(funky music playing) showing off life hacks that’s actually kinda useless :/ ouuu coffee bean Today, we have prepared for you a collection of simple and very useful life, hacks that will cost you even more money to make 🙂 It will help you to overcome different domestic problems without spending tons of time and money (not really lol) ouu very neat :0 do you Like watching your favorite channel on your phone but even a cup of tea cannot hold it (then just hold it on your hands) We recommend making a phone holder from an old bank card (use your parent’s bank card) you’ll need a lighter or a candle Warm up the edge of the card (ask an adult to do this) Bend it approximately one centimeter from the edge Warm up the middle of the card, and bend it in the middle Now you have this nice stand your phone can. Be placed in it comfortably for you to enjoy the new, videos transition :0 For the next life hack, we will need a, white plate and an old toy a Dinosaur with a long neck (you’ll have to buy the same exact dinosaur for this to work) With the marker draw. A line a bit below, the neck Nearly, cut the toy open (ask an adult) apply, hot glue to its bottom part (ask an adult) and place the plate on it Glue the dinosaurs neck to the upper part of the plate so We now have come up with a very unexpected and fun platter for fruits. And sweets guests will not be able to pass it by Who, has had the last candy Our coffee beans constantly spilling out of the bag here is a very easy, life, hack : just don’t spill it out of the bag We will need two wooden stirrers for coffee or two ice cream sticks and a binder clip (use same exact mint binder clips or else it wont work) Place the sticks together and put a small amount of hot glue on each stick (ask an adult) Carefully place a binder clip on it and let it dry now We have this awesome sealing. Clip, which easily protects loose ingredients from spilling out (or u could just use tape and seal it) Does your mug constantly leave coffee stains the problem is easily solved (just wipe it with tissue) we’ll need a sheet of paper a few Coffee beans and hot glue Circle the contour of the mug on the paper and cut it out Place a little bit of hot glue on the circumference and stick coffee, beans to it continue until the whole circle is filled we are going to come up with a very stylish coaster and No, coffee stains on your table Sick of tangled wires Here’s our life, hack to help wrap a marker in aluminum foil and put, some lotion on it very carefully spirally apply hot glue on it Make, sure it is the same width throughout the marker Remove the aluminum foil and separate it from the dried glue Now you have a perfect. Helix, which you can coil on your wires to keep your closet tidy You can, also use this hilux for something, else glue the ends of it together and now We have a nice hair tie we can? also
Decorate it by attaching an Artificial flower to it just remove the stem from the flower and glue it to the helix and a beautiful spiral twister is ready But that’s not all take a, few sheets of colored paper put them together, and make several holes, by the edges with a hole puncher Take our helix and insert it at the end of one hole Now, we have come up with a. Cute notepad you can, decorate it with a little butterfly if you wish With a hot glue gun now you can, solve a problem of a clogged sink Take a plastic. Cup, which fits your sink drain hole and cut it up leave the bottom of it with a, little edge Cover the circle with aluminum foil, and put some lotion on it place the foil over the hot glue net When it dries carefully remove the foil and we have a nice sink filter mesh Cut the uneven edges let’s check it works now garbage is not going to get into the pipes and clog the sink in Our next life hack, we will teach you how, to make a, soap, dish from hot glue Draw an oval on the aluminum foil lubricated with a lotion the oval has to be a bit bigger than a Soap fill it in with a pattern Separate the dried hot glue from the foil Take a silicone stick and cut, four pieces out now We have soapdish legs glue it to the edge of the oval now soap, is sitting comfortably in the dish and is not going to slip away in Our next, life pack we’ll show. You how to make a beautiful candle from wax, sticks take, several wax Sticks and crumble it to small pieces Put it into a silicone cast. And put it in the microwave for a few minutes We will also need a large syringe Carefully remove the, syringe hub, and attach a cord to a plunger Once the wax is melted pour it into a syringe Let each layer of wax cool down a bit so the colors don’t blend together and they have defined borders You can, tilt the syringe slightly so you get pretty colored waves as? Soon as the entire syringe is filled with wax let it cool down completely daintily push the candle out of a syringe It looks amazing, this rainbow will make any evening especially comfy For this life hack, we will need air balloons take two different color balloons and fill one of the balloons with, soap Tie it up Cut two little holes in the second balloon Insert one balloon inside of the other Now let’s test our stress ball can, you feel all of the troubled thoughts leaving you instantly here We have two identical plastic bottles filled with water if we were to pour the water out, which bottle do you Think, will be emptied faster water from the first Bottle flows freely and the second one we untwisted a bit the first Bottle wins the score is 1 to 0 a nice massage after a long and enduring, day, what could Be better let’s make a Massage with tennis balls and wires make 2 holes on both sides of the tennis balls by using a hot glue gun Apply, drops of hot glue on the tennis balls so we’ve now got tennis balls, which look, like cute hedgehogs, measure the wire and place the tennis balls on it Bend it to create a handle Here, we have come up with an amazing ball Massager to make a handle more comfortable to use apply hot glue on the aluminum foil Previously lubricated with lotion place the handle over it and apply more hot glue over it Once the handle is dried correct with, scissors if needed Enhance it with decorative tape Let’s see if it works perfect, hmm, amazing massage How to make a heart-shaped, box for sweets or gifts from a regular, bottle Take a plastic, bottle mark the places to cut, remove the bottle neck and the bottom now, we have a plastic cylinder compress it from one side Creating an even crease on the other side make a fold to roll up the plastic inside of a cylinder To, make a bottom and the cover for the Box will need construction paper place the heart on the paper Circle the contour and cut it out apply hot glue on it and attach it to the bottom to make a cover Take a paper, strap of the required length, and make the cuts glue, straps to the cover Now you can fill this cute heart-shaped, box with sweets How, do you get yourself in the holiday spirit let’s make a desktop fireplace we’ll need a cookie size box Mark, your phone size on it and make diagonal cuts In curved the cardboard inside and even out the edges Take the construction paper and make another, box of the same size as the cutout on the cardboard Box put it inside glue the paper, box to the cardboard, box edges remove, extra, glue, cover the whole box with White acrylic paint Take the cardboard sheet and paint it dark red Line up the cut cardboard to small bricks Glue, the, bricks to the white fireplace base Take, another, box cover and paint it red, glue it to the fireplace insert your phone inside the fireplace and turn on the video with crackling firewood do you, now, feel that your room is filled with the anticipation of upcoming holidays Phones can, also be replaced with the flameless candles and a few tree branches In addition to our fireplace let’s now make a. Cute snowman, we’ll need white socks Remove the heel flap Fill in the remaining part of the sock with polyester fiber or some other filler Sew it together Tie the sock with the thread so We have two uneven balls the smaller one will be the snowman’s head from a bright colored sock, we can Make, a hat pull it over the snowman’s head and cut. Off the extra material fasten it to its head with hot glue strap the tie to the hat and Let’s add a little scarf glue, a few button beads A carrot nose and draw the eyes and the smile We’re going to make a couple of these so buddies can, have fun together and improve your holiday mood We are almost positive that you’ll have an old shirt you don’t need and a few compact discs and? We have an idea of what to, do with it remove the shirt collar Cut a cd into small pieces but please be very cautious, doing it Use hot glue to attach the cd pieces to a collar Line up the pieces so they look, mosaic and it will look very effective and festive This removable collar will look beautiful and will grab everyone’s attention How, do you protect. Your compact disc from scratches the air balloon comes to the rescue inflate the balloon Place the cd on top of it press it lightly letting the air out of the balloon now the cd Is protected and there’s no fear of scratches Why, don’t your tall boots stand up Just roll up a couple of old magazines and insert them inside of your boots or you can Use empty plastic bottles if they fit the size We are sure that our life Hacks, will help you to overcome everyday problems fast and easy so you will have plenty of time left for more important things Sign up for trim trim and you’ll receive lots of interesting and useful information Like and follow us if you enjoyed the videos and ring the bell

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