10 Mistakes Older Guys Make Trying To Look
Young [0:00:00]
Mistake number one that older guys make trying to look young is just that, they’re trying
to look young instead of embracing their age. Here’s the deal is that you don’t want
to look young, what you want to look is healthy, you want to look strong, you want to look
successful. So, there is a 2018 study published in the
Journal of Science Advances, and they actually studied online dating ideal ages. For men,
what you do you think the ideal age was? 20? 30? 40? No. It was 50 years old.
So, my point is, it’s not about you looking young, it’s about you looking good for your
age, you looking the best that you can with what you got.
In today’s video, gents, ten mistakes older guys make trying to look young.
[Music] And, make sure to stick around ‘til the
end of this video because I’m going to talk about that study again where they talk about
peak attractiveness age for women. Guys, it was brutal.
So, the next mistake older guys make trying to look young is they can’t let go of their
baseball caps. Guys, look to upgrade your headwear. If you’re going to support your
favorite team, of course, wear your team colors, but guys, look for situations where you can
upgrade your headwear. If it’s hot outside, the sun is going to
be in your face, then look for a hat, maybe a Panama, something with a wide brim. If it’s
in the winter months, then all of a sudden bring in maybe an insulated flat cap that’s
going to have, you know, this one right here turns out and covers the ears. Look for something
that functions, look to upgrade your headwear game.
Now, I know a lot of you guys are wearing that baseball caps, you don’t want to deal
with your hair. That takes me to the next point which is to level up your hair game
by going to the best stylist in your area. Maybe even going to the same barber for years,
maybe you haven’t been to a barber for years. In any case, guys, take some pride in your
hair, have fun go get a new style. You’ve got longer hair, try a shorter hairstyle.
If you’re losing hair if you’ve got thinning hair here, consider shaving it off going for
a different more dominant look. You don’t want to go with the bald look? Then look at
your options. Maybe you want to find a treatment that’s going to help it grow back. Maybe
you want to look at a hair transplant. The point is take control of your hair.
So, the next mistake older guys make trying to look young, they try to keep up with those
twenty year olds. They’re going out drinking all night partying all night and guess what?
Guys, time is going to catch up with you, your body needs more rest, you’ve got to
take care of your body. Guys, if you want to look healthy if you want
to have great looking skin, focus in on your diet, focus in on exercise, and bring in Tiege
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So, the next mistake older guys make trying to look young is they wear their running shoes
everywhere. Guys, invest in some good casual footwear. So, you can go with a simple white
sneaker. Notice the difference here? This is a huge upgrade. Okay, you don’t want
to deal with this getting dirty? Then, go with a simple black maybe bring in something
a little bit more stylish. Notice how the silhouette all of a sudden
changed on this? We’ve got a perforated leather. In any case, tons of options out
there for casual shoes, just don’t be wearing those running shoes, guys, they’re for running.
And, if you’re going to be running, sure, wear them, but for other situations look to
upgrade your shoes. So, the next mistake older guys make, wearing
the wrong type of jeans. So, when you’re in your 20’s, you’re in great shape, you
can get away with a lot of things, you can wear things that honestly don’t look that
great, but because you’ve got a killer body, you’re going to be fine, but as you age,
your body oftentimes, well, it’s just not like it was in its 20’s, so you need to
make sure that you’re wearing jeans that work for your body type.
Now, for most older guys this is going to mean no skinny jeans and definitely no baggy
jeans. Now, when it comes to rhinestones on those back pockets, I’m going to say probably
avoid that. When it comes down to baggy jeans that are sagging down past your buttocks,
please do not do that. When it comes to distressed jeans, I think some guys can pull it off if
they know what they’re doing, but that’s more for the fashion forward.
[0:05:00] So, I’m going to have a little bit of fun
with this next mistake. When I was 19, I wore this graphic tee, it said, “Men make the
strangest request”. To this day a buddy of mine his wife still remembers me wearing
this and she did not have a favorable impression on me for a decade.
The point is if you’re an older guy trying to look young wearing these graphic tees with
funny sayings, the issue here is what is your real goal and message in life. Are you trying
to achieve greatness, are you trying to get that company off the ground? Are you trying
to go out there and be the best man you can be to be a great father to set an example?
Here is the issue, when you wear something like that, you are not sending the message
you want to send. And, guys, graphic tees in general have been overplayed, they don’t
work for most body types. You would look so much better with a nice casual button-down.
And, speaking of shirts, know when to tuck them in. When you’re young you can kind
of get away with it, but, again, when you get older there’s expectations that you
understand when are shirts should tucked in and when it should be worn untucked. Dress
shirts are always tucked in. When it comes down to other casual button-downs, I know
that a lot of times you’ve worn that untucked, but look to see how would it look if you tuck
in that casual button-down. Now, with polos those are oftentimes going
to have a straight bottom, but you want to make sure you buy a shirt that’s made to
be worn untucked that isn’t too long or too short. The easiest way to figure this
out, I’ve got you covered right here. I’ve got lengths of what should be tucked, what
should be untucked. Now, getting back to that first mistake, your
goal isn’t to look young, your goal is to look healthy, your goal is to look successful.
But, what does it mean to look successful? Now, when you go back and you look at the
research from that 2018 study on online dating, what you’ll notice is that men, we focused
in on one thing, age; women, they focused in on multiple variables.
So, men, we focus in on getting a partner that’s younger than us. The optimum age
in case you’re wondering, 18. Yes, I know brutal, but that’s what the research clearly
showed. Women on the other hand, they’re looking at a number of other cues. They’re
smarter, they realized, okay, if I want a mate that’s actually going to work for me
and what I’m looking for, I need to look at the whole picture.
So, looking at all of this, the biggest mistake that older guys make is they’re still thinking
like they did in their youth. They’re focusing in on one thing. Instead of saying you know
what? It’s a bigger puzzle, it’s multiple things and I should not only focus in on my
health, on my appearance, but also on the way I present myself and full picture.
So, what video to watch next? Well, guys, we didn’t talk about body language mistakes,
but I do in this video, so go check it out and make sure that you don’t make any of
these mistakes. [0:07:27] End of Audio

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    What they dont realize is that trying to look younger (I like to use the term "teenagerish" to describe this) is always bound to fail and will make you look older instead AND will you judged a lot. Well dressed (clean, well matched, not exaggeratedly fancy) men will not try to hide their age, but they will be estimated at at least 10 years less than their actual age by looking fit, awake, healthy, planted, grown up and positive. Just like this video says.

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