10 Simple Hacks Any Can Do To Look Better!
[0:00:00] Today’s video, I got ten simple hacks that
you can implement almost immediately. All of these can make you more attractive
can make you more approachable and you can implement them today. Are you ready, gents? Let’s do it. [Music]
Tip number one, gentlemen. I want you to think happy thoughts, I want
you to be grateful, I want you to be optimist because people find positive people more attractive
and this is something that is just simply you can flip the switch. I know sometimes it’s tough, but here is
the deal, you become more attractive not only to the opposite sex, but also to other people
in general when you have a positive spin when you practice being positive. Let’s say for one minute, you can then be
positive for two minutes maybe for five minutes maybe for twenty five minutes, but all of
a sudden you start to feel better about yourself. And that leads me to tip number two is all
of a sudden you start to actually stand up straight, you start to actually raise those
eyes, you start to actually act like you’re stronger like you’re actually a more positive
person and people pick up on that body language. Some of you guys naturally you built the habit
to look down. No, raise those eyes up, roll those shoulders
back and walk like you’ve got something to give the world like you know who you are
and you know what you stand for. Next up, gents, I want you to smile and a
real one. Come on, think – we’re going back to the
happy thoughts you’re standing up straight and when you see somebody, practice smiling
and you’re going to find when you smile at people they’re going to smile back. That right there is going to make you feel
better and all of a sudden you’re going to come off as more attractive
Yes, when you smile you are going to be more attractive. They’ve got a whole study out there in which
they compare the same person one time he’s smiling, then the next time he’s not and
people are looking at this and the vast majority of both sexes find someone who smiles as more
attractive. So, the next tip to easily improve your style,
gents, is to try something new which may be a big step for a lot of you guys, so let’s
make it easy. Go out there and try one of those new subscription
box services. Have you seen these things? Now, I want you to go check out SprezzaBox,
the paid sponsor of today’s video. And I love this company because they’ve
shipped out over a million boxes and they do a great job of when the boxes the ones
they ship to you, everything in there is curated and is going to work together. And, guys, you don’t have to take my word
for it, let’s go ahead and I’m going to show you what’s inside their boxes. All right. So, let’s go ahead and let’s open this
one up, The Bowery. And they’ve got a nice note here. And what I love is I’ve got exactly what
is going to be on the inside of this box. This is what is on the inside of the box and
they give this to me right here. As you guys can see I’ve got a Spezza necktie
right here. Next up, we’ve got the Shades Club sunglasses. What do you guys think? Clubmaster classic style. Next up, I’ve got this Stesso socks, nice
weight too. Next up, I’ve got this DIBI beanie and I
was actually in the market for a new beanie. I’ve never had one actually this color,
but what I like gray, it’s going to match pretty much anything in your wardrobe and,
yeah, nice beanie. This right here made the whole package worth
it. And then, I’ve got this Oxford Square lapel
pin. Now, guys, what do you think? I thought that was a great box. And everything in there if we’re to add
up all the prices over a hundred dollars, guys. $28 a month, that’s what SprezzaBox is going
to cost you. I’m linking to them down in the description
and I want you to go check them out, but first, let’s go get into another box. All right. So, let’s go ahead and open this one up
and we’ve got The Delancey. So, first up we’ve got a tie from Indochino. Good looking tie, I think. What do you guys think? You like this tie? I think it’s really nice. Next up, we’ve got Bedford and Broome socks. Next up, we’ve got the Sprezza pocket square. Look at the pattern on this pocket square. Next up, we’ve got some wine coasters and
we have a cord holder. So, actually I just ordered one of these,
so it’s kind of cool. And, by the way, if you like anything you’re
seeing in today’s video, let me know down in the comments and I’m going to choose
a few of you guys send something out, but be specific, okay? Next up, we’ve got The Houston and it’s
after Houston St. in Soho. All right. So, the first thing we have a Perry Ellis
necktie. Next up, we’ve got some Zockz socks and
I like this we got a little bit of lavender, going to work with the purple necktie. Also inside, we’ve got some Thursday Boots
laces for replacing the laces on your boots. Next up, we’ve got an Alara pocket square. This one a very lightweight in a glen check
pattern. Check that out. Next up, we’ve got a classic keychain as
you can see right here. And at the bottom we’ve got the Sprezza
valet and I really like this. If you don’t know what these are, basically
you can put this on a desk and they’re like hold all for your keys or any small items
that you would lose. And, doesn’t that look good? It’s actually made from a nice leather. This right here made the box for me. Now, gents, what do you think of that box? I like that one especially like that valet
tray, but let me know down in the comments if you saw something you like. Gents, free shipping in the US and easy cancellation
return policy. I’m linking to SprezzaBox down in the description
of this video with the best discount code you’re going to find out there. Use it or lose it, guys. Oh, and stick around. At the end of this video, I’m going to open
up one more box. Next up, gentlemen, take a shower and I know
what you’re thinking, Captain Obvious, give me something new. But, here’s the deal with showers, two things
you may not know. Number one, starting with the cold shower,
that is actually going to increase how fast your breathing. Next up, they’ve actually shown that cold
showers can increase testosterone and even improve the immune system. [0:05:06]
Now, part two of this is really interesting and that is you should take a shower at any
point that you think you smell even if you’re going to meet with someone through a video
conference. And you’re wondering how does that matter? Well, the study shows we’re actually people
who thought that they smell they were less confident. So, go shower, go clean up, feel good about
yourself because that’s going to affect your confidence even if the person on the
other side has no way that they’ll be able to smell you. So, we’ve established that you don’t want
to smell bad, but what about smelling good? Guys, 80% of men do not have a signature scent,
they don’t wear fragrance on a regular basis, they’ve not trained themselves to actually
associate a fragrance with feeling good. So, how to find a signature scent? The problem with most men is that they let
women choose their fragrances for them. You don’t want to do that. You want to find something put it on and find
what you like. Next thing you know you got liquid courage
you’re using, you’re going out there and you are killing it with those presentations. People are complimenting you not only on the
way you look, they’re getting up close to you and like, wow, I love the way that you
smell and you feel better, you look more attractive. Next up, gentlemen. Go exercise. Go to the gym and lift weights, go for a run. And I know, Captain Obvious, of course, if
I lose 25 lbs put on 5, 10 lbs of muscle I’m going to of course be more attractive. That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the psychology of simply
going and exercising once. And, yes, of course you want to do this consistently,
you do want to lose weight you do want to put on the muscle, but it’s about simply
how you get the endorphins flowing in your body. And you are going to stand up straighter,
you’re going to think happier thoughts. See, how all these works together? And you are going to feel better and you’re
going to look better. Next up, gentlemen, tuck in your shirt just
see what it looks like. Look at yourself in the mirror, tuck that
shirt in. Now, a lot of you guys are tucking in your
shirt, but you’re tucking it in incorrectly. So, have you ever seen the military tuck? You need to try to incorporate this. This right here is going to keep that shirt
tucked in. It’s also going to slim up your appearance. Learn to tuck in your shirt correctly and
it’s going to improve your image. Next up, gents, know the name of your tailor. Everything you wear needs to fit your body. Fit is king, I’ve talked about this hundreds
of times on my channel, but so many guys just simply don’t take the step. And all you have to do is take this clothing
to a tailor, you may find that what you’re going to get on a return on investment is
huge compared to the small amount of money you’re going to pay that tailor to dart
those shirts to shorten the sleeves on those jackets to hem those trousers. All of a sudden you’re going to put that
stuff on you’re going to put – you’re going to look like a million bucks. And that’s what I want to see guys is for
you to walk out feel more confident to look better to get those compliments and to improve
to become that man you know yourself to be. The next tip to be more attractive, cheat
on your barber because you’ve been going to that barber for two, five, ten, fifteen
years. Go see that stylist across town and, yes,
ask them what would you do different and what you change up. Let them, you know, throw some ideas away,
you don’t want to go with anything extreme because, yes, you can go back to your old
look. But here’s the deal is they may do something
and you’re like, wow, I don’t even recognize that guy and I love this look. And even if you change it up and you don’t
like it, believe me you’re going to get compliments, people are going to notice, you’re
going to feel better. If you don’t, then go back to your old style,
but you’re going to try something new and that’s what we’re going for. Okay. So, let’s open up this box. What do we have? The New Yorker. So, first up I’ve got a fashion watch with
company called DIBI. I like it came in a nice little case like
this. And this is the watch right there. Next up, I got socks from Sprezza, Sprezza
socks. Actually, I like this pattern, I like this
color. Again, they always send great socks. Now, this thing is really cool, a Nomad Lane
money clip. So, basically you put your money there. And this right here to me makes the box. I absolutely love money clips and I do not
have one like this. The only thing missing with this money clip
is a few hundred dollar bills, right? Next up, I got this four-in-one wash. Now, this next item is the most interesting
item I received in all the boxes. Can you guess what this thing is? This is an ice cube mold. So, if you want to create some really interesting
ice cubes and my wife loves these stuff. She’s all about creating – she – she
bought these ice cubes that actually light up – not ice cubes, they’re plastic, but
this right here, it’s actually pretty cool. I’ve seen people actually create really
big ice cubes and I like this thing. I didn’t expect to get something like this. Again, opening your mind to new ideas to make
you stylish. All right, guys, so don’t forget go check
out SprezzaBox. I’m linking to them down in the description. And, you know if you like any of the items
you saw from SprezzaBox, let me know down in the comments I want to hear from you guys. That’s it. Take care. I will see you in the next video. [0:09:29] End of Audio

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