What’s up everybody! So we have reached 100 000 followers Which is absolutely amazing! That’s a huge milestone for us And we just want to say thank you so much For all your continued support You are the reason why we stay motivated to
make these videos. Yeah, and to celebrate this milestone We have got this crazy challenge From WhyBotherTry Who wants us to play a rally Using 100 different items. Let’s see if we can do it! NO WAY!? So that was probably one of the hardest things
we have ever done! But we probably just broke some sort of a
World Record. But anyway, once again thank you so much for
all your support We are really happy to have every single one
of you watching our videos. Y’all are amazing! Until next time!

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “1 Rally, 100 Different Items (World Record)”

  1. 100,000 x thank you guys!!! It's amazing to have every single one of you watching our videos! 🙏

    Read the rest after watching the video!

    The 100 items challenge was one of the hardest that we have ever done! The various reactions at the end was because we had miscounted the items. We thought that the racket would be item #100, so our initial thought was that we failed at item #99 because of the ball landing on top of the cover! 😂 Luckily, when we watched the video afterwards we found out that the racket cover was already the 100th item and the racket would have been #101😄

  2. It isn't that hard because everything is flat and yyou used like 4 different raquettes and just like flat books and plates

  3. I think you used case and tennis racket twice.
    Let it be the vidio was alot good.
    The last racket cover was the thing to get frustrated 😂😂

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