What’s up guys! We are Pongfinity. We have just hit 800.000 subscribers And a lot of you guys wanted to see 2 vs 1 giant ping pong So here we go! It’s me versus Miikka and Emil. Let’s go! We can’t lose this one! You will. Okay, 0-0. I have got it! Emil! That was my ball! Sorry! This is way too easy for me. It was like a “connection lost” moment! I don’t know what I was thinking. Do it Emil! That was like in slow motion! Nice! Drop shot! I have got it! What are you doing Emil!? That was a crazy rally! That’s the spot I want to play on. We can do this all day! Hard! Emil, smash it! I can do this all day! Good one, nice! Close. Fake shot. It’s harder than I thought But they still have no chance! The edge! My special tactic! Special edge. The edge guy! We actually made the sensei run there! What am I even doing here? You are just standing there. I could have saved it from here We play every shot in th middle. He doesn’t even have to move! Okay now let’s only play out to corners! The fake shot worked! I was actually trying to do the fake shot! You! C’mon Miikka! Me! Me, me, me! Me! Thanks. We didn’t get as much advantage
as we were hoping to get That was surprisingly difficult to play with two players – mixing up each other I think it was quite easy. Yeah, for you! Subscribe here And watch the previous episodes there! Until next time!

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Dennis Veasley

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