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Dennis Veasley

46 thoughts on “🔥Golf Swing Inside Out Drills (COPY THESE!)”

  1. Korean title is so wrong…
    please change it as "인사이드 아웃 스윙 훈련"
    Btw.. thanks for great videos always

  2. Wish I'd seen this video 3 months ago. I developed the shanks after playing well for a long time, caused by 'casting' or 'going over the top'. Researched it heavily and found that I needed to come more from the inside. This worked short term but then the wheels really came off. I have recently learned that I was taking the backswing from the inside also but far too much. It created a new casting problem to try and get back to the ball at impact. I'm now trying to start more square at the backswing and inside on the downswing. Early results are positive but needs a few tweaks. Thanks for the video Adam, and those fairways look like carpet!

  3. This channel should be called "Golf Instruction Greatest Hits." Love the drills in this video and really enjoyed the Solid Strike video course as well. Thanks so much Adam for your commitment to helping us golfers get better at this crazy game!

  4. Hey Adam, great video! Been following your videos for a while and your tips have brought my handicap down from a 21 to a 13. I live in Ft Myers, and may just have to come down to Mediterra for a proper lesson!

  5. Nice Adam, As a byproduct of this drill, note the pelvis. Adam slots the path along the line of the pelvis. Get that, and after you groove the club path, you can then speed up the pelvis.

  6. Excellent video- 2 questions- How can you hit directly behind the back side of the ball and not the inside right corner and still swing right? Is the loop you illustrate from backswing to downswing a requirement to hit from the inside?

  7. This information and all the drills and tips that Adam presents are concise and to the point.
    I’m a very senior golfer and have starting to enjoy golf for the first time in quite awhile.
    Thanks for the great instructions .

  8. As always, another great video and appreciate you taking the time to share your expertise. To get the club face back "online" during the forward swing wouldn't you have to initiate the downswing with a lower-body forward movement (toward the target) and rotation. Otherwise, the club would continue to go toward the "outward" direction.

  9. Great tips Adam your videos are truly helping me tighten up my game been playing just over 2 years now . Thanks very much

  10. Good channel/content, but that intro is a little cheesy. I'd recommend just going right into content, or, if you feel compelled by branding purposes to have an intro of sorts, make it shorter.

  11. Thanks for the video. Can you use this drill with a driver? It's the club I struggle the most with coming over the top.

  12. Hi rob here. I have been struggling with getting my hip sway through impact. I tend to have my shoulder leading rather than my hip. Any tips? Great video!

  13. Adam always enjoy your insights and experience. You make a seemingly simple game simpler? Ha ha. I'm guilty of the low left divot and hard left ball movement. Combination of overswinging and club action. This will hopefully fix some of those issues. Cheers.

  14. If the amateur golfer were able to follow those instructions and hit the ball to the right like that following bat swing path, then why wouldn’t they just practice hitting the ball with a correct straight path and go dead straight? Doesn’t make sense to me

  15. This does work !! I discovered this on accident doing what he calls "playing around " sometimes we get stuck searching for text book form . When thats not the way to go about it. Totally changed the way i play ! Golf is much more fun when you can hit different shots

  16. Finally somebody that states it can take weeks! I love it, these days a lot of people want everything instantly and a lot of video’s make you believe that. Not true in anything. I am so happy with what you say!

  17. I really appreciate for this awesome lecture videos
    I feel guilty about watching these perfect videos ,😀
    Thanks from Korea

  18. There are a lot of "instructors" on YouTube. There are far fewer teachers. Adam is a teacher.

    I've never been a mechanical golfer and telling me about positions and weight distributions is utterly pointless. Seriously, who thinks about having 55% of your weight on the left foot when you start your backswing"?

    Adam has an informal, common sense way of teaching that just clicks for me. I've become a huge fan of his channel and teaching style because I can watch one of his videos and incorporate the lesson. The biggest thing I've learned is that while you're working on your swing don't be obsessed with the results of he shot. It has made a HUGE difference.

    Thanks for what you do Adam and keep the videos coming!

  19. Great video, Adam. Thank you. I tried this at my local driving range yesterday. I think it is a great idea to incorporate drills to develop feel in practise sessions, I'll make it part of my regular routine and work on the feel of the club coming in from the inside.

  20. By far the best YouTube golf instruction IMO. Simple, effective drills. I've found AB's "throwing" the club towards your target drill particularly effective. So much so in fact that I made my first HIO this week with that one swing thought in mind!

  21. Great tips. This year I corrected my swing path and it changed my game off the tee completely. However, my iron game has improved little and I tend to draw my irons more than fading.

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