but I don't think he would had otherwise won. Not hating… just saying people…
    I must say you're a little dark in deriving enjoyment from that Dimitrov and Gasquet match and also the Nalbandian debacle LOL!

  2. Well clearly that's how the game goes b/c he won both events. That's goes without saying. However that doesn't take away from the fact of what clearly was transpiring on the tennis court — in both cases, except to people like you who seemingly prefer to pretend otherwise. MMM just saying—- again. So recycling my own line isn't going to change the conditions under which Murray won… yeah you know what' coming next:…just saying.

  3. Serena's dance was NOT a gang-related crip walk. Shame on racist Fox News (surprised?) commentators for saying it was. Andrea Petkovic did the SAME "happy dance" after winning many matches, yet no one said even one negative word, much less associate it with gang behavior. It makes me sick that the tennis world is filled with ignorant racists. Shame on TennisNowTV for failing to do any research and, instead, perpetuating the problem.

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