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Dennis Veasley

21 thoughts on “2 Shot At New Jersey High School Football Game”

  1. Whaaaaatttt,,,,, Jersey?????This can’t be!!!!Jersey is such a liberal state, how could this suspect ever get a gun in this state?

  2. I will be frank. Taking Christianity history and positive role models out of our public educational system is making educated heathens. So why are we surprised. And why are we shocked at we cannot reintroduce positive environment into our educational system when they have turn this about every child against religion and against righteousness. Because they are attached to the Democrat Party which as a platform of selling pornography and every other junkie thing including an abortion. Give our school system cannot teach children that the whole American struggle is a struggle for purity and that is what the white stripes on the American flag stand for.

  3. Please Stop calling him a Shooter/Gunman The whole world knows if that person was a muslim ya'll would be calling him a terrorist!!!! Anyone from any religion country or color who kills innocent people is a Terrorist!!!

  4. I've never been to a H.S. football game that didn't have paramedics and police presence…6 shots someone shot from somewhere, and you didn't see any muzzle flashes or anything…suprising!

  5. When will the Gov learn shut down the guns man is everyone just plain stupid how many more people have to die..sad that US chooses guns over lives

  6. New Jersey, has the hardest gun laws, Only on law bidding citizens. New Jersey, dosen't believe in constitution, conceal carry permits for law bidding citizens. Only for off duty police officers, drinking while concealing a firearm

  7. So I’m confusing this with another shooting at another school. So there has been two shootings in the past week

  8. This is beautiful.
    Makes me happy.
    They claim their lives matter but are responsible for never ending black on black shootings.
    Basically it's just a low IQ worthless people.

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