– Hey guys, I’m Serene. – And I’m Chris. Today’s workout is going to
be a quick and super effective workout that had been
designed for those of us just starting out on our fitness journey. It’s a led fit category one out of three, which means anyone can do it. You can do this one time, or you can repeat it three
times for maximum effect. So let’s get going. Hey guys, so each exercise
is going to be for 30 seconds with a 15 second break in between. I’m going to show you the next exercise during that break. You can follow along and
then repeat the video for maximum effect. Okay guys, first exercise
is called high knee march. Really simple, feet shoulder length apart, arms up, and you’re going
to bring your arms down, and your legs up at the same time. Ready? One, two, one, two. One, two. Okay guys, here we go. Get those legs up, get those arms down, and engage your core the entire time. This exercise is not just about bringing your arms down and your legs up, but you want to create that
mind/muscle connection. When you bring your arms
down and your legs up, squeeze that core. Keep everything nice and tight. You have about 10 seconds left. Keep going, you can do it. I believe in you. This exercise is a fantastic
way to warm up the muscles, get the heart flowing, get some
blood going to the muscles. All right, you are done. Okay guys, so your next
exercise is going to be a simple jab cross, or one, two. You’re going to do this while
bouncing just a little bit from your knees. So it’s one, two, one, two, one, two. All right, here we go. We’re going to knock out
any stress, any anxiety. Anything you’re dealing
with, here’s where you do it. Get that left, get that right, turn those hips, turn that foot, bounce a little bit. Get that cardio going. This is a fantastic exercise. This is one of my favorite things to do, especially if I’m early on in my workout. Keep punching, you’ve got 10 seconds left. Punch, punch, yes! Good job. Keep going. Turn that foot out. Don’t forget to turn the foot out. Bounce, bounce, good job. Okay guys, the next exercise is going to be what’s called
a low-impact burpee. Watch. So you guys start in a plank position. You’re simply going to
step, step, and reach, and back down to beginning. Step, step, reach, back down. Okay, I’m going to
challenge you just a bit. We’re going to step back, and then step up and reach. Step back, step up, and then reach. Keep going through the entire workout. Don’t quit on this one, and if you want to add
a degree of difficulty, when you get to the top, give it a jump. When you get to the bottom, jump back into position. It’s totally up to you. Either way is going to
give you a fantastic burn. It’s going to give you a
great exercise workout. When you get to the bottom jump. When you get to the top jump, or step back and then step up at the top. Good job. So your next exercise is
going to be a simple squat, but we’re going to add one feature to it, and the key to this is not hunching over, and squatting down, but to really get that booty out, like you’re going to sit on a stool. Okay guys, here we go. I can’t stress enough you want
to get that booty way back. Do not hunch over, because you’re going to nullify
any results you might get from this particular exercise. You want to feel that burn
all the way from your booty to your legs, your quadriceps
back to your glutes. You want that 3D peach, right? So squat, get that booty way back. Get those arms out. 10 seconds left. Here we go, good job. Okay guys, so the next exercise is going to be a wide
leg plank shoulder touch. You’re gonna touch, down, touch, down, touch, down, touch, down. Keep your core engaged the entire time. Okay, form is super important on this one. You don’t want too much
of an arch in your back. You don’t want too much
of a hunch in your back, or a slouch in your back, or a dip. You want to make sure that
that spine is nice and long, and then just touch. Touch, good job. Touch, touch, and for an
added degree of difficulty, you can come up like I’m about to do now. Come up on your feet to
a full plank position. Engage that core. The core is the most
important part of this, so keep it engaged
through the entire time, and then just keep
touching those shoulders. Next exercise is called a superman push, so you’re going to arch your feet up, arch your arms out, and you’re going to
push, push, push, push. And keep your butt tucked, so legs up, arms up, and push, push. So I do this stretch every morning, this superman stretch, because it’s so good
to get some blood flow to your lower back and
when you add the arms, when you push them out, your shoulders should be screaming by the end of this workout, so keep that arch in your back. Keep your legs up. Keep your shoulders off the mat, and then just keep pushing forward. Try to give yourself some
resistance when you push forward. If you do that, you’ll
find that your shoulders are even more at your mercy
at the end of this workout. All right guys, so your next exercise is gonna focus on the
front part of your core. So you’re gonna leave your hands down, back flat to the floor, and you’re just gonna bring your knees in. Okay guys, so keep your head,
your shoulders, your hands, and your lower back always
attached to the ground. This way, you don’t create any
undue pressure on your neck, and then just bring those legs in. For an added degree of difficulty, you can actually keep your legs at more of a 90 degree angle, as opposed to a 45 degree angle, which is what mine are. And I mean from the
knee down to the ankle, so just keep bringing
’em in, bringing ’em in. Focus on that core, and then just let the
exercise do its magic. – Okay guys, you can repeat
this video two times, three times, or five times, depending on your fitness level. This is a great warm up exercise as well before your weight training or before going into a more
intense HIIT training. We can’t wait to bring your more workouts, but this is a great full body, especially if you’ve been
trying to get fit again. Really easy, really fast. One time, we’re both
sweating and out of breath. Make sure you’re engaging
all of the muscle groups that you’re using and
keep your belly tucked in. Feel your core squeezing, using it, and also, your booty. That will really make these
exercises even more effective. Repeat it again, right now. That was your break. And see you soon, bye!

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Dennis Veasley

16 thoughts on “10 Minute Full Body Workout At Home – no equipment, no jumping”

  1. I love this idea, not only do I work I also go to school and I love that I can come home and do a good workout.

  2. We are so excited to bring you our first of many workouts. You can repeat this video 2, 3, 4, or 5 times for a full body fat burning routine. Do you like this format or should we cut the explanations during the breaks and show you the entire routine first then go into the routine fully? Share your thoughts!

  3. You guys are too cute, I feel like your proud Auntie as I watch this. But seriously, this will be a great before and after my elliptical workout!

  4. I'm going to give this a try on a day where my pain is manageable. For someone like me who is very overweight and sedentary due to my chronic pain, I am not sure how I can modify this. Any suggestions? Should I try and if anything is too much, just walk in place? Honestly walking for 5 minutes may be all I can do right now. If you or Chris have any suggestions, that'd be great! Love that y'all are doing this together! I love how encouraging Chris is too!

  5. Love how doable this workout is! A great way for me to get some exercise in at home after a long day at work. 🙌🏼 Plus the no jumping is a bonus so I don’t piss off my neighbors below me ha ha! 😆

  6. Great first workout video! I actually have been following various YouTube workout channels for almost 2 years and it’s helped me tremendously getting back in shape. Things I like about your video- the detailed instructions of each move especially which muscle to feel the burn so I know I’m working correctly; it’s often a challenge working out without a mirror or personal trainer so these little tips are great. The voice over is also helpful coz I can hear your instructions clearly. I find others that don’t, I end up messing up coz I can’t hear and see the steps when I’m lying down and can’t see the TV lol

  7. This is so great!!! Having the difficulty levels for future videos is so helpful! I also love hearing Chris explain everything and then be so encouraging through the workout! I love this so much and I can’t wait to see the future of this channel! It’s going to hell so many, including me!

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