Hi everyone! It’s probably gonna be the longest of my videos on the channel. And I prepared the timecode in the comments below so in case you get tired listening to the whole thing entirely or reading the subtitles you can fast forward to a topic that interests you. Well now, grab on your sweet treats and let’s do it! Look what I’ve got! Well let us open it together. Now I’ll be digging in it… I guess I can do it. Look… I can smell it now… The scotch tape. Come on, help me, what are you sitting back. Okay, so, now this solemn moment. Wait a sec… Oh, cool!.. Okay, that’s it. Now I will calm down a little… There is a letter here. Oh wow, what a paper here… It’s written in English. Thank you. Thank you Susan, thank you YouTube. So here is this button. I’ll place it here on the right. All this happened really quickly somehow. In just 5 months my channel gathered as many as 100,000 subscribers from a scratch. And no matter how pathetic it may sound now, first of all I want to say a big thank you specifically to you. After all, YouTube’s algorithms promote in the first place those videos that you watch, like, comment, and share with your friends in your social media, like Reddit and other platforms. It is precisely because you are doing all this that my channel is developing so fast. So again, thank you very much for your activity. I promised that after reaching 100,000 subscribers I will make a video with answers to your question. And so here the time has come to fulfill my promise. You asked me a ton of questions of which I took the most frequently asked and the ones that interest you the most. No I will try to answer all of them as honest and as detailed as I can. And one more little thing here and then we’ll start. I’m not sure how this video will look and if the quality will not be great, I apologise in advance. The thing is we shoot this video just on the phone. We use the phone because we no longer have a camera so the phone is all we get now for filming. And this is actually good news. We are updating our equipment now. We sold our old camera and already bought a new one. And we wanted to shoot this video with a new camera but the lens for the camera is still on the way. So we do have camera but we don’t have lens, and without it we can’t do a video. And really this is another reason to express the gratitude to you. Largely due to the fact you do a sponsorship subscription my channel has the opportunity to grow. Recently we bought the recorder that not only can record my speech now but can also record the sound from а real acoustic grand piano. Right now we update the camera so we can have a higher quality picture. And we also started to rent different studios and sets more often for our video shootings. All that would be much harder without your support, so thank you so very much! Okay, we’re done with the introduction now. And now we’re moving on to answering your questions. So the first question I wrote out: Hello Brazil! I play for about my whole life. At about 3 years old my parents began to educate me musically. Yes my parents are related to music. My mother is a choir conductor. My dad is a teacher of electronic musical instruments, which is a synthesizer. At first I studied at a regular music school for about 2 years. And then I entered a special music school – the Gnesins school. That’s a college school. There I studied for 12 years and after that I went to the Moscow State Conservatory in the name of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, where I studied for another 5 years. “Is there the origin story of your pseudonym? Most likely it was already discussed somewhere but I probably have missed it”. So this word has absolutely no meaning. The word is made up. It somehow entered my life after someone of my friends had called me this way. Somehow this word has stuck to me and now I’m using it. And now I can’t imagine my life without it. Thanks. I had an elective course in high school. I was taught to play the harpsichord. It’s an ancient musical instrument, the ancestor of the grand piano. And it was very interesting, we played pieces from Bach, Scarlatti, Carelli. If anything, I could play the harpsichord. After that I learned to play some drums. I had an opportunity to play the xylophone, and glockenspiel or tinkler, depending on how anyone calls it. Also you probably have seen my super video with a guitar. I also tried to play something on the accordion. I had posted it in my Instagram stories, it is still there in the fixed music stories. So you can see it if interested. I work as a accompanist in one of the Moscow schools. Yes, I get an income from YouTube, mostly from the sponsorship community. I do my sheet music myself. – “Dear Sasha, who works on selecting the scenery for the shoot? And do you have a big team?” On my team there is a videographer, an editor, a sound engineer, an arranger, manager, but really it’s just two people, one of whom is me. And so we share all the roles among ourselves, we agree on who will do what for creating the content on my channel. I’m also looking forward for that to happen. And really we are now preparing the live concert in Moscow. And if everything goes super cool we then will do a few more concerts in Russia for a start. And then after that we can think about the concerts in other countries. And Germany is in the top 3 countries of the viewers of my channel, along with Russia and US. That’s why if the concerts will take place in other countries, then most likely Germany will be one of the first ones. but that’s the concerts we’re talking, the festivals however, if I’m invited I’m ready to go right now. – “As always you have a great content. Thank you for holding up a high level. The question is will you do the stream live?” Thank you very much. To answer this question I will read the next one and then it will be more clear. I know Russian and I am familiar with English, but I know English on a so-so level. In principle I can understand the general sense of the comments I read on YouTube. And I can also understand what people say to me but only if they are saying fairly slowly and very clearly. Now back to the stream live question. Right now on your screens you will see the statistics of what countries I get the viewings from. And after you see the statistics it’ll become clear to you that the stream live has to be in at least two languages – Russian and English, simultaneously. So for now we’ll have to wait with a stream live. To create a video it requires a different amount of time really, sometimes it’s a bit quicker, sometimes it’s a bit slower. Sometimes it’s a week sometimes more. It depends on how fast all the stages of preparation happen. First I think which song to play, and sometimes you help me with it – thank you. And then I do the arrangement for the song. It may take a day, may take more. ‘Cause the want is to do everything beautifully and quality. And then the next stage is thinking over the place for shooting, sometimes the need is to go there and see the place, all the sets, and all like that. And then we are filming all this. After that the editing process starts, cutting the video and working on the sound. Thank you very much. Really I’d lied if I said I don’t worry about the viewings, because the amount of viewings is probably the biggest indicator of the success of what I do. If the video comes out and it doesn’t get a lot of viewings I won’t be too worried about it. And if the next video comes out and it gets little viewings I’ll be worried about it a little more. And if the third video gets a low view rate than I will start thinking what I’m doing wrong and what needs to be changed. Of course that will frustrate and worry me but I’m not gonna be depressed over it. I will just be thinking on how I can fix the situation and what I need to work on. – ” I think for many people it will be interesting to know how much it costs to release a song cover, the rental of locations, etc.” It depends on how you calculate. If you consider time as money then it’s a lot of money. And if you count finances only, then it depends. The rough calculation as of today, considering the expenses for the gears, equipment rental, suits and studios, etc., averaging all that for one realise is about 150 – 230 $. But that’s excluding the work cost of the videographer and the editor. Ok, I’m ready to continue. – “How are the things with the copyright holders? I mean, when you give concerts or monetize the covers in any other way, in theory there must be the deductions going to the copyright holders. Should there be any agreements with them? It’s curious to learn about this side of the creativity process.” To play the concerts and song covers you must buy a license from copyright holders On YouTube all the deductions for the copyright holders go automatically. And such a yellow icon says that the copyright holder monetizes this video and earns an income from it. – “What are some of the other interests in life you have aside from music? What hobbies? How do you rest from your work?” Well, what interests do I have. I really have a lot of different ones. I like sports. For example I like badminton, tennis, even though I’m bad at it. I like to go to the swimming pool, I like board games, such as Monopoly, Imadjinarium, etc. And especially I like poker. My name there is jukakuka in case you wonder. I even have an account at PokerStars. By the way it’s another made up word from the Gamazda series. So that’s why if suddenly my channel is blocked and you’ll be wondering where to find me, search me by the сode name jukakuka. Thank you very much. The next cover we’ll do as soon as we’ll get our lens. We’ll start shooting right away. The arrangement is ready by the way. Regarding the place I liked to resort at. It depends on what kind of resort that is. If it’s kind of a lazy one, you know, just laying in the beach, drinking а coconut milk, I like Dominican Republic for that matter. Regarding the active leisure I like Montenegro. I visited in the summer. I rented a car there and we went different places and towns. We traveled almost all of Montenegro. We swimmed in the sea, rode a zipline. And we saw and tried a lot of different things. The last trip was the road trip. We went there with friends, traveled across the expanses of Europe. We were able to visit 5 countries, which were Belarus, Poland, Czech, Austria, and Germany, but we didn’t visit in Germany much, so I will come to Germany again for sure I wanna see a lot of things there. What I liked – really, everywhere has its advantages. Each place had something I really liked. I liked Prague in Czech, it’s very beautiful there, very atmospheric. It’s an interesting city. I liked the Charles Bridge,the beer shank, that’s the best. I liked the Charles Bridge, the beer shank, that’s the best. Also I liked it in Austria, the same thing though – we couldn’t go through the whole Austria. I mean, we didn’t visit all the cities. But I visited Salzburg before this, so I know it’s great there. This time we had been to Vienna, and we crossed Linz. We have been to the mountains, I really loved the mountains. It’s so beautiful there when you drive through it in a car, you’re looking around and it’s all surrounded with mountains, and it’s so clean there. You can see these cute cows everywhere. I love ’em so much, such a little sweet cows. I wanna ask them for a chocolate, and a milk. Anyway cows are cool, I love cows. – “Do you have pets?” My pets is Pushin here, and I also have a frog that travels everywhere with me. If I’d had a pet I’d really wanna have a cow. It would probably live in my balcony, would deliver me a litre of milk every day, that would be cool. I hope I will never have the lactose intolerance. – “How do you feel about the Lev Gumilyov Passionarity Theory of Ethnogenesis?” in fact, it’s a super cool thing. I want to tell about this more detailed since we touched on such subject … At that time when I was purchasing this instrument I looked at different models. I watched a lot of video reviews, I read different articles. And then I tried the instrument itself and I liked both the sound and the keys in exactly Roland. I first will tell about the studio it’s one of the photo studios in Moscow. It already had that Instrument, that piano, with flowers on it. It had that low chair, which wasn’t very comfortable, in fact. But I couldn’t find another one to match the interior. We only had to buy the basket for apples and apples themselves. The White Snow suit consisted of of a dress that we rented. The rest of things were already there. – “How is you piano in terms of screaming?” I either don’t fully understand the meaning of the word, because I guess it’s more about the vocals, or it’s some kind of a joke that I’m sure is very funny if I only understood it. In fact I don’t know if you were asking this seriously or not, but many people liked if you understand the meaning of it, please write in the comments and I’ll answer next time. Or maybe even answer in the comments. You gotta work a lot, and use your brain, use your memory. You just got to be thoughtful about it. You got to be able to memorize well. It’s also about the finger memory, when the fingers remember their places. That requires fairly a lot of time. Also your ears memorise the sounds, which also requires a lot of time. Also your eyes memorize where your hands run. The eyes also memorize the lines in the sheet music and their layout. That’s like a photographic memory, or visual memory. So turn on all of the types of your memory and work with it. Recently I started to publish my sheet music in pdf format in the sponsorship community. so there is already 2 songs which are Sabaton – Night Witches, and SOAD – Chop Suey. I’ll publish the new sheet music in the beginning of November. So if you wish please join the sponsorship community, the level GAMA for musicians, or higher. my advice to you: in order to learn something, you need a teacher. I suggest you to find a teacher. Otherwise if you really want you can probably find some video lessons on the Internet, tutorials, and things of that nature. In order to play good and qualified, to be able to work on the sound and phrase management etc., you need a good teacher. – “Sasha, please tell which software you use for the sound processing and video production.” For the sound I use a Sound Forge software. For the video, from what I am told now it’s Adobe Premiere. In fact, I want to state it now, I really don’t need such a large chair. I mean, really, why would I need it so much. But it should be stable and actually not large. So I don’t need search a large one. Regarding falling off, well, if it ever would be too small, maybe someday I’d fall off it. By now though, I never have. I don’t know, maybe you think it’s unbelievable, but that’s the fact. – “What was the most complicated video playing wise?” so which one was the most complicated. Well, like, they are all not easy. But ok, probably the most difficult one was the Dragon Force one, from what I played so far – “Are any collaborations with other YouTube musicians expected?” Really there are no specific agreements that would be documented. So I can’t tell you for certain of any collaborations in the closest future. But the point is that I’m interested in this and if there is any interesting offer I think I will accept it. Well, so now my phone memory is full. Anyway, I think we can be done with Q&A for today. We of course could continue answering them much longer because there are a lot of questions. But I think that maybe in the future I will do a video like this again and will answer more of your questions. Thank you very much for your interest to what I’m doing and for your support. It is really important to me. Thank you very much. But we’re not saying goodbye, I’ll see you soon again.

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    Хотела бы ты сыграть с Jimmy Sax в его студии?

  47. Это хорошо. Но Умница-Красавица отжигает на "лимон", так и давайте закинем этот талант на вершину Олимпа 🙂

  48. Спасибо, умничка, за любовь писать не буду в этот раз, ага, и так не говоришь где живёшь ))), сколько в гости просился и все никак)

  49. Только услышал звуки твоего голоса и сразу настроение улучшилось, спасибо 😊

  50. Great Job, I totally liked it!, See this New Album 'Monish Jasbird – Death Blow', channel link www.youtube.com/channel/UCv_x5rlxirO-WKjLIyk6okQ?sub_confirmation=1 , you might like 🙂

  51. Жаль, что прошлое видео набрало мало просмотров. По мне, оно получилось очень эпичным) Наверное, обложка недостаточно кликбейтная

  52. Саш, привет. Возможно, мой коммент потеряется, но очень хочется сказать) Во-первых, мои поздравления с кнопкой, ты более чем этого достойна,) во-вторых, спасибо за самое длинное видео, в котором ты говоришь) у тебя очень красивый голос. И в-третьих, спасибо тебе за творчество. Ты большая умничка, продолжай, у тебя замечательно получается и ты действительно достойна не сотни тысяч, а для начала как минимум миллиона подписчиков. Дерзай!

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