what does if everybody welcome back to
the channel today i’m gonna be playing trickshot force against this guy you
know him you love him chris staples what’s up guys Chris just
got back from winning a dunk competition show what you won
look at that beast of a belt discount double check
you know the an Roger no Thames Stone Cold Steve Austin you know he just won
not only this belts but $25,000 congratulations they say to me here’s a
little photo of you see it’s true so Chris I didn’t tell you this in
preparation for the video I still need to come come film but use 125 thousand
so I think we should put a thousand on this game and and the belt wait my bill
yeah I think this is look so good in my neck next to all my Guinness World
Record flags a dunk belt that I didn’t win oh wait you know what I’m in the
mood of winning okay all right your dad dollars which is nothing to you after
after oh yeah it’s just me you playing today it’s not yeah Chris besides being
the world’s best dunker is also a former Harlem Globetrotter and dunk League
champion on whistle sports may have seen that and has a lot of basketball
trickshot and dunking abilities so he’s gonna be a good opponent for me today
let’s see if I can take him down I’m ready Josh if you’re new here first
of all subscribe because we do awesome basketball and other sports content all
the time but if you’re new when we do trickshot horse or horseman games you
get up to three attempts but if you get it on your first your second the other
person has to get on their first or a second try and first person spell a
horse loses here we go I’m gonna try something kind of cream
good I’m looking at this light and I’m gonna throw it off the light one one
bounce alley-oop into the into the hoop bro
that lights like 30 feet high by the way no dunking and dunk come on are you are
you kidding me are you kidding me I was hoping I was wanting to get a lot closer
to the hoop that’s kind of far that was from like yeah good luck with that
I’m really upset right now let’s see it wow it looks really far now that I’m on
this side of it and and you get the ball guys drop a counter right now who do you
thinks gonna win do you think me this just this just this guy who juggles and
occasionally this trick shots or or Chris table if you think is gonna drop a
comment yeah no juggling I won’t juggle and you can’t dunk let’s
know they try it’s gonna go over the fence again go to classic I’m dry clothes what third try paint miss the street like I
said bro I don’t might decide you’re even good at it though uh-uh
you need to miss so I can get my chance where ball okay his third try for a
letter H Oh okay back to me bounce three-pointer
Randell twin style okay yeah I need an e all that okay all right I wanna keep
control of the game I don’t want you to get their tips here we go there we go
there we go yeah you ready to hold this camera for
impressive game really all right right you have the ball now
what’s what’s happening all right you said I was a Globetrotter right yeah yes yes I think I can do it I know I
need more than one attempt that’s good guys if you want to see a video where I
actually tried out for the Harlem Globetrotters you can click the card up
top and I’m gonna make this shot thanks Chris okay all right
you can do it first tried to you probably only used to like Duncan now is
it weird to lay it up oh I’ll take that give me the ball Chris just asses kids
if they want one Oh kids a Hooper watch out Chris oh oh at my house game over he wins guys if
you haven’t subscribed to make sure you do so and make sure you click that Bell
so you notified when I post so you can comment early like these people thank
you to those who are always consistent with dropping likes in the comments we
appreciate each and every one of you and I’m gonna start featuring more of you
here on the channel okay yeah yeah h/h oh man it’s back to you thank me
behind back off the board ooh I like it you got one attempt yes I did
get it from you I definitely got this from you just
don’t miss it hey hey Josh what’s corn out it’s my
grandma oh no I knew it was coming I knew is coming you’re waiting for the
wind to die down oh wow air ball I’ve never seen him do
that before second try the Chris staples granny that looked like it went in all
right this one this one goes out to David calve trickshot legend okay shout
out also I want to see this in a future dunk contest oh wow wait down salive that’s a lot
going on are you kidding two tries one bounce yep
run what are you doing you waited too long sorry
second try oh nothing are my friend you know I’m gonna go to uh go to prison
tomorrow on the board game oh wow oh that was close
yeah okay I need to play serious cuz I’m not a loser
oh one try okay Wow okay this could be enough that’s good
this could be an S for me yeah like that I just want I’m not giving my belt okay
oh okay okay I’ve seen you do that yeah you get that in Caleb’s video that was
crazy oh okay you hit something to allows
better touch third try this is a risky one very but give me my last letter you
really opened in door for me oh boy oh boy Chris back to me from seep are you kidding me Marcellus are you proud of me
watch the rope wait you taught me that man that was my first try just now
became a horse it’s Chris you proud of me
Marcellus thanks bro no that was good that was good
I’ve never seen you do that you just walk into that one like you do that you
know Marshall just for you all right all tied up some videos together right
this okay folks it’s s2s all tied up my turn and I’m about to
get that belt and thousand come on Josh like a win
oh yeah I mean yeah nope nope and out here I’ll go back to granny it’s so
windy right now give one shot one opportunity mom’s sphaghetti are you
going this way that’s probably at the wind actually okay oh I was really close
I was really close awesome really close he took his grandma to the bank you
grabbed my baby Josh hey you’re done three tries or done you’re done oh I like wait your granny shots are
getting a lot better no I literally like pushed it like that
like I was aiming for the edge of the backboard and it still went over that I
don’t even wait yeah I’m gonna get pay for real am I really gonna get paid be
honest and of course are you serious I’m a man of my word
I don’t man we’re gonna we’re gonna go to the ATM right now so that me you made
$26,000 of course hopefully you guys enjoyed it enough to make up for my loss
of money just now drop it like if you haven’t yet comment I’m replying to
comments for a while and subscribe to Chris if you haven’t yet he’s gonna put
out some videos eventually you film some you gotta learn how to edit bro yes
shout out to Josh promise you is coming yeah I have more video already edited oh
okay go okay cool I’ve got videos every Monday Wednesday every Satur if you
haven’t subscribed to me yet make sure you do that here my Instagram shoutouts
for today and click up there for some other videos we will see you guys later
bye if you don’t know guys Chris uh and
beyond being just one of the world’s best jugglers

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “$1,000 Trick Shot H.O.R.S.E. vs former HARLEM GLOBETROTTER!”

  1. HORSE vs CHRIS STAPLES! Drop a like and a comment on this video with more halloween ideas! Someone that likes and comments on this video wins juggling balls from jugglingwarehouse.com like Kevin Theodore Collard did from the last video. Love you guys! See ya soon!

  2. ….and after all the Staples support I've got to root for Horton after the, "You're gonna be holding this camera for the rest of the game" comment. C'mon Staples.. think about the comment lol

  3. If Chris could dunk you would have no chance. Sorry Josh but you are short. I can't believe Chris wanted to mabye give away his belt. Hopefully he can keep it. Also I cant believe Chris is making almost all of the layups. It would probably be different than dunking.

  4. Wow what a game!!! Chris definitely has the edge on his aerobatics, but Josh made some pretty impressive shots to keep it close. Well played.

  5. Cheating only one spin on the finger you cant walk and spinn the hole time on the finger with the other hand like help.

  6. Hi, Josh (MUST READ)

    I really like your videos BUT I have motion sickness, and the way you move the camera, not holding it still makes me sick.

    So please, while recording, keep the camera still so i can keep watching your awesome videos 🙂

    Thank you.

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