0:00 Alright Mike tell me what’s going on
with your elbow So pain in this left elbow down towards the
back of the joint down my forearm and kind up the back of my tricep, little bit difficult
with extension. Trouble gripping
Gripping So i had the shot and the symptoms pretty
much cleared up but some residual pain and tightness? Tightness and a little bit of weakness. How much pain from 0 to 10 at worse
Now is probably a 2 or 3, it was as high as an 8
And what is difficult for you to do because of the tightness? Mostly twisting, any kind of sports movement,
golf Swinging, twisting
lifting things like this how long has your elbow pain been going on? 1:00 mainly about a year
for about a year this is my second shot
have you had any other treatment other than the shot? no
is there anything else with this elbow? no
And you said you had rotator cuff tear? yes
And how did you do that? Freak accident, landed on my shoulder 5 or
6 years ago. I didn’t have the surgery just because
Do you have any issue with your shoulder is it ok? just limited? yeah i mean I feel a little weakness every
once in a while but it’s fine but your elbow is worse? ok so we are going to work on your elbow and
make sure it’s not painful. We are going to do some motion and see how
you are doing with this motion. 2:00 Ok so this is painful here? I can feel it, tight.Is that painful when
i do that? That one really bothered me
0 to 10 how much? 2 maybe now
Does that? Probably a 1 here
Ok let me move you, how about now? No
Turn it around, that painful? A little 2 or 3 here
Is that painful? This? No 3:00 Alright so, let me know if you feel pain
when I’m done ok you feel this bump here
this one yeah I think I’ve gotten used to it though
thats the scar tissue actually, that bumpy area
I thought this looked better, but it still seems to me that it looks inflamed
yeah thats the scar tissue you better not feel the rest of my body doc
yeah well if you did not have ASTR treatment, I’m sure you will have scar tissue everywhere
you know it’s easy with ASTR to assess the scar tissue and treat it 4:00 That bump, thats scar tissue too
yeah and you can see the redness here too you see that redness? thats the scar tissue
You see everything like normal skin color, I feel it with the instrument and I’m sure
you feel it with the instrument nice and smooth
thats what actually causes restriction and range of motion
the scar tissue could compress a nerve and artery and cause nerve pain symptoms
Is that too much here? No, thats okay
So it seems to be more here, Thats probably might be from your accident
sure 5:00 Is that painful? No, It’s like a tissue massage you know? Make sure it’s not painful okay? Yeah we can see remains of scar tissue
Yeah thanks I think if you grab the other arm we could
be here all night yeah I’m not going to do that
My back too I don’t know no
I didn’t even tell you about my back Well I’ll pass
So, whats going on with your back? I got a bulging disk
So you have issues with walking or standing? Sitting mostly
I don’t know if the disk has been out of place for that long, but I’ve had back trouble
since I was young kid When this calms down, we can work on it 6:00 This will help dissolve the scar tissue? We actually break it down with the instrument
So as long as you avoid further strain because that’s how we did it, you know with lifting
and stuff like that So I should just be resting for a while? Yes, we will go over what you have to do after
this. But yeah we will go over the rest of it and
the exercises I want you to do after this. But as long as you don’t re-injure this
again, there is no reason to form more scar tissue. Then we will go over what could cause injury
so that you will know what to avoid. Is that too much? No, it’s okay
Well the good news is that the scar tissue is breaking down very quickly. 7:00 Some patients take a little bit longer
to break it down. Okay
Alright so lets move your elbow It feels better
And you feel no scar? No
And your range of motion? Range of motion feels much better. Now straight, any discomfort? No
Alright what do you think about ASTR treatment? Wonderful everybody come! Alright awesome thank you so much.

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Dennis Veasley

48 thoughts on “1 Year of Tennis Elbow Relieved Before Your Eyes! (THIS WORKS!!)”

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    apply ice packs on the affected region
    consuming celery may be beneficial
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  18. To become a patient of Dr. Jacobs, please contact ASTR Institute for additional information! https://advancedsofttissuerelease.com/contact-page/
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  19. This is one of about five things people should do to treat tennis elbow. 1) massage entire arm like in this video 2) ice elbow 3) variety of stretches 4) compression! The most important thing! Find a good tight elbow pad/sleeve. It should cure it. It did mine

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