The number one fat burning tip, me and
many other people around the world have had a big success with this method. So make
sure you watch the entire video to really understand why you must implement
this weight-loss strategy into your life! Quick disclaimer: I’m not a medical, I’m
not a doctor. I cannot give you advice. I’m only
sharing in this video to show what has worked for me. So I can only speak from that
perspective. Please don’t take this into account. If you want to implement
anything that I share with you in this video, it is on your own responsibility
and you should consult with a doctor! Because there are cases where people
have complications and you always need to take precautions.
> Oh I’m sure you heard this one before! But I’m going to tell you this
once and for all! Now if you’ve heard me talking about
this millions of times: you should STILL watch this video because I’m actually
going to share with you why it’s so incredibly important! And to be honest
with you, I’m fasting right now as we speak! So what’s happening with the
person when she’s fasting? She burns fat as the primary source for fuel. Meaning,
that there is no food in your current system so the body cannot use that for
fuel. So it’s going to go straight to the fat reserves and those are the exact
areas we want to reach when we’re losing weight! Now there are different types of
fasting that you can do! You can do intermittent fasting or you can do a
whole day or several days long fasts. They’re all different and you really
have to see what works for you and so on. But I do recommend everybody to at least
start with intermittent fasting! I do usually 18 hours fasting and then I eat
between a window of 6 hours. Lately I’ve been experimenting with shortening that
window to only 4 hours so I would be fasting for 20 hours. What happens is
that you give your digestion system time to recover. For me fasting has been a
miracle and even though I do a whole day fast which I will be talking about in a
second. These daily intermittent fasting are
incredibly important for my well-being and my health! So how you can structure
your intimate of fasting? It really depends on your schedule and what needs you have and so on.. Me as an example I’ve never really been a big fan of breakfast so for me it
was really easy to skip breakfast. “But breakfast is the most important meal
of the day” – Says who?! Please do properly your
research and you will actually see studies that show and prove that
breakfast is not at all the most important meal of the day. Science
has actually even showed benefits when you’re skipping breakfast by doing
intermittent fasting! My usual routine is that I usually break my fast at midday, so I
would have my first meal at lunch or a light lunch and then I can you know eat
freely between the hours of 12 pm and 6 pm during the day. Eating after 6pm
has never been a popular theme anyway because what you eat in the evening is
really what’s going to stay with you throughout the night! You’re not gonna
burn that off so it is very important that you are not having a massive meal
just before you go to bed. A lot of people they do intermittent fasting
however the hours of 12 until 8 o’clock in the evening and I
would say if you’re a beginner start with that! Don’t go yet to my regime
because mine is a little bit more intermediate / advanced. Don’t forget I’ve
been doing this for a year and a half now and I can tell you that since I
started doing intermittent fasting=all the days when I may not be exercising
enough or maybe having a cheat meal, I’m not gaining weight anymore!
I am a person who easily gains weight and before it was always a struggle
because it’s like if I only have two cheat meals I can already see it on my
body! But now, with intermittent fasting, it’s ok, I can be more free you know! I
can go to a restaurant, enjoy my wine, enjoy having dessert afterwards and I’m
not gonna really see a big impact on the way I look.
A lot of people will then ask me but how often do you do intermittent fasting?
I don’t do it seven days a week, because the latest studies have shown
that it’s good to give your body a break of one or two days a week from
intermittent fasting, just so that the body doesn’t hit that plateau that it
can easily do both with training, food, weight loss, you know the drill! So I
maybe take a day off during the weekends or maybe if there is some special
happening going on. Another question that I also get is about what do you do when
you have dinners in the evening because you don’t eat after six o’clock? What
happens then: I’m not a rigid person, I can easily change my eating hours around
if that fits my schedule better. So if I know that tonight I’m gonna have a
dinner we’re probably gonna eat around eight or nine. I will make sure that I
delay my intermittent fasting until maybe three o’clock or four o’clock in
the afternoon. So that’s when I would have my first meal! And then the last
meal I will have of course at the restaurant around 9pm or 10pm, whenever
they will serve us. Having this flexibility makes it easier for you to
stay on track with your intermittent fasting. I also use an app called Zero
where I note every fasting that I do. Every day I set my times when I ate
the last and when I broke the fast and like that it gives me a good tracking
system of how much have I been fasting for and how many hours I did. I can see this
week or last week. And it is quite important to keep track, because this app
really makes you feel somehow that you are keeping yourself a little bit more
accountable when you are registering every time you eat or don’t eat. So I
mentioned that I am fasting right now and that is the truth. The time right now
is three o’clock in the afternoon when I’m recording this video and I had my
last meal yesterday at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, so I’ve been actually fasting
for 24 hours! And I’m probably gonna continue until tomorrow morning.
So what I do as an addition to my intermittent fasting is that I do a
whole day fast minimum – once a week. This I do
because there is a lot of good health benefits to this. I am NOT going to tell
you all the health benefits and exactly what happens in the body when you really
give it a good break and don’t eat anything. I want you to know that I’m not
starving myself because I’m anorexic, which is actually something that upsets
me the fact that I even have to explain it. But sadly in our society people are
conditioned to think that fasting is taboo – fasting is bad – fasting is
dangerous! Actually it’s not dangerous! It is healthy if it’s done in a good
balanced and educated way! Nobody should be fasting if they suffer, let’s say from
an eating disorder, or if they have certain health issues that really is not
appropriate for them to do fasting. But the regular healthy person really
benefits from a fast and this is something that they’ve been studying for
like 60 70 years! This is not something that is just a trendy hype! When I do my whole day fast, I do it once a week! And minimum I do it for 24
hours. For me, because I am more experienced, 24
hours would be on a day when I really struggle with my fasting. They are
different. They will feel differently depending on how you feel, what time of
the month it is for you, as you know as women we have our cycle. That doesn’t always keep us stable. So not all fasting will be easy to
do. Those times, I just do the 24 hours because I don’t want to punish myself. My
standard procedure is however to do 36 hours of fasting. So usually I would do
maybe 36 to 40 to 42. I tend to stay around two days maximum type of
fasting. You can do fasting for longer. You have even
hospitals or retreats that have 10-day fast and so on. You also have to take
into account that there are different ways how one can fast. Some people fast
by drinking water, some fast by not drinking water. I tend to alternate
between those two. I do something called Dry fast – When you don’t eat or drink
for (let’s say) 36 hours. I think my maximum for Dry fasting was 45 hours. Some people will probably react very strongly to this and they will think
that I’m absolutely crazy! Again, this is not something I’ve invented. I’ve looked
at studies of research there it’s called medical Dry fasting. So if you want to
learn more about that, you can! If you are a beginner, I would not recommend to
start Dry fasting, I would recommend that you do maybe a juice fast for the first
time. Like you can drink raw juices or that you do a water fast.
I would personally also recommend that you start with 24 hours. Don’t do
like 36 or 40 hours when you are beginner! Do it later! Try first going
slowly with fasting especially if you’re not monitoring it with a doctor. You really
want to play it safe, you’d want to take it gradually and see how it goes!
As I mentioned, I am currently fasting! If you ask me how I feel right now,
I’m actually feeling great! It’s been 24 hours, I’m drinking a little bit of water.
I don’t want to drink too much water because I don’t want to try and kind of
suffocate my hunger with water. Actually from my fasting experience, I’ve
noticed that when you drink water when you’re fasting, it actually triggers a
little bit of your hunger to come. So when people think I’m crazy that I’m doing a
dry fast. Dry fasts tend to be a little bit easier than the water fast because you
have absolutely nothing that enters your system. So there is nothing to even
trigger just a tiny bit of hunger feelings. The hunger feelings are of
course common when you’re fasting! Some people think fasts are very scary
because you think you will be hungry now, from the moment you start,
until the moment you finish! If I do a fasting for two days, you think I will be
hungry the entire time? No of course you’re not hungry the entire time!
Majority of the time you’re not hungry at all! The times you
will actually be hungry is around meal times because of your body clock. Because
your body is used to having food in the system those hours. So it will be like
“okay where is my food?” If you just try and stay present during those
hours and just acknowledge the fact that you are just being hungry because it’s a
habit, not because your body actually needs and craves and will die if it’s
not gonna get food! A lot of people who fast they some feel very energized, some
feel incredibly tired. My advice if you’re doing a whole day fasting for the
first time is to maybe do something with low activity the first few times you do
your fasts. But if you’re more experienced, you know it’s fine to go to
the gym or do light training and go for a power walk. Just be regularly
active. Now then there are other things that might happen to you during this
fasting. You might have a headache, you might feel nauseous, you might – I
don’t know, have all kinds of body sensation happening! And that’s normal!
It’s actually very normal and it shouldn’t really scare you. Now again I’m
not a medic so I’m not really going to go into detail and you shouldn’t take me
into account as I’m saying these things. This is your own responsibility, I’m
just sharing my story. My story is that every fasting is different you will
always have different things and feelings and sensations happening to you!
So what results will you get it if you start with intermittent fasting and also
if you add a whole day fast. Let’s say once a week or once every two weeks or
so on. What benefits will you get? Obviously you’re going to get loads of great health benefits! Now what happens to you actual appearance in terms of
weight loss and so on? You will notice how fast you will lose
weight! And that’s why I wanted to call this video the number one fat burning
method! Because ladies, of course training, eating healthy is the most important for
weight loss! But there is only one way to lose weight fast and that is when you are
eating less. And with fasting you end up eating less and it’s actually healthy
for you! Many of my students in School of Affluence have told me when they have
reached out to me, after I have shared with them my fasting journey. They say
“Thanks to you, I’ve tried it and it did work!” I’m so happy! I’ve even seen
photos and it makes me really happy because I know how difficult it can be
for a lot of women out there to lose weight. Especially in this
society where, I’m sorry to say, but we have a very nasty eating habits! And we
have a very bad food culture. We are not supposed to eat this much and it’s sadly
that people encourage us to eat like six times per day – that’s just sickening! So
if you want to be fit, especially for summer – try fasting! See how it goes!
Share your experience in the comments. If you’re already experienced maybe you can
give some ideas to those who are beginners – and yeah let’s just spread the
word about fasting! This is truly a health revolution. I want you to
understand that it’s primarily for health then the beautiful body and
weight loss comes as a big bonus! If you want to learn more about transformation
make sure you watch my next video and visit>if you want to
become my student and transform yourself to become the best version of yourself!
Now happy fasting to everyone!

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100 thoughts on “#1 Fat Loss Tip: A method that actually WORKS!”

  1. I like fasting plus keto. I’m not a big dessert person. If I cheat I eat meat or cheese but I’m finding out cheese upsets my stomach. I love all you videos. I wish every young woman would abide by your advise. Woman have gotten so low with themselves and have now look almost like rags with no self worth

  2. Sweetie, when I was your age, I fasted as often as once a week or 2-3 days in a row from 6-6. That was great back then. As I got older, it became harder my blood sugar got so low that I can no longer fast. Of course now I'm a senior. I also, have a low metabolism. As you get older, have your gall bladder checked. They removed it due to uncontrolled unhealthy dieting.

  3. In the past after a normal breakfast I regulary went soo sick and never knew why. So I had breakfast less often. At one morning I felt so bad after eating, that I couldn‘t eat anything for two days. So I decided to stop having breakfast for once and for all and I never ever felt that bad again 👍🏻

  4. I already get headaches and am hungry and tired without fasting. I do want to try it- starting with intermittent juice/water . I think a lot of health problems do come from eating too much and eating unhealthy foods. I’m addicted to sweets. Many people don’t realize how eating lots of sugars and refined foods are more dangerous than fasting. Lol

  5. I watched this video in June. It motivated me so much… I started fasting (intermittent and prolonged) at the beginning of July and since then, now September, I have lost 21 lbs! I feel so good! I didn’t know that what I used to do to keep in shape when I was younger was was healthy; I used to feel so guilty about skipping dinner to stay in shape. Little did I know it was the mere thing that was keeping me in shape. Since I saw this video, I have done a lot of research on the subject and I know I will never go back to overeating again. Thanks for the video!!! It has changed my life! 💕

  6. I m doing intermittent fasting from dec 2018 till now nd i hv cured my hypothyroid. It’s actually miraculous nd good for environment too nd also i hv lost 13 kgs by fasting. Not lying

  7. Ms. Bae, Since watching this 4 months ago I have lost some weight as it has helped cut down on my *hot flash mob*.

    Have you thought about doing an update video on your journey? Thank you for reading.

  8. Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset during the month of Ramadan (30 days) with no water and food. It has been done for centuries and I've done it since I was 7 years old. I completely agree with this! Anyone healthy can do it!

  9. Just stop eating any sugar containing foods. In 6 weeks the weight starts coming off. Must be very diligent. Read labels. Learn different terms for sugar.
    This is a proven weight loss method.

  10. Fasting is very healthy and is considered something that people will naturally do, according to the Bible! When we do eat it should usually be dark, leafy greens, a rainbow diet with plenty of water. Wonderful video!

  11. I was raised in Italian family where they tell you, "Mangea… Mangea…." Then when you gain 2 lbs, they say, "You're getting fat. You won't be able to fit thru the front door." I was fasting at age 10 and it created problems with my metabolism. Please get checked by ur MD before you fast…..

  12. As a nurse, what about dehydration from not taking in water? I met a woman recently who is very thin after three children and she said that she fasts one day a week and takes in 500 calories on the fast day and water only. She looks great and lost the baby weight effortlessly.

  13. Fasting will work to a point but when your body starts to think it won't get food then it stops burning stored fat and starts storing fat; especially as you get older. It's better to eat smaller meals more often and get plenty of excersize.

    I fasted for years and now my body thinks it won't get food again. I can't loose weight any more. I excersize and hour each day, I'm active throughout the day and my calorie intake is under 800, and the worst part is that I fasted so much my body doesn't except food. I get sick everytime I eat. Food should not be deprived. Watch what you eat. Headaches and stomach problems are caused because calories are needed for your body to function properly. Acid is produced in the stomach to start digestion, and when no food is present then the acids will start to digest the stomach lining. Long term of fasting can cause ulcers, and acid reflux. Please, be safe…consult a doctor before you start.

    You may have a hormone imbalance, or your taking in too many empty calories (soda, junk food). Eat healthy and stay smart.

  14. Since I was young I practice fasting and is a very great method. I use fasting with only liquids and sometimes practice 20 hours. It takes practice but is great. I have medical issues and I am very responsible with my body but for me is a splendid way of being healthier and I am almost 50 years old.Thank you for your concerns about healthy it is very important.

  15. I take my dinner between 6 and 7 pm and don't eat until next morning 9am. Do a workout for 1 hour and take my breakfast at 10am

  16. You are completely right that water triggers hunger (when you're fasting). You bring some great insight to this video. I am one person who feels completely tired during fasting (when I have a lot of mental or physical energy to expel). But I feel FINE when fasting when not expelling any energy (like when lying down, reading, or watching movies/TV, or binging YouTube videos like this!) Really! When you are just watching TV or reading, or CONSUMING media, then just don't eat! You are not expelling energy by consuming. 🙂

  17. Intermittent Fasting is euphemism for starvation diet.
    It works because you are not eating. Anyone can tell you that not eating will result in weight loss.

  18. I've been doing intermittent fasting since March of this year. I do have to agree with Anna- at first you will feel lightheaded, nauseous, and awfully tired. But once your body starts getting into habit the symptoms go away. By 2020 my goals will change to full day fasting. Never felt so refreshed and energetic! 🙋‍♀️

    Congrats to the people who started before me the fasting time. I hope everyone is doing so responsibly.

  19. Intermittent fasting helped me alot in loosing weight ..I always struggled with my weight 🙈
    At the beginning was a bit difficult, but then I got used to it window "1 to 8 "!it works 😊

  20. Here I am, trying my best to gain some weight, and I am still watching this video just because I am running out on videos of you to watch!! 😀 can't wait for each new upload! One of the very few useful channels you can really learn stuff from!

  21. I've been doing fasting "intervals" for the past two months and managed to lose almost 20 pounds. However, I've never managed to keep up with fasting for more than 6 days in a row.
    Is not as easy as it seems at the beginning, tho.

  22. Ooooh girl!! Yes!! I’m so glad you’re discussing this! I agree 100%! Dry fasting is great for health too. Our society has developed an unhealthy obsession with food! I agree with you about dry fasting. I find it to be easier too.

  23. I am new to your channel..thank you for this one..I have been struggling lately..but very bad habits
    Need to get back on
    Can you share your day with what you eat at what times ? Thank you

  24. In some religions they do fasting for 20_16 hours, and sick people or pregnant or breastfeeding women are not allowed to fast, 1000 years ago (or more).
    I am happy that fasting is becoming popular! That is the best solution for the health and the soul🌹

  25. I'm doing interval fasting now for 2 years. The waiver of the breakfast was easy. After a week I got used to it.

    I start at 11 o'clock with the meal and end at 6 o'clock in the evening.

    But you should not make the mistake to eat to much in this time span.
    In the time when I'm not eating, I'm not hungry. And my reflux has disappeared.
    You also have to do sports regularly, otherwise you will not lose weight.

  26. I know fasting's good but I don't think you should be fasting for more than 24 hrs a week.
    Not eating at all slows down ur metabolism, so does not drinking water.
    Eating breakfast, on d other hand inc ur metabolism. I don't eat breakfast myself, but that's becoz we get a morning break at school so it's ok. But d sooner u eat when u wake up, d sooner ur metabolism starts.
    So try to eat at least something in the morning (maybe even half an apple or whatever) and drink 1 glass of water.
    Fasting only works for people who r good at controlling their eating habits and cravings. Plus, if u stop it, u gain the weight right back.
    So if u really wanna do it, go slow and don't just jump into it. Start by controlling ur eating habits and avoiding fast foods 1st. This is a bit of an advanced level so start slowly then try fasting when u r sure u can handle ur cravings n all.
    Man, I feel like such a professional😂
    But I'm not, so plz research.

  27. I expected you to give a generic eat clean and exercise speech, I’m so glad you mentioned intermittent fasting. I lost 70lbs with keto and intermittent fasting because my doctor recommended it. I’d tried so, so many other diet this is the only combination that really worked and didn’t make me feel bad.

  28. I have already been intermittent fasting for almost a year now, but never thought to fast from 3pm-3pm occasionally. That is perfect for a 24 hour fast! Thank you for sharing this video, I got a lot of other helpful info from this.

  29. I've just started and I was so against this but more and more I am being educated and I am in menopause and it is revolutionary

  30. Thank you so much Anna for your generosity with your clever advices on many topics. I start fasting today . I will comment again in a month to let you know how it goes. (Sorry if I do mistakes while writing: I am French Canadian ;))

  31. So I’m correctly IF doing 10 to 6, I used to love working out and now I cannot find myself to work out. In the morning I’m too weak to exercise and in the afternoon I’m just too lazy taking care of 2 children their 12 and 8 but still can someone suggest something pleases? Thank you!

  32. I do a 8:16 hour fast routine every day. I have done a 7 day fast with only tea and a bit of water. Tea does not make me hungry like water does. I felt great. I am going to try the 6:18 cycle. (I lost about 25 kilograms in 6 months on Keto & the 8:16 cycle)

  33. I tried this exactly 2 weeks ago after watching this video, and I lost 7 pounds already. I was intermittent fasting 5 days a week but now I have to cut it down to 4 days because it’s working a little too well and I don’t want to disappear 😂

  34. Fasting really works for me, I fast 18 hours a day and I am doing this for a month and I have seen a good results

  35. Great video! I studied holistic nutrition and would like to add that it is also important to mention that when doing fasting, it is crucial to have great quality animal as well as plant based foods in order to avoid nutritional deficiencies. For instance, within the time you are eating, you should make sure you have some high quality carb like sourdough bread/potatoes, soups like bone broth for abundance of minerals and collagen, great source of animal protein like beaf/turkey meats/eggs/fermented cheese and milks like kefir and organic vegetables too. I saw many people having big health issues when fasting when they went vegan or had not balanced diets, so it is really crucial to focus on quality foods to provide high density nutrition. Sending hugs 🤗

  36. Hello beautiful..few years ago i was eating a banana and litle water for the day…next day an orange day..1 cheese string and one cup of chocolate day half of a small burrito and 2 sips of coca day a big salad with plenty of day a little plate of shrimp salad..some days go to McDonalds and getting a medium cofee and a hash brown for the whole day..last year i was eating every day at 1 or 2 pm 3 eggs with tomato onion ..jalapeno..garlic ..mushroom..for the whole day..i was feeling great with one meal a day..i never considered a fast i just was eating one small meal a day..and i was working with the construction guys in a very hard job..definitely i was having lots of energy last year eating only one time a day..i need to start again with my eating Untill 2 pm one meal again for mt energy to return..thank yoy for reminding me of the pleasures of fasting and take control of your health..🤗

  37. Fasting is the only thing that has ever worked for me. It has incredible lifelong health benefits. But there have been other habits that helped me. Eat salads as the main dish. And I couldn't agree with you more that eating 6 meals a day is sickening. Literally. Eating 3 meals a day with no snacks is the rule.

  38. i do it all the time – i use to do a 3 day with just water when i was younger – but now i can only do a full day

  39. I absolutely agree! She admits she's not a medical doctor, so I can recommend a couple on YouTube that ARE experts in this field that can give you a LOT of information to support these ideas: Dr. Berg and Dr. Berry. 💗

  40. I think you say so much intelligent things I absolutely agree on, but fasting for days with no food at all is not the best strategy. Also bad for teens to listen to this, I remember when I was a teen using fasting and it was not good. Sure you lose weight cause you starve but think about your sugar levels, losing muscles, your body goes into stress mode which was caused in my case a life long disease, you fool yourself thinking its just fatloss when its not. You want to look skinny but the size is not really your natural shape. If you ever gonna eat normal again you will gain pounds which makes this a bit of a prison. I dont say fasting has no good points at all, its excellent in cleaning body sometimes to making it to help itself for different intollerances or inflammations for example (if u got problem with that). But I refer to the "keeping size zero" issue. Fatcells remember so if you ever eat more normal again your fat cells will be filled up again, I dont know how old you are but after 30 your metabolism slows down. This means you must fast even more to keep this shape. All I want to say is, eat normal, you can stop eating after 18.00 but not the full fast days in a row. But of course, this is your lifechoices.

  41. Do you know why that Vietnameses and Japaneses are so thinn…We eat less oil and all are heathy foods from vegetables

  42. I do 12h faster 6 times a week. I stop eating around 5 pm and start eating at 5:40am. I starting early because my work schedule. I also try to eat smaller portions and always have fruits available to eat. I really enjoying the results

  43. I agree. The more I eat the hungrier I get. Eating feeds my appetite. So I always avoid breakfast. I eat no sooner than lunch. I can easily wait to eat til dinner. When I don’t eat I don’t get hungry. If I do feel a little hungry I have a cup of coffee or tea.

  44. Fasting without water and food and pray it. First week on Monday following week on Tuesday
    After that week on Wednesday after on Thursday etc till last 7th week on Sunday

    Do it more dry fast in the winter it's colder body can more adapted and your life afterwords will change but include prayer what ever your life desire and then coincidences will happen

  45. In my religion Islam …we fast during the entire month of Ramadan and believe me we do have a drastic healthy weight loss

  46. I have been fasting for years (almost 10 years now) without knowing it’s “fasting”… thanks to you I learned something about myself.

  47. Im currently doing the intermittent fasting and really love you video. Very helpful. And thank you for mentioning about breakfast not being the most important meal of the day. Im not really a breakfast person. I usually have my first meal around 10 after work out. When im fasting i usually have a lot of tea/infusion. I should try the dry fast to see the results

  48. I've lost about 3 dress sizes since I started to fast. I do 16:8 fasts 4 days a week (I don't like breakfast either) and then I do 20-24 hour fasts the other 3 days a week. December will make 2 years that I've been fasting, although I have not been doing the 20-24 hr fasts the entire time. I typically do those for several months, then take several months off and just do the 16:8 fast 7 days a week. (Which, like I said, I have never been into breakfast, so that doesn't even feel like a hardship to me.) Even when I've been pigging out on sweets on a daily basis, the 16:8 fast 7 days a week kept me from regaining any weight.

    I don't know how much weight I've lost, but based on what I weighed when I was this size before, I've probably lost about 80 pounds. (I'll find out for sure when I get my annual physical.) I would like to lose one more dress size.

  49. We have an obesity problem — you are right. I started with a 12 hour fast. Last meal at 6 PM and breakfast 6 AM. Then, try 16 hour fast and so on. Just saying, it worked for me.

  50. In India, people used to fast all day at least once a week. However now it's all about eating. Some use the word "food coma". Really?
    I do intermittent fasting. Have been doing it for a year. And I am in best shape of my life even after having baby. I understand the science behind fasting. It is giving body a chance to breakdown what is stored and not just keep storing. Love your channel ❤️

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