– You had said, I
think it was maybe in the interview with
Rachel after the practice up in Minnesota, that you wanted
to feel like you were wanted, somebody to say, we want you. We need you. We want to build around you. What did– – I didn’t say that. – What part did I get wrong? – I didn’t say all of that. I didn’t say nothing– I want to build around you. But I get what you’re saying. – But what did the Heat say on
June 30 that appeased what you needed to hear from somebody? – Just you’re the
type of player that we would love to have here. You know, your fight, the
way that you work, the way you go about your business. And to tell you the truth,
that’s all I wanted to hear. Not to mention that number 3
was like, this culture fits you. He’s told me that for
so many days beforehand. But I think that guy and seeing
what he helped build here– and I never want to
compare myself to him. But I think that what
they have going on here and the way that they
go about everything here is the right way. And that’s what I’m banking on– that we continue to do that
and definitely while I’m here.

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Dennis Veasley

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