10 Reasons Why You Should Tie Your Shoes And
Hit The Gym Exercise is probably the single most important
part of any healthy lifestyle. It can transform the way you look and feel
— but it seems as if most people focus too much on the “look” portion of it. Yes, exercise can help you lose weight, but
if that’s your only motivation it will be very hard to stick to an exercise regimen. There are tons of other benefits of regular
exercise besides weight loss; I hope they will motivate you to hit the gym after reading
this! 1. You’ll have better sex if you work out When you work out, you’ll feel better about
yourself. When you feel better about yourself, you’ll
feel more comfortable with your body. When that happens… let’s just say it’s
a better time in between the sheets. It’s been proven that resistance/strength
training improves testosterone levels in men (and women!), and this important chemical
will lead to increased energy, mood, and sex drive. You should work multiple large muscle groups
(think upper body, lower body, abs) several days a week. 2. You’ll feel fantastic Exercise produces a natural high. When you work out, your body releases feel-good
chemicals called endorphins, which boost your mood and just make you feel on top of the
world. 3. Exercise reduces PMS symptoms When you’re PMSing, you feel awful. Bloating, cramps and a desire for all things
chocolate (at least, that’s how my girlfriend gets!) It may be the last thing you want to do, but
being physically active can reduce all these symptoms! It’s even been shown to help with depression
during menstrual cycles. 4. Increased confidence This one is obvious, but should still be mentioned. When you exercise, you feel better, you look
better, you’re stronger and you have more energy. All these benefits, in combination with the
endorphin boost I mentioned earlier, will have a ripple effect on everything in your
life. You’ll feel empowered, in control, and have
more confidence. 5. Regular exercise increases your energy levels Exercise, despite requiring energy to do,
has been proven to increase your overall energy levels. You’ll actually keep going throughout your
entire day. 6. Exercise improves cognitive function and memory Want to be smarter and sharper? Take breaks from exercising your mind to exercise
your body. Yes, there are plenty of knuckleheads out
there who are strong as a bear with the mind of a gorilla, but that’s because they have
the opposite problem — exercise is easy, learning is hard. There have been studies which show physically
fit kids to have performed better on standardized tests. Even something as simple as going for a walk
boosts brain activity and concentration. 7. Regular exercise will help you sleep better Studies have shown that an active exercise
regimen increases the quality and ease of sleep! Just try not to exercise too close to bedtime. 8. Strengthens your muscles and bones Many people stick to cardio and never strength
train — this is bad because although cardio helps your cardiovascular system (duh), it
doesn’t help keep your muscles and bones strong. In old age, while our cardio system does take
a hit, it’s our bones and muscles that go first. When you strength train, you’ll have more
strength and energy as you age and you’ll combat all those awful atrophy problems. 9. You’ll be more creative Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerburg used to hold
“walking meetings” in which they went for a walk while they talked about business
ideas. There’s a reason for this — light physical
activity stimulates the brain and helps us brainstorm. These studies show people who walk, indoors
or outdoors, and more creative during the exercise. 10. You’ll feel happier Of course, the thing everyone wants more than
anything else is happiness, right? Well, exercise is one of the keys to fulfilling
that desire. Just get up and start moving, and your mood
will improve almost instantly. I hope these 10 reasons have motivated you
to get up and go to the gym, or for a walk, right now! Good luck, and happy exercising!

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Dennis Veasley

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