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Dennis Veasley

93 thoughts on “15-year-old cricketer scores record 1,009 runs”

  1. Who is this silly cow taking the interview? She thinks school cricket is something equivalent to Professional cricket..

  2. wtf should not be considered as achievement .he was facing 7 and 9 year old children .
    I saw that those bowlers didn't even know how to bowl and they were bowling so slow didn't have pace at all. and he is double their age(bowlers) .so it's not achievement.
    but I appreciate his skills that he batted long time.

  3. ….in stick cricket premier league …..select mumbai mavericks…there is a player named pranav dhanawade………….actually 1000 runs is just enough in to enter a in stick cricket

  4. anyone can score 1000 runs against 7 year old's. this is bullshit. he should compete against 15 or 16 year olds.

  5. NIggas playing against little kids and Indians are getting hyped. Do this in county test cricket and I'll say good

  6. People complaining about his achievement cannot take his credit to stand and deliver i know the ground it is situated in wayle nagar kalyan maharashtra it is not even a ground hardly the size is of tennis court in length and width and yes there where 7 to 10 year children and he was the oldest among them approx double their age but even though he delivered now the point is if he is exceptional and so much talented why we are not getting news about his performance in recent days

  7. What happen to score 1009.bcci is not give to chance and other side arjun Tendulkar is select this is parciality

  8. Senior players had exams. That's why they were replaced by these 8 year old kids. Also the boundary was just 30 yards.

  9. He's 18 now and hasn't been picked up by a pro team. His record was nonsense playing against little under 12 year olds. Prithvi Shaw holds the real record

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