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have to be the keeper?>>Because, no one else wants
to be the keeper. Don’t worry. We’ll switch you out
after two goals, okay?>>Promise?>>I promise.>>Two goals?>>Two goals.>>This is bullshit. [Music] Come on guys, I thought we were doing two goals. It’s been like 27. THE ANGRY PLAYER>>Hey! You trying to kill me, is it? Hey! That was such a good pass. You know how to play football or not? You got feet for what?>>Pass! Pass! Pass! Hey! Are you deaf or what? I asked you to pass. THE DRAMATIC GOALKEEPER [LION ROAR] Four goals! What’s up!?>>Saved!>>The goalkeeper’s block was in. THE CLUMSY GOALKEEPER THE CLUMSY GOALKEEPER
>>[inaudible] that well.>>And his shot has just gone right through
one of the best goalkeepers in the world.>>Oh there’s a shot — He shot it!>>We’ve got the option to Marcel.>>Oh, my Lord! THE PRO FOOTBALLER>>They say… nothing is impossible. And I… always do the impossible. Impossible is nothing. So, therefore… I… am nothing. and nothing… am I. [DRAMATIC MUSIC]>>Oh, my leg!>>Oh God, it hurts! Will I lose this leg?>>No, you’ll be fine.>>Oh God, it hurts so much! Someone get me a bottle of water. THE SWEATY GUY>>Gross! Put on a shirt. THE GUY NOBODY WANTS ON THEIR TEAM>>Guys, can I play? Anybody tired yet? Guys, I need to play soon. Please friends, I need to go soon. My mother won’t allow
me to stay out too late. It’s already 3 p.m.>>Ahh, okay come in, come in.>>Oh great, great. I promise I’ll make the team better. Go team! I can do this. Go team! That was dangerous man. I can do this. That was close.>>Just be the keeper!>>All right. I’m sorry. But that’s kind of close or what? I think I did a pretty good job. Ow! Guys, I got the ball! THE UNLUCKY GUY THE FULL OF EXCUSES>>Hey guys, do we pump the ball or something? We didn’t pump the ball yet, right? Hey guys! I think that’s something
wrong with the field. It’s not even or something man. Can we pump the ball? I think the ball’s not pumped yet. Hey, guys we didn’t bump the ball yet. There’s no way we could
have pumped the ball yet.>>Pass, I’m open! I’m open!>>Dan! You were supposed to be there! THE SCAREDY CAT>>For the team.>>Why am I even the wall? We are not even that tall! THE ACTOR NEYMAR>>Ref! Foul! My leg! [whistles] Aw, my ears! My ears! [whistles] What? Again? This ref sucks.>>You all right?>>Oh, ref.>>What?>>Oh, same team, same team. Come on let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! [whistles]>>No, ref! I got the ball. I got the ball. What is this? Go to the toilet? Top up the card.>>Gift card? [whistles]>>Voucher?>>Voucher! [whistles] THE STRONG SHOOTER>>Hey, bro. Chill. It’s only a friendly game.>>What you mean it’s a friendly game? Get back to position. THE BULLY
[Music] [Music]>>No, no! Have mercy on me. No!>>Oops. [Music]

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Dennis Veasley


  1. I’ve met the sweaty guy we were playing soccer in gym and I was getting the ball from a really cocky person I got it but also got sweat all on my arm

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  3. I don’t know whether to laugh at Ren yixiang cause it’s so funny😂or to feel sorry for him . Nah. I choose sorry

  4. I'm the type that doesn't even want to run and try to kick the ball and instead become the lame goalkeeper.

    Anyone else?

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