(upbeat music) (rain pouring) – [Narrator] Any outdoor
explorer will tell you, if you don’t come prepared,
you might just get burned. (thundering)
(rain pouring) Make sure you don’t get hosed
(upbeat music) and carry storm-proof matches on your next adventure. A set of fire starters that are truly windproof and waterproof. Like any match, strike them to light. But unlike ordinary matches, they’re practically impossible to blow out in the strongest winds or
when it’s pouring down rain. These amazing matches will remain lit even after you’ve submerged them in water. You can even bury them in dirt, and they’ll remain lit
for a full 15 seconds. Of course they’re great
for surviving in the wild, but they’re a lifesaver even if you just want
to light up the grill when the wind’s not cooperating. Stay high and dry in the
windiest and wettest conditions with stormproof matches. Buy the fire starters
and hundreds more gifts at vat19.com. – These stormproof matches
are almost unbelievable, so stick around to see even
more unbelievable upgrades. (crickets chirping) (upbeat music) – [Announcer] Prepare
to have your mind blown by the crazy fun magnetic thinking putty. Bend it, stretch it
(rock music) and bounce it just like regular silly putty. But set it next to a magnet, and thinking putty comes alive. Its attractive nature comes from millions of magnetic particles infused in the putty. Using the included
neodymium iron boron magnet, (laser blasting) meaning super strong, you can charge the particles in the putty, then magnetically pick up objects like paperclips, tacks and staples. This time lapse shot shows
the putty slowly engulfing the magnet over the
course of half an hour. You may have doubts, but we promise it’s not a living organism. Thinking putty takes on
different physical properties depending on how fast
you interact with it. Apply a slow force, and it stretches and feels rubbery. With a quick force, the putty cleanly breaks like foam, and with an instant impact well, let’s just say you
might need a metal detector to find all the pieces. Let’s see that one more time. Okay, just one more time. (upbeat rock music) Buy this amazing desk
toy and stress reliever right now at vat19.com. There’s no denying that
knives are incredibly useful and versatile tools. For today’s prepared gentleman, there’s the CardSharp. This ultra-light utility knife easily collapses into its
own credit card-size sheath that discreetly and
safely fits into a wallet. The card transitions into
an elegant cutting tool with three simple folds. Simply release the safety catch, flip the blade upright, fold the flaps into a handle and lock the handle using
the six security pegs. Then get to work with your portable blade. The surgical steel blade has
a 65-millimeter cutting edge, and the polypropylene handle is guaranteed to last a lifetime of
folding and unfolding. The well-balanced tool is lighter than an empty aluminum
can, and is engineered to the thickness of two credit cards. It may be half the size
of a typical knife, but it’s certainly not half as useful. From slicing produce to opening packaging, the CardSharp tackles
(paper ripping) everyday jobs with ease. And if you want to cut threw a tennis ball for some reason, you can do that too. Buy the CardSharp now at vat19.com. This is a toy.
(upbeat music) This is not. Go big or go home on the 10-foot pogo stick. This extreme pogo stick is
exceptionally engineered to propel you to incredible heights. Use a bicycle pump to dial
in the correct air pressure for your body weight on
your personal rocket ship, and then begin to defy gravity. Get a bird’s eye view of the neighborhood. Experience a new kind of
vert at the skate park or experience sick hops
when taking it to the hoop. Just clown around somewhere safe while you learn your tricks. (upbeat rock music) (squeaking) Since it launches you 10 feet in the air, make sure you’ve got the
clearance before you jump. – [Man In Box] Challenge accepted! (upbeat rock music) (groaning) (crashing) God, I think I’m bleeding. – [Announcer] As long as you
wear protective head gear and stick to flat surfaces, the 10-foot pogo stick
will bounce you sky high. Buy it and shop for hundreds
more curiously awesome gifts at vat19.com. Research shows that drinking milk helps build muscle and burn fat. So how do you get kids
excited about the taste? Drop in a delicious Magic Milk
Straws, and see what happens. Magic Milk Straws are a game changer. Not only do they make milk taste great, they’re actually nutritious. Here’s how it works. As milk is sucked up through the straw, tiny beads release their flavor, turning plain old milk into a symphony of deliciousness
for the taste buds. And with a variety of flavors to try, there’s something for everyone. Each single-use straw is good
for an eight to 10-ounce glass of your favorite kind of milk. – My value partner and I
only offer our children USDA organic all natural, minimally synthesized dairy from local hand-fed, free-ranged sheep raised on a strict diet
of soy and hazelnuts. Do the straws work with that? – [Announcer] Uh, yes. Magic Milk Straws
(upbeat music) are great for all types of moo-juice, skim, one and two percent,
whole, soy, or hipster milk. Magic Milk Straws are low in sugar, cholesterol and fat free and
contain no preservatives. So get your sip on with Magic Milk Straws. Buy a six pack of milk
straws now at vat19.com. (telephone ringing) – Hey, looking sharp. What is that, half hitch? – Bowen actually. – [Announcer] Fashion has
found a more elegant way to hold your pants up than rope. It’s about time
(upbeat music) we did the same for shoes. Ditch outdated shoelaces and slip on your sneakers with Hickies. Designed for active people, the Hickies lacing system ensures you’ll never have to worry about loose laces on a run again. Instead of stripes of nylon thread, Hickies are formed from a unique
high-performance elastomer that stretches to conform to your feet. Attach them once and never
tie your shoes again. With a variety of lacing techniques, you can make Hickies
fit just right for you. But Hickies aren’t just about
quickly getting your shoes on and knowing they’ll stay on. (“The Entertainer”) – Hey, wait up! I want a blow pop! – [Announcer] Hickies also
offer a fashionable way to eliminate the
clunky-looking knot and bow of traditional laces and stream
line your shoe’s silhouette. They work with just about
any shoe you already own. Simply remove the laces
and slip in your Hickies. The laces come in multiple
colors to fit your style. Step into a new era of footwear and never tie your shoes again. (rock music) See all the styles and shop for Hickies and hundreds of other
awesome gifts at vat19.com. (upbeat music) (screaming) – I’ve wasted so many strawberries! (gentle music) – [Announcer] The charming and
functional Strawberry Huller makes preparing strawberries a cinch. The Huller spring-loaded
claw makes it easy to pull out the hard green stem and leaves without wasting any delicious fruit. To trim a berry. – Technically, a strawberry isn’t a berry. It’s an aggregate accessory fruit. So. (man clearing throat) (gentle music) – [Announcer] To trim a berry, push the button to open
the stainless steel claw. Insert the Huller into the fruit. Twist and pull out the stem. Voila. The spring-loaded mechanism allows the Huller’s claw to
open to just the right size for any size of strawberry. The claw’s spades easily
pierce strawberry flesh without danger of cutting your fingers. The Strawberry Huller comes in handy for preparing all sorts of dishes, from fruit salad to Pinterest-worthy
strawberry shortcake. And since the Huller is dishwasher-safe clean-up is as easy as using it. Buy the Strawberry
Huller now at vat19.com. – [Announcer] Bonding is important, but there’s a right way to do it, and there’s wrong way. – (claps) Okay, everybody. Hi, I wanted to introduce myself. My name’s Jeff from corporate. Now, come over here. We’re going to form a hug train. That’s it, everybody front to back. I’ll be the caboose. I’ll get a hug too one day. And when we get in here, I want you to whisper your
deepest and darkest secrets. – [Announcer] Bond things for life with Bondic, an innovative liquid welder. It is a universally bonding plastic that applies wet and then hardens in seconds under UV light to form a super strong, water-tight seal. Stick things together,
repair broken stuff, and fill in gashes, cracks, and holes, all with the same liquid binder. This magic material can
remain liquid for years. So take your time to fit
your seams just right. The included UV light hardens the bond quickly and permanently. Once dried, you can sand,
polish, or paint Bondic to hide any sign of repair. Bondic applies to all sorts of materials. So whether you’re making a
repair or making a craft, Bondic is the right tool for the job. Just about the only thing
it can’t fix is you. ♪ But I know I love you ♪ (squeaking) ♪ Might be all I need to know ♪ (crying) – Denise! – [Announcer] Each set
includes two tubes of bonding and a UV hardening light. Fix your favorite things with Bondic. Buy the liquid welder and
hundreds more gifts at vat19.com. (bright music)
(birds chirping) (scraping) – I see you eye-balling my trophy, son. Want to know the secret? (sighs) You gotta have the right bait. (dinging) (bright music) Sorry, son. I think I got the last one right here. (rattling) (box ripping open) (water splashing) What the H? (bright music) (upbeat music) – [Announcer] What’s the best way to make a great thing awesome? Make it 128 times more massive. Introducing the world’s
largest gummy worm. A two-and-a-half-foot long, three-pound feast of gummy candy. – Hey guys, it’s as long as (zipping) my entire leg. – [Announcer] This
four-thousand calorie snack has all the same details of a regular-sized gummy worm. Like dual flavors and several
different tasty combinations such as cherry and blue raspberry. A ribbed body and even
a little smiley face. But because of it’s incomprehensible size, our test groups often
didn’t know what to do with the gummy worm. No, it is not a Rambo head band. (tense music) It’s not a jump rope. – [Girls] How many
doctors did it take, one. – [Announcer] It’s not hypnotizable by a snake charmer.
(flute blowing) And it’s definitely not a dance coach. (upbeat music) – Am I doing this right? – [Announcer] Make no mistake. The world’s largest gummy worm is yours to be devoured. World’s largest gummy
worms make great gifts for those with a sweet tooth or 12. And they’re always a sure-fire
hit for a birthday party. Try this jumbo dirt cake
with Oreos and pudding. The world’s largest gummy worm. Buy it now at vat19.com. And hurry. You know they say about the early bird. (flute blowing) (upbeat music) – The AutoLoader Six-in-One Screwdriver sets the standard for
awesome utility tools. Its quick pump action makes
swapping bits a piece of cake. As the go-to gadget of the house, the AutoLoader is great
for electrical face plates, cabinet hardware and more. No matter the task, you can change the size
(buzzing) and type of screwdriver bit, big or small, Phillips or flat,
(ringing) in one fluid motion. Let’s break it down. Starting with the Philips bit, extend the handle to reveal the chamber. Twist the chamber until the desired bit. In this case, a flathead, lines up with the black
arrow on the handle. Close the handle to load the new bit. The included bits are magnetic, sparing you the utter
frustration of dropping screws which is not unlike
trying to talk to someone on the verge of sneezing. – And my whole family is just
sprinting through the airport, and I follow my dad onto
the plane, and it wasn’t. – (exhales) Okay, okay. – So we’re sprinting through the airport, and I follow my dad onto the plane and it wasn’t until– – (exhales) Okay, okay, keep going. – [Announcer] The
AutoLoader comes preloaded with six standard hex bits. But because they’re removable, you can customize the bit load. The AutoLoader Precision
provides the same functionality on a smaller scale, which is perfect for micro-sized jobs like eye glasses repair and
battery compartment access. The AutoLoader quick change screwdrivers. Buy them now at vat19.com. Vat19.com, purveyors of
curiously awesome products. (upbeat music) ♪ Vat19.com ♪

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