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Dennis Veasley

27 thoughts on “10 lucky points in table tennis”

  1. I believe Lucky points should be omitted from table tennis! that is against the essence of table tennis which is rally!I believe lucky points should be repeated by the umpire like a let serve!!.Imagine a set would end in 6 or 8 lucky points for just one player!!Fans also do not like such points!!opponents should have the chance to hit the ball!!so lucky points are not fair at all!!such nasty points destroy the nice joyfulness of table tennis!

  2. I was looking forward to see some great points that end with a net or edge. Not just service push receive net. Those points are not very interesting to me

  3. Hey Ive been playing arount with the thought of changing from Shakehand to Penhold but i fear that ill just really bad and all my years practising will be gone. Do you think that someone can change from Shakehand to Penhold and still perform on a similar level after 2-3 months?

  4. The real table tennis player must embrace these lucky points and enjoy them with a smile. Both their own and those of the adversary. Those who don't are mere robots that don't have any capacity for anticipation. Table tennis artists, on the other hand, have the ability to create magic with impossible effects and purposely create those lucky points. Those who don't like these points, it's time to look for another sport, little girls. Go cry to your mothers.

  5. Last season, I won a set thanx to maybe 5 or 6 lucky points 🙂 frustrating for both me and my opponent, id say.

  6. I played table tennis for 1 year but the most frustrating thing is not when i lose because of alucky point but when i get a lucky point

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