George Lucas could never have known that his
space opera would turn into one of the most well-known and profitable movie franchises
in history. If he had, the director might have spent a bit more time filming the original
series to make sure some of the more entertaining mistakes were left on the cutting room floor.
Luckily, that wasn’t the case, which means fans can spot each and every obvious or hard-to-miss
error. Even after all these years, Luke Skywalker’s big screen adventure still has a few surprises.
Here are Screenrant’s 10 Star Wars Movie Mistakes You Missed. Luke’s Ghost It’s no secret that some of George Lucas’s
“improvements” on the original film weren’t popular with fans, but just as many new mistakes
seemed to slip into new editions. When Luke’s aunt and uncle wake up to find him already
out searching for R2-D2, there’s something off about the shot of the empty homestead.
What looks like rolling film is actually a still image, with a ghostly image of Luke
visible in one of the doorways. Was Skywalker a Force ghost the entire time, and fans just
never knew? Creepy. Wired Lightsabers The weapons of the Jedi Knights were more
than cutting edge, but on set, they’re was actually a clever use of old-fashioned tech.
The swords had three sides covered in reflective tape, which would rotate to give off a shimmering
effect. It worked wonders at the time – except when Obi-Wan and Darth Vader first face off,
and the white power cord is clearly visible running from the Jedi’s saber up his sleeve. Rebel Editing George Lucas didn’t have every detail of
his story down pat before filming, which meant a few scenes had to be edited out or trimmed
down in post-production. When Luke is reunited with his friend Biggs before the attack on
the Death Star, their commanding officer shows up to meet his newest pilot. The man originally
made an offhand comment about knowing Luke’s father, but knowing what problems that would
cause, Lucas decided to edit it out, obscuring the cut with an unknown person walking in
front of the camera. Unfortunately, R2-D2’s sudden jump in the background made sure the
cut would stand out for all time. Dusty Saber The swordfighting choreography improved over
the course of the series, but in the first movie, actors Alec Guinness and David Prowse
took their duel as seriously as possible. Even though they were constantly told to NOT
slam their stunt swords together for fear of breaking them, they couldn’t hold back.
They’re supposed to be beams of energy in the movie, but with every hit, it’s easy
to see the clouds of dust flying off. These days, it hopefully just adds to the tension. Colorless Droids The special effects team basically created
the entire industry with Star Wars, so some mistakes can be forgiven. These days we know
that if a character is dressed in blue, a green backdrop will be needed to add in effects.
In the first movie, that fact slipped by. So with every shot of R2-D2 riding aboard
Luke’s X-Wing, it’s hard to miss his blue paint job suddenly turned black, effectively
rendered see-through thanks to the blue screen used by the crew. Luke’s Lips George Lucas may add in aliens or boulders
wherever he chooses, but what happens if you want to add a line of dialogue that an actor
never spoke? That’s the problem with Luke’s arrival on the planet Dagobah. When he explains
that he’s there to search for Yoda, his extra line – “if he even exists” – wasn’t
spoken by actor Mark Hamill. The special effects team tried to cheat by altering the darkness
of the actor’s mouth, but there was just no way to fake it. Jedi Knights are apparently
gifted ventriloquists. Tipping Walkers No Star Wars fan will forget the adrenaline
rush, or the laughter of seeing a massive Imperial Walker brought down with a single
rope in the Battle of Hoth. But Luke proves he doesn’t need anything but a lightsaber
and a thermal detonator to bring one to its knees. It’s an impressive stunt, but a little
less fantastic when you notice the stick being used to simply push up one of the walker’s
back feet to tip it to one side (Episode V 33:04 on the back left foot) Familiar Asteroid Every director knows the value of using old
or unused footage to make a different scene pop, and the asteroid field of the Empire
Strikes Back is famous for including everything from potatoes to old running shoes. But one
asteroid is a bit more familiar. Apparently, the effects team decided to re-purpose a shot
of the Millenium Falcon flying through the field, applying the view from inside the ship’s
cockpit. But keep an eye on the asteroid flying in from the bottom corner (bottom left, as
soon as Han comes to the cockpit), and you’ll notice the unmistakable shape of Han Solo’s
ship flying by. The effects team managed to blur out details of the hull, but its barrel
roll makes it impossible to miss. What’s My Line? When the Falcon finds a home in a massive
space worm, a tremor sends Princess Leia into the captain’s arms. It’s hard to know
how many times the actors had to perform the scene, but Harrison Ford clearly got bored
first. When Carrie Fisher tells her co-star that she’s less than excited, Ford silently
mouths her entire line along with her. Watch Your Head These days it’s rare to see a CG effect
or object actually pop through or on top of an actor’s performance, since attention
to detail has never been higher. But back in the early days, layering one effect onto
another shot was a time-consuming process. So when Darth Vader’s shuttle was rendered
a little too low on the landing pad of Endor’s moon, the mistake was left in. Audiences now
get to enjoy seeing Vader’s black helmet passing through the nose of his ship on every
viewing. So what do you think of our list? Did we miss
any of your favorite errors, goofs, or mistakes in the Star Wars series? Let us know in our
comment section and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for more videos like this one.

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “10 Star Wars Movie Mistakes You Missed”

  1. The biggest ever mistake was continuing the Saga after the best trilogy was made. I abhor the first three episodes…and episodes 7 and 8 are remakes of 4 and 5…right down to the snowy planet. No wonder Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill weren't all that enthusiastic. RIP Carrie Fisher.

  2. In New Hope, Darth Vader is speaking to Grand Moff Tarkin and stops speaking but continues to move his arm. This is right after the meetings of admirals and generals where Darth Vader chokes the admiral for his lack of faith in the force.

  3. why do people want to find the mistakes that people make for no reason at all just to discriminate the great and awsome movies these people created?

  4. You missed six or seven in the first movie you should just do these one movie at a time because there’s way too much in the first movie at least

  5. The best and easiest to spot is the storm trooper bumping his head on the door.I saw that the fist time I saw the original starwars in the theater when I was 7

  6. I've seen these movies hundreds of times and never noticed a single one of these mistakes. Why do you say they're "obvious" or "impossible to miss". 😂

  7. And don't forget the right hand of Anakin Skywalker on RotS: when he arrives on Mustafar and he covers his head with the hood, his right hand isn't protected by the glove.

  8. You are wrong about falcon asteroid. Either it's the millennium falcon or it's the shoe, because the one you are saying is the millennium falcon is also the same one you are saying is the shoe. If you pause the one you say is the falcon you can clearly see that it can be paused to match the one you say is the shoe, only it's the mirror image of the shoe. It's the same footage, mirrored and reused. To me the shoe looks like a mans face with a mustache wearing sunglasses and I can see the same likeness of that face reversed on the other one. What is said to be the shoe – 2:59 and what is said to be the falcon – 4:18. it's the same thing.

  9. These are impossible to miss is that before or after it’s been stopped and gone over with a fine tooth comm

  10. The biggest goof SW ever made? Hiring JJ Abrams. How does that asshat keep getting work? He must be really cheap.

  11. In A New Hope, as Luke, Obi-Wan and the droids are headed for the Falcon's docking bay on Tatooine, they are being tracked by locals loyal to the Empire. One of them has an elongated trunk-like snout. He chatters into a com link, and then makes a gesture and smacks himself in the nose.

  12. I still love the stormtrooper that bonks his head in A new Hope. And really Laugh too hard, selling it to Disney, have you watched the prequels?? They suck hard Bantha butt

  13. It's quite amusing that the 'stolen data plans' that the Rebels view at their hideout looks like a very bad graphic from an old Atari gaming console

  14. Some of the mistakes kind of blend in. Like the stick on the walkers leg, it just looked like a damaged part hanging there. I saw the saber dust the first time around and thought it was just how the light sabers were supposed to work.

  15. I think it was Return of the Jedi, during a tie fighter scene, a white "H" appears in space for one frame. Also Jabba the Hutt says a really obscene line in English when the subtitle says "You are Bantham Fodder now". Hilarious really that its so unknown after all these years. I heard it 20 years ago only while listening to the movie in another room and not distracted by the subtitle.

  16. In empire strikes back when the wompa first attacks Luke, the person wearing the wompa hand reaches high enough you can see some of his arm.

  17. Dont forget when a stormtrooper wacks his head on a door frame when they entered the room where c3po and r2d2 are hiding.

  18. How about the AWFUL painted-on shadow on the Emperor's right eye in "The Return of the Jedi"! It is SOOOOO BADLY DONE! It moves and squirms around during the conversation between Luke and the Emperor. It is much darker than the actual shadows. It's like Lucas colored it in with a sharpie! What's even worse, Lucas NEVER corrected it with any CGI?!?!?! You can still see it on the most recent versions!

  19. I could do youtube video on the mistakes of this upload…. "ROPE"?! Don't you mean 'CABLE' And R2D2 should look black and white because in space you cant see colour due to the lack of atmosphere.

  20. In the original release of Return Of The Jedi, the Millennium Falcon wasn't matted properly and either 2 or 4 of the tie fighters swarming toward it during the battle of Endor fly right through it. Fixed in later releases.

  21. Errors? I would say the whole set of episodes 1,2,and 3 were the biggest mistake ever. Aside from the terrible acting and worse dialogue, the mess of anakin you name it it is rubbish. I can live with the original three untouched but Lucas really should be told when to stop!

  22. 🤔never notice or seen any! And ive seen the movie a million times sort of say! And is not like im looking for any mistakes too!

  23. In star wars a new hope r2 and 3po are in the control center whe 3 troops come in. One of them hit there head on the door

  24. Even with the mistakes that I've never noticed, I still think those 3 original movies are hands down better than episodes 1,2,3,7, &8. They were light years ahead of the competition.

  25. Before being frozen in The Empire Strikes Back, Han Solo has his hands tied. But when the slab is picked from the freezing chamber, his hands are free.

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